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Why Bowling Green Has Such A Big Sign

You might think the HUGE sign is there to lead dirty old men to the Corvette museum, but you'd be wrong. They don't have time to visit museums, they're too busy cruising high schools at lunch.The real reason is the Public Theatre of Kentucky. I mean, the way they spell "theatre" just screams class.LOL.Bowling Green, Kentucky, don't go there. No matter how big the sign is, it pretty much sucks.

DiVine, The Living Garden

I was priviliged while at the Opryland Hotel to see this beautiful creation. If you go hereThe Living Gardenand look for her, DiVine, under performances in the sidebar, you can watch a video.

She's unreal. :)Merry Christmas Everyone!

Virgin Men, Hot or Not??

Men Suck

I'll be the first to admit that I take a lot of shit from men in relationships. I'm totally admitting it. But an ex-friend of mine is like.....making me cry when I read her blog. She's just, I dunno. I've never liked the guy who dumped her, never liked him one bit. I've got this radar thing inside me and it goes off loud for "sleaze." This guy had it going off like a siren. But she stayed with him and so I pretended to like him. I didn't, but I pretended.

Now he's dumped HER. HE dumped HER. He is an ugly, low paid, freak who can't even get it together long enough to NOT flirt with me online. She is a beautiful, well paid professional woman in a career that is usually reserved for men. She's one tough bitch.

But like this guy is like...........being a total fucking asshole. He dumped her, but he calls her everyday. He should thank GOD that a woman like her would even speak to a piece of shit like him. She changed for him so much when they sta…

A Good One ;)

Language Is A Virus

Adorable Girlfriend

Is there a problem I don't know about??


Oh. My. Jesus.

This is just........too much. It's just too much. Read it yourself, I don't know what to say except it's too much.

Terrorist Loving Liberals

Shoelimpy has more news on this over on Blogging Points,click this linkbut it seems that it has been confirmed that members of the Democratic party have been meeting with the terrorist group Hamas.

That's right. Democrats are meeting with terrorists now. These bastards should be forced to account for their actions. And then they should be shot as traitors.

We are at WAR with terror!!!! HELLO!!!!!!!!! What the fuck kind of bullshit is this?????

Glory To God!!

This is the highest definition digital picture in the world.

And what a beautiful picture it is. It's amazing, you can get so close you can see the paint chipping off the wall.

Praise Jesus!

I Made A Youtube Too!

Lassie Come Home!

To hear the kickass Spanish version of the song,click here. The song loads into the page itself.

Happy Music!

I used to dance around the house to this theme when Blossom was on tv. LOL! I just might do it again now. :)

Lying Flyers

I hate it when stores lie. I usually ignore the "too good to be true" advertized sales because I don't like crowded stores and crazy people. But a local store has been having pretty good sales and this week their flyer was amazing so I decided to go for it.

For example, the items I wanted were a digital camera with video capabilities that takes up to 243 photos for $9.99 and a 1 gig key drive for $29.99. !!!

But the thing is, the store didn't get either of those items in. At first, dude told me that they had 72 of the cameras and there had been a line out the door to get them. I said, WOW, the store only opened 10 minutes ago!!! That's an amazing lie!!! Then the other dude said, no we only had 14 of the cameras. I asked how long that line had been. :) Then it was admitted to me that this "particular" store had not received either of the items and that the flyer is a "standard" flyer. I was told I could drive an hour to another store and see if t…

Boob Shot

To all the perverts at Sadly,No!, HappyHNT!

