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The Bad MonkeyMan

Look what this mean mean person said about me! I posted nothing on his blog except a clever comment! He liked my clever comment! So did the monkey! I feel sorry for this person and will pray that he finds Jesus. I was shocked to see this post! Here is an excerpt:

"Now I give my religious friends a bit a grief every now and then (or maybe all the time) but I just want you all to know how fortunate I feel to have such great friends who are tolerant and fun. What scares about Annie's blog is not that she's religious, but that she's intolerant (I know, so am I) and she seems to be a huge bigot (which I am not). I was going to end with this quote from her profile: "Reincarnaiton is a myth created by the Hindus so they wouldn't have to bathe," but she has removed it from her profile. Luckily, I still have it cached on my hard drive."

That Hindu quote is the silly profile question answer from a few weeks ago, I got a new question yesterday! Good thing it's in his hard drive! LOL! Some people should stick to fucking monkeys. Hindus like monkeys don't they?


Fishfrog said…
I don't know how Hindus feel about monkeys. And I'm sorry my post offended you, but I was legitimately curious as to whether your blog was satire or whether it was a true expression of your beliefs.

Again, I very muched enjoyed your comment on my blog, but I disagree with much of what you post. That being said, I'll probably be a devoted reader from now on. Reading stuff I agree with is a bit boring.
AnnieAngel said…

Ummm, ok. I hope you don't just read, I hope you post too.

Now let's be friends!!!!!!
AnnieAngel said…
Wow, bro, thanks! Warm Fuzzie's trashing me now! LOL! You are so kind and stuff, I think we should be BEST friends!!!! I collect stuffed animals you know, I have a collection of rag dolls too! They are all so cute! On my desk I have a cheer bear and the blue kitty guy from Monsters Inc! I also have a bunch of Neopets all of which are just too adorable! And I have a little green Hoti who's all cute and fat and smiling. I also have this green anenome thing that lights up if you squeeze it and my computer is covered in shiny heart stickers and hello kitty stickers and barbie stickers and sponge bob stickers and I even have some power puff girl stickers on here. My keyboard is a green frog with google eyes!! It really is!

My cute factor is off the scale! Let's go for a soda! Nobody hurts and nobody cries!! WHOOPEE!!!

You are an instigator of bad karma!! But karma (much like the Hindu) always comes back to bite your monkey, either in this life or the next!
Fishfrog said…
At this point, I have no idea what you're talking about. And no one is trashing you, just your ideas as manifested on your blog.
AnnieAngel said…
You started a thread about me in your blog for no reason except to invite people to trash me. Look in the mirror fishface, you're an intolerant asshole who thinks only his opinions are right and who posted a thread for his idiot friends to teach me the errors of my ways.

I am not a racist nor a bigot but I sure hate stupid people who think tolerance only applies to the PC.

Fuck you. :)
Shoelimpy™ said…
IntolerantPCidiotfrog. Feel like a big man with your blog? Talkin' about the ladies behind their backs? Really, what's the deal?

You make me sick.
Fishfrog said…
I'm still not really sure in what way I'm being intolerant. I am not preventing you from posting on your blog or commenting on mine. I am not calling for Blogger to shut down your blog. All I'm doing is criticing the content of your posts. Do I disagree with you? Yes. Do I think you should be able to freely express your thoughts? Yes. Do I think I should be free to post on my own blog criticisms of anything in the world? Absolutely.

I do think my opinions are right in the same way that you or anyone else thinks that their opinions are right. I wouldn't have an opinion if I didn't think it was right. That wouldn't make any sense.

Also, you chose to publish your thoughts on the internet, which is open to anyone in the world. I don't understand why you think that the opinions you voluntarily disseminate to the entire world should be insulated from criticism. If you don't want anyone to attack your ideas, you shouldn't publish them. I welcome criticism of anything I post on the internet. So you may think I'm an asshole, but I just don't see how I'm being intolerant.
Nell said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
AnnieAngel said…
You have called me racist and intolerant and asked your friends to do the same. How dare you?

You haven't criticized my coments you have criticized me for making them.

You are intolerant scum.
AnnieAngel said…
Why do you feel you have the right to trash me on your blog? Why not come here where you can discuss with me rather than trash me on your blog for no reason?

You need help.
Fishfrog said…
First, I did not ask my friends to do anything. I did suggest they check your blog out though.

One of the things about the interent is that it is open to all and navigation from place to place is easy. You managed to find my blog and call me names there. One reason I didn't post on your blog is because you seem to personally attack anyone who does, calling them Satan or trolls. I didn't see anything to be gained from that.

But I am a bit curious, why do you hate Catholics so much?
AnnieAngel said…
Excuse me? I didn't call you names until you libelled me. I was very nice on your blog WHICH YOU ADMIT until your attack.

You have no right to ask me a damned thing until you take your libelous post down.

I am not a racist nor a bigot and you can not prove in any court anywhere that I am. You are deciding I am seixst and all kinds of crazy things and broadcasting it from your blog. You need to check yourself.

What do you have to gain by libelling me on your blog? Huh? You have no right. None.
AnnieAngel said…
Leave me alone! This is almost like stalking! I don't know you, we had no prior discussion of anything!

I would have had no idea what you were doing had I not liked your blog and checked to see if the monkey had been up to any more mischeif!

You are a mean person!
Shoelimpy™ said…
How hard is it to leave the lady be, froggy? She's a nice lady, she's been nothing but polite to you, what is the problem? Just because you disagree with her beliefs doesn't mean you have the right to treat her like you've been treating her.
AnnieAngel said…

Come out from lurking, get some hand creme and give me your best shot, big guy!

Come on, you know how you like it baby, hard deep purple and cheap!! GET SOME!!!!!! ARRRRGGGGG!!

Sheesh, just can't get enough of me can you?
Fishfrog said…
Ok. If you want me to leave you alone, I will. This is my last comment on your blog. But I do want to say two things first.

1) Contrary to what Shoelimpy says, Annie has not been "nothing but polite." In fact she has said "Fuck you" multiple times.

2) I find it strange how much you two (Annie and Shoelimpy) seem to condemn personal attacks while at the same time attacking people personally all the time. (Calling Warm Fuzzy a child abuser, or calling various commenters on this site trolls and Satan for instance). Your attacks on Mike seem to be particularly viscious.

Anyway, that's it. No more Fishfrog. It's been fun.
AnnieAngel said…
It hasn't been fun, I didn't say fuck you until after your criminal behavior and you deserve to be told fuck you.

Your friend wasn't called a child abuser idiot, it's a common retort used in debate against hose who only use ad homs.

For a law student you are really stupid.

Mike likes to look at my pictures with his wife. If that is the kind of thing that turns you on, you will get on fantastically, but I feel no shame for asking that pervert not to post here.

Have a shitty life, pukeface!
AnnieAngel said…
This is MY blog. God some people just have no lives and they need to attack little girls for kicks. If i'm trolled I will call a troll a troll. You are a troll, trolling for your sick desires.

Freak. Total straight up freak.
Anonymous said…
Hey [annie]! How are you? Have you stopped beating your kids yet?

(Don't worry, I'm not attacking you, "it's a common retort used in debate against [t]hose who only use ad homs.")
AnnieAngel said…
Fuck you nell :)
AnnieAngel said…

Anonymous said…
its not my fault... the Pope made me do it!! I will prey to Mary so that I might be saved!

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