Annie Is The Champion

Of the world.

Pinko, not so much. If you wanna run with the big dogs you can't be pissing like a pup. Just sayin'. ;)

Edit to give Pinko a tiny little (hug) because God loves him.


OMGFG! I heart, heart, heart it!

Now, if the lead singer was wearing a spider man costume, it would rock AG's socks off.

Congrats on winning. You are amazingly talented at rapping.
AnnieAngel said…
I kinda like the jumpy one with the tambourine. Energetic!

Thanks, lol. I just want my prize. :)
Pinko has agreed to give you your prize. We'll also think of another something fun prize wise for you. I have to think about it. You are so gifted, that prizes don't do you justice.
AnnieAngel said…
Well, I've always kinda wanted the big dumb blonde guy on Lost.....if you wanted to get me something special. ;P

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