Saddest Movie Ever??

So what's your pick for the saddest movie ever?

I pick Ben. The end of that movie just KILLS me. An adorable dying child, a misunderstood rat and a sad sad song. Who needs snakes on planes when you can have rats in the streets???

I also pick Terms of Endearment, Cocoon and that one with the kid and the dog-sled race, where the dog dies and the kid carries it across the finish line. I don't even want to know what that awful movie is called or I might watch it again.

I mean, I'll sit and watch re-runs of Highway to Heaven and cry my eyes out. Why??? I have never even watched Touched by an Angel because I know nothing but me bawling is going to come from it.

Remember the Mary Tyler Moore Reuinon thing? I started crying as soon as the music started, and it WASN'T EVEN SAD.

LOL! Those aren't really movies but I'm not being picky. I'll even take books, mine is David Copperfield, I threw it across the room when the dog died at his feet and never finished it. Not that I couldn't guess the end from the beginning, unless he somehow ended up drowning. ;) Oh and Faulkner's short story, Pantaloon in Black. "I'm snake bit and bound to die, no poison can touch me now!"

So what are your fave sad movies or whatevers???


woodrow said…
Well, in recient memory, I'll take "Donny Darko" (unrequited love, self-sacrifice, et. al.)
Shai said…
Old Yeller. Just thinking about it makes me swell up with tears. :(
This is stupid, and you will probably make fun of me, but Monster's Inc makes me cry, and so does the Fox and the Hound.
Shai said…
Scamlad says the name of that book is Stonefox. Her son was forced to read it for school.
AnnieAngel said…
I don't know Donny Darko, I'll try to see it.

I don't think it's stupid Shai, I cried at The Brave Little Toaster.

They shouldn't force kids to read that Stonefox book! I haven't read the book but the movie was too much for me, I wouldn't let a kid see it!
Shai said…
I agree, they should not force children to read that book. They also made him read Old Yeller. Can you believe it?
I don't think Donny Darko was sad. That just me though.
Steel Magnolias, that is a sad one submitted by Scam. She would have posted herself but she is not a blogger.
AnnieAngel said…
Scam should get her own blog! So should Woods!

Didn't you laugh at the begining of Saving Private Ryan, Shai? I remember something about that. ;)
Shoelimpy™ said…
Charlotte's Web was really sad.

Shai said…
I don't remember watching Saving Private Ryan, but that doesn't mean I never saw it. Maybe I was intoxicated. :/
Charlottes Web is sad. No one ever gets to taste that yummy looking pig. :(
AnnieAngel said…

"Delicious Pig" Hehehe.

Shoe cried at Harold and Maude. :)
Shai said…
That's some pork roast!

I didn't realize shoe was so sensitive. That's kind of funny.

I've never seen my husband cry from a movie. We cried laughing watching "Without a Paddle." DYNOMITE! That was pretty funny. I laugh hyseterically every time I see Spaceballs. It never gets old.
AnnieAngel said…
Spaceballs is teh funny. :) I think Boogie Nights is the funniest move ever.

Trailer Park Boys makes me laugh a lot, even the re-runs. They do less than 10 shows a season which is pretty stupid, though.
Shai said…
I want to see that show! But I don't think they play it on tv here.
I love Steven Colbert, of course. He's funny, and conservative.
AnnieAngel said…
I really liked Joh Stewart's first show, when it was just a really funny little late night talk show. Now he's like, I dunno, but I don't think he's adorable anymore. And what is with his hair??? I've never really even watched the new show, so maybe I'm being unfair, but I don't like it. ;)

I saw a show the other night called Reno 911 that was pretty funny. And anything with Flava Flav, that Strange Love was hilarious. :)
Shai said…
I really like Mencia too. I never thought a chubby Mexican guy could be so cute and hilarious. I don't really get into John Stewart anymore either. He used to be so funny, and then he went all super, in-your-face liberal. Colbert is fun. I like him a lot better then Stewart.
I don't know what is up with the hair. It must be a NYC Jewish thing. Think about it: Jerry Seinfeld. YUCK! I can't believe anyone would ever have sex with him. :P
AnnieAngel said…
I can't believe anyone would have sex with Johnny Depp. *shudder*
I avoid sad flics,...I hate crying & I am waaay too mushy.
Shai said…
Depp is creepy! I didn't even think he was hot in 21 Jump Street. The chubby guy was kind of cute, in a Fred Flinstone sort of way. Yabba dabba ok looking.
AnnieAngel said…
Hey Tragic! I can't even open your blog on this stupid computer, I'm not ignoring you. Avoiding sad movies is good, but sometimes they trick you into thinking they aren't a sad movie, like that stupid dog-sled one. :)

I did think the chubby guy was cute, boom-shagga-lagga ;) but I was, embarassingly enough, totally in love with Booker. *hangs head in shame*
Shai said…
The chubby guy directs Stargate SG1 and Atlantis. He is Don Deluis's son...I think his name is Peter. Anyway, my husband just told me that. I promise I'm not a total nerd who knows this kind of stuff.
Hey, maybe you could make a funny movie thread for those who don't like sad movies?!?!

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