For My Kitty


Shai said…
What a beautiful tribute. It brought a tear to my eye. :(
Adorable said…
Indeed. How are you holding up?

How's the weather upnorth, BTW? We are flooding here in the New England region.
BlueKat said…
I am so sorry for your loss of your beautiful kitty. Try to take comfort in that you provided kitty with a happy, well-loved life when so many are not afforded such. And the synergy of the universe has provided you with another who needs your special love to help ease your sorrow. Having 5 myself, plus 2 dogs, I know it's not the same but something to take comfort in, still.

I loved the video so much I will post it, also. It brings some light into these dark days. Thanks.
AnnieAngel said…
It's cloudy and it's been raining on and off, it's not too bad here though, for April.

Thanks for your comment, Bluekat. It sure does leave a hole in my life not having her around. Maybe IZ needs a kitty in Heaven.
Shai said…
I'm pretty sure animals go to heaven. Most of them are better than most people.
Woods said…


Saw you over at Atrios' place. Thought I would say Hi.
neon said…
That was a great video.

I'm sorry about your cat. :(
and I'm sorry that's a little late.
AnnieAngel said…
Thanks, Neon.

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