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Oh Ye-ah

The End Is Near!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you feel it? Did you feel the earth shake and quake? It's a sign, oh praise Jesus, it's a sign that the day is coming, and it's coming soon, when EVERY knee shall bend unto the Lord, even YOURS!!!!!!

Oh Blessed Day, thy Kingdom come, Lord, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth!



When is America going to wake up to the fact that the oil companies are the true government, even when they aren't American oil companies?? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that Bush, and by extension all rich white men, are to blame here. Bush is probably eating lobster right now from a non-oil contaminated ocean, not doing a damn thing to make BP shut down the well, just picking his nose or chopping something down on his ranch, maybe riding his bike while the worst environmental disaster in the history of the world is happening right now ON HIS WATCH!!!!$^%1!

And where's Cheney? Off shooting someone in the face? Resting comfortably in his coffin until sunset when he'll rise and start sucking off the lower classes until he's as plump and bloated as a dead fish floating on the Gulf??? HE WILL BURN!!!

I'm LIVID over this whole thing. LIVID. Little red spots are breaking out all over my body as I think of all the birds, all the fish, all the shrimp, all th…