Ah, Memories

Let's Wrap Annie's Legs Around Christmas

Let's wrap Annie's legs around Christmas
Let's top it all off with a red bow
Don't leave her for Santa and his minions
They always try to steal dear Jesus' show

Let's sit by the fire and read scripture
Let's fill our hearts with the Lord's love
Let's bring out that new game they call Twister
If Annie's nice then she can be above

Oh, dear Annie, do not be angry
Oh, dear Annie, do not be unkind
Oh, dear Annie, your legs are so God-like
I think that I will surely lose my mind

Let's go to the Valley of Death now
With our Lord as our shepherd and guide
With Annie along for my instruction
I will join the cult that talks of deicide

Annie, your thighs grabbed my attention
Your calves, so smooth and fairly shaped
I will seek the Lord's intervention:
Please turn my water into something grape

Oh, dear Annie, do not be angry
Oh, dear Annie, do not be unkind
Oh, dear Annie, your legs are so God-like
I think th…

1st Blogiversary Tribute Video

I've been blogging for a year now! I can't believe it's been a year. Bet it seems like much longer to some people. :)

I Told You So, Idiots!

It's amazing to me how brain-dead liberals really are. It's like they can't think for themselves, they can only parrot what their demi-gods copy and paste onto their blogs. It's embarassing to watch and yet for some reason, they don't notice that they aren't thinking for themselves.

And not only are they told what to think by their idols, but they are controlled even more by their "enemies." :D It fucking cracks me up to think that some potato chip munching fatass sitting on his computer somewhere thinks that he has "enemies." XD Yeah, Bubba, those nasty Republicans are out to get ya! Better watch your back next time you go to Wal-Mart!!!

It's like the whole Shi'ite thingy. FOREVER I've been saying that the Shi'ites are NUTBARS, but the liberals have been so controlled by Bush that they actually believed the hype that the Sunnis are the bad guys and the Shi'ites are the opressed little angels. :D :D :D

I mean my God, it'…

More Whales

I love whales.

College League Pussy Blogging

I wish I could grab my balls, but I'm a girl kitty!!!

More Beluga Whales :)

I love this picture. :) Happy Thanksgiving! Not that these poor creatures have much to be thankful for, except dead food and no freedom.

More Pictures At Marineland

Poor things.

Meme For AG

Sorry, on further reflection, this is way too gay. I just can't live with myself having this on here. It makes me one of "them."

The Best Looking Man In The World!!!

If Jackie O Were Celine Dion

Nancy Pelosi Takes The Veil

I posted this over onBlogging Pointsearlier, but I think it's really funny so I thought I'd post it here too. :) Little Nancy. Hehehe. That's a real obscure reference that really makes no sense in connection to anything, but I laughed, so I guess that's all that matters. ;)

Black & Decker Cordless Kitty

And it was on SALE!

Boycott Cat Stevens And His New Album

It's true, the traitor has apparently decided that it's no longer a sin against his moon god to try and milk money out of the fame he used to enjoy before he became a Satanist.

I am not going to buy it, and if it by some far flung chance gets radio play, I'll switch channels. He is such a sneaky Satanist, he's trying to make money from the people he considers infidels, and who he believes should be killed, wherever he may find them.

I've re-written one of his songs, I think it properly shows his true feelings toward those who are not Muslim. I hope you enjoy it.

It's to the tune of Trouble.

Oh Satan set me free
I have seen your face
And it's too much like a Jew's for me

Oh Allah can't you see
Jews are stealing our land
Soon they'll enslave the whole Middle East

I don't drink no wine
The Jews have made the world blind
I don't think it's fair
I don't think it's fair

Israel's full of Jews
So won't you be kind to me
Just let me…

What A Man Really Wants

What's The Point?

What's the point of anything?

Don't Watch This

Kitty Nest

I raked up his leaf pile today but I took one last picture of him in his "nest."


Here are some pictures I took at Ikea, it was really busy and I was embarassed to take too many but I took these. I bought a wok. :) My dinner was very yummy, but Ikea has switched over to paper cups and plates and plastic forks. :( I already felt bad enough for shopping there, now they do this. Oh well, what can you do, it's not like I can stop shopping there in protest, that would be impossible. :D

Scary House

This house is on the way back from Ikea. I dare you to touch the porch!

It's Winter Again

Damn it's cold outside. I had to go out this afternoon and run some errands and I only wore my fall coat. I should have worn my winter coat, hat, gloves and a scarf, it's just that cold. Groan, I'm so depressed.

