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Kick ass crazy bastards flying helicopters. May God bless them.

I Love

Ntodd. Seriously. It's true. He's superhot or something. I forget.

'Ere I Am JH!

I love this song. It's soooooooooooooo pretty. Here I am! Will you send me an angel?? Love it. So what if I'm drunk? SCORPIONS RULE!

It's A Fact

John Candy was very funny.

Mista Stitches Ho Mon

Annie would totally do Blanquito Man, but only if he stops shopping at Stitches. Those blue track pants are just wrong. So wrong.

You Want Your Steak?

Lazy Day


When You Think Of Laura

Beautiful woman, beautiful singer, best thing about the Vice City car radio. In high school I was friends with a girl who had just moved from Italy. She had tons of records and we loved Umberto Tozzi, I used to be able to sing Gloria and Ti Amo phonetically. ;) I know Ti Amo is totally different in meaning in Italian, but oh well, it still sounds nice:

Rest in peace, Laura.

Now This Man

Is worthy of being locked in my basement.He can even eat crackers, I don't care. He played Simon on ATWT, I think he was on Farscape too but who pays attention.
Edit to add, HOW FREAKING HOT IS THIS GUY???????????
Here he is on the island with Lily (who i LOVE), fuzzy pictures is mostly all I could find cept this one, but hey, it lives on in my memory. ;) Why don't I ever get stranded on a deserted island with a long-armed, dark-haired, sweet-looking Aussie?? Hmmm?

Ti Amo

I've never seen this show, but I just have to say, I love Theresa and hate Ethan. What a bastard.

I Dream Of Rain

At 2:40, goats climbing a tree. Did you know goats can climb trees? I sure didn't.

I Love A Man In Uniform

Live your life in
Such a way that
When your feet hit
The floor in the morning...
Satan shudders & says

'Oh Shit.....She's Awake!!!' Hehehe, my friend sent me that, I love it. As an aside, why the are the RCMP reading my blog? Hello Mr. Sexy!! (or Miss maybe, but let's hope for a Mr.) Do you look like the guy from Due South?? Can you send me pics?? In uniform and out, please. God Save the Queen!

Go Buffy!

I dunno if it's "better" than a looser in a harness smoking crack while wearing old film containers on his nipples, but it's kinda how I'd like to react if I saw someone doing that at Mardi Gras or somewhere. I wouldn't of course, because we live in a society, and because I can't throw a basketball that fast.

Everywhere Is War

This is damn good.

Damn WiIl Ferrell Is Hot


I can't believe you called Corey a fake friend! And you DID SO say it. In print.

That's not a nice thing to say, and you know it. He cares deeply about you. I've had it. You sell your friends like you sell your teeth.

Phil Collins SUCKS

I Got Shit

I love the little Pearl Jam guy.

Really Cute Nerd

Remember this guy from the big gulp video ages ago?? He claims he doesn't do drugs. Hmmmmm. He has bristol board and a marker in this one. You don't need to really listen to him, but he's cute. Needs a haircut and a nicer shirt, but what nerd doesn't??

Intergalactic wars. What a cutiepie.

Annie Is The Champion

Of the world. Pinko, not so much. If you wanna run with the big dogs you can't be pissing like a pup. Just sayin'. ;) Edit to give Pinko a tiny little (hug) because God loves him.

Hot Jewish Guy

This is a hot Jewish guy who is in my kitchen right now. He is not a doctor. Notice how he's hot. And Jewish. But the Jewish means nothing to the hotness. Hot is universal, there are no special types, or variations. Jewish, Columbian, Dutch, if they are hot, they are hot. Hot means hot. It means, I would probably let (generic hot) him stick it in if I didn't know him.This has been a public service announcement.Oh and HappyHNT!

Write Her In, Bitches

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Hey Adorable

Smell my finger!

Life Is A Highway

Downtown Came Uptown

David Wilcox from the beer drinking area. He played all my favorite songs. I love him.

Kim Mitchell from backstage.Great. Day.