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What Rhymes With Bridget.....I Know!! Midget!!!

Spoiler: The midget's the baby's daddy.

A Love Story? Sadly, No!

Top Ten Reasons Why Alyssa Milano Would Never Date Bradrocket:

1. He's rampantly sexist.
2. His apartment smells like cheese feet.
3. He's unemployed.
4. He's unemployable.
5. They don't make enough IPA.
6. Women like men not boys.
7. Women like men with a sense of humor.
8. She only dates A-List bloggers.
9. Atrios knows more about baseball. He used to be a high school gym teacher, after all.
10. She doesn't want to boldly go where no woman has gone before.

I Like Sparkly Things

Because they're sparkly.

For My Kitty

Pretty Kitty

My pretty kitty passed away today. She fought so hard, I truly am amazed, but she just couldn't fight anymore. She was a very sweet kitty, she loved Shoe the best, he was her favorite human in the world. She passed away beside him, and I think she was comforted by that.I don't know what else to say. I loved her very much.