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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Contra Viento Y Marea


Soap Opera.


When Appalonia's mother poisoned her and then herself.....I stood and applauded.

It beats out Maria Isabelle as my all time fave.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

It's Saturday Night


Thursday, February 09, 2006

La De Da

It's snowing outside. It's so beautiful, a nice gentle snowfall, the trees all blanketed and the lawn all white. It makes me feel safe, looking out the window into the snow. My house is warm and I've just finished cleaning and have nothing to do right now. I'll start getting dinner in a little while, but sometimes it's nice to have time where you don't have to do anything except sit and look out the window.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Shelly Is A Skank With A Skunky Snatch

It's true, she had anal sex with some fat guy with bad hair who lives in his parent's basement and used old laundry boxes as paper on which to write epic odes to how best Shelly is so he could fuck her in her ass. He told me all about it, he said she made little piggy grunt sounds and it was so distracting that he lost his erection while she was cumming and making a noise like a cat caught in a screen door and her anus cramped at the loss of orgasm and clamped down on his penis so hard that an ambulance had to be called to take them to the vet to extract his dinky from her chocolate hoo-hoo.

The police decided not to press beastility charges against the fat bad haired guy as it was evident that Shelly wanted it as she kept begging the vet to stick his penis in her vagina to both try and wiggle fat guy's dick from her ass and scratch her yeasty itch at the same time.

But sadly, Shelly doesn't love the fat guy anymore. Now she's in love with me, LOL!

Ah, teenagers. :D

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Isn't It Just So Out Of Character??

For Muslims worldwide to be burning and smashing and calling for people's deaths? I mean Islam is such a peaceful religion, what is up with these one sided newscasts?

Think about it, who benefits from making Islam look so barbaric and backward that pretty much the entire global Muslim community would be so hot to smash shit that they would take offense over a bunch of ugly cartoons that were intended to do just that? The Dutch? I mean no one even knew where Denmark was until they started all this crap. Even Norway is getting press now, I mean shooting into crowds after deliberatley inflaming a situation that was stupid from the first place only calms things down! Don't shoot into crowds, you Finnish bastards, DROP BIG BOMBS ON ANY PROTEST GATHERINGS.

And draw pictures of Muhammed on the bombs. YEEEEEEHHHHHAAAAWWWWW!!!!

What the hell is going on in the world, when protests are staged by ex-Muslim expats to make it look like real Muslims are burning down embassies? Everyone knows Muslims would not act in that way!

When have Muslims ever called for the death of anyone exercising free speech? Don't give me that lame old tired Rushdie crap, I mean REALLY did any Muslim even read that book? Can they read? I think some idiot Imam just heard the title on the radio and lost his mind. It's not like Cat Stevens, traitor extrodinaire and all round evil asshole called for Rushdie to be killed, it was just fringe groups who do that! Like now! FRINGE GROUPS!!!

God, it's like someone let a bunch of teenage anarchists in power in Denmark to stir shit up! Fucking teenagers thinking they are Marxist and acting like they have a clue, God why isn't their an age requirement for the internet? But that is another beef, nothing to do with the present day and the crazy shit the Muslims are up to.

Fire into all crowds trying to TERRORIZE with their stones and gasoline and burning shit down, and do it with Howitzers. No great loss, if you ask me.

All Muslims are TERRORISTS. They are savage, and the noble savage is just a myth.

Anyone who is still refusing to admit the truth is blind and will one day likely bow to Allah the Moon God.

We need to clean the Middle East with fire, make it pure and Holy so Jesus will come back.