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Major Score!!!!!

Oh am I a happy little girl!!! This place was getting all new office furniture and they were giving away their old stuff!! I'm the proud new owner of a desk which is more like a star ship bridge. :)

Joy. :) It's HUGE and it curves and everything. :) It even has a locking drawer. :)

And it was FREE!!!!

Favorite Funny Movies?

IMO, the funniest movie ever is Boogie Nights. It's such a spunky little movie. Naked Again, which I'm sure you've never seen, is hilarious too, as is Fear of a Black Hat. The Trailer Park Boys movie is totally original and very funny, if you like that kind of funny. ;) I do. :) The Evil Dead's a good one, well it wasn't funny the first time I saw it. I was scared the first time. :)

Any favorite funny movies to share? Hmmm??? I could use a good laugh. :D

Saddest Movie Ever??

So what's your pick for the saddest movie ever?

I pick Ben. The end of that movie just KILLS me. An adorable dying child, a misunderstood rat and a sad sad song. Who needs snakes on planes when you can have rats in the streets???

I also pick Terms of Endearment, Cocoon and that one with the kid and the dog-sled race, where the dog dies and the kid carries it across the finish line. I don't even want to know what that awful movie is called or I might watch it again.

I mean, I'll sit and watch re-runs of Highway to Heaven and cry my eyes out. Why??? I have never even watched Touched by an Angel because I know nothing but me bawling is going to come from it.

Remember the Mary Tyler Moore Reuinon thing? I started crying as soon as the music started, and it WASN'T EVEN SAD.

LOL! Those aren't really movies but I'm not being picky. I'll even take books, mine is David Copperfield, I threw it across the room when the dog died at his feet and never finished …

Free Hostas!

A whole bunch of them! Some lady was digging them all up and I asked her why and she said she's putting in a hedge and I asked if I could have them and she said yes, please take them!

So, now they are all nice and snuggly in their new home and they look totally kickass.


Bacardi MIXX 151 Iced Tea

It's yummy. I plan on getting drunk, so whatever happens isn't my fault. I have a lot of anger inside of me, let's hope after the first drink it turns to laughter. Usually it does, I have a very strange sense of humor.

Oh, btw, don't you just hate teenage anarchists? They have been nowhere and know nothing, yet they sit on their parent's fancy computers talking about how evil capitalists are, right before they borrow Daddy's car to go to the Mall to buy another Che shirt. :)

Silly buggers, Marcos would bitch slap them and then wash his hand.