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I Was Devastated


For Those About To Rock, A How-To

This is hilarious!!! One of the funniest things I've seen in a while. I don't know if that's his real hair, but check out his tongue!



All Is Full Of Love

It's true. Trust me.

He Got Me

So Mr. Cali says to me today, did you hear the new AC/DC track, "When Hell freezes over" yet? I'm like, um, no. Then he starts singing it to me, "when Hell freezes over, I'll see you when Hell freezes over", and he even air guitared a solo, and i'm like nope, haven't heard it, when did you hear it?

Then he says, I didn't hear it, I just made it up. Then he started laughing his ass off. I gave him a good one in the gut.

What. A. Dick. Good song though.

This Is How They Suck You In

It Better Be Made Of Gold

Actual conversation while purchasing an audio cable:

Hey, can you open your store for me? I need a cable.

Ok, this what you want?

Yes, but 14.99?? These are a dollar at the dollar store, they're just out.

Yeah that's the breaks. It's either a dollar, or 14.99. One or the other. You want it?

I guess.

I Might Buy This Place

It needs about a million years of work, but ohhh, you should see the wallpaper in the house. :) There's no shower or bathtub, but there's tons of mold! And the floors are all crooked. :)

I love it. I want to make a princess tower in the silo.

Edit for Shai: This is cement board

I Shoot Bluejays

I Made Art!

Scary isn't it?

You Know Those Guitars

That are like double guitars? This is the best one.

Mind Squish until we return. And if we do not....

Kill it, before it gets big enough to eat you.


You rock my world. I hope they don't catch on that you're really Simels!

How To Jump And Live

Fucked that cracker for his rig and she was outta that town....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Kevin Spencer

Something's wrong with that kid.


For Krogstadt

Mormons getting totally owned. Totally. Owned.

Ever Get A Song Stuck In Your Head?

And then actually find not only the song but also the intro to the show you loved it from on youtube?I love the internets.