So dude is cutting the last of the tile for the floor and then he's going to lay it. He'll come back another day to finish the tile on the walls. I'm amazed at how the bathroom is turning out, I've really outdone myself this time. I guess it's time to start thinking about where I'll be going when I leave here. I know that I'll be going to Cancun to stay with my friends for a few months, and I'm not going to look any further ahead than that. I'm going to party my ass off and have fun for a change. I'm going to surround myself with friends who love me for who I am. And if someone doesn't like me, oh well, that's their problem. I'm finished with apologizing to people who treat me badly. I'm tired of being humiliat…


Cats can sleep anywhere.

Trick or Treat!

Happy Hallowe'en everyone! I'm feeling no pain at the moment, unless sexual frustration counts as pain, wink wink! My siding is totally done! Can I get an AMEN? My bathroom tile is mostly done, the floor will be done on Thursday and the chandelier is up and it is GORGEOUS. I'm drinking bloody Caesars and urethaning the kitchen floor. And yes, I am way too hot to be getting drunk by myself on Hallowe'en while urethaning the kitchen floor but what can you do? I dunno, but my hair looks wonderful and that has to count for something.


You Train People....

.......can kiss my sweet white ass. Not on the left cheek, not on the right cheek, but right smack in the middle.

ps-that goes double for you filthy carny people, get real jobs and stop scaring children you stinky, scamming bastards


Ben, the two of us need look no more
We both found what we were looking for
With a friend to call my own
I'll never be alone
And you my friend will see
You've got a friend in me
Ben, you're always running here and there
You feel you're not wanted anywhere
If you ever look behind
And don't like what you find
There's something you should know
You've got a place to go
I used to say
I and me
Now it's us
Now it's we
I used to say
I and me
Now it's us
Now it's we
Ben, most people would turn you away
I don't listen to a word they say
They don't see you as I do
I wish they would try to
I'm sure they'd think again
If they had a friend like Ben
Like Ben
Like Ben

Michael Jackson

There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Shopping

I went house shopping today, finally. I actually got most of what I went for, it was a rare day for Annie! I went to Home Depot and looked at their ceramic tile for the bathroom, and then I went to a discount place and got porcelain tiles for the same price. They're goregous tiles, they have an almost water rubbed (does that make sense?) surface, white with a grey marbling. They should look wicked against the red walls. While I was there I bought a HUGE mirror for 20 bucks and all the "fixins" to lay the tile. Oh, I also bought the biggest chandelier Home Depot had. I can't wait to soak in the bath under that chandelier. :):)

The discount place also has a brass "telephone" type tub faucet thingy, which I'm going to go back for as I didn't have the millions of dollars they wanted for it on me. ;)

Then I went to a furniture store and bought an entertainment center. I wanted two but they only had one of the ones I wanted in stock, so I complai…

Worse Than Andrew Is Mikey

"Stupid, offensive, sick, criminal, mindless, repugnant, debased, unpleasant, disgusting, offensive, repellent, loathsome, wicked, profane, evil, reprehensible, attrocious and scurillous. Annie, you can’t die fast enough for me. "


I don't think that was a very nice thing to say to me.

Like Andrew Says...

You know, don't even count. I mean if you disappeared forever it wouldn't make any difference. You may as well not even exist at this school.

It's Snowing

And not just a little. This sucks. It's almost a blizzard!

Mona Annie

Kinda neat, isn't it? And you can see cleavage, though my boobs are way bigger. Happy HNT!



I Am A Person!

" Brad R. said,
October 10, 2006 at 3:35
Guys. How many times do I have to tell you. Annie ain’t real. Don’t respond, and she will go away. "

Now that just hurts! I am a person! If you prick me do I not bleed? Guess not.


The Effect of Liberalism on Children

Shoelimpy has posted some video of some kids who obviously have no parental guidance, no manners and no brains.

Totally shameful behavior, and the cops just stood by and watched!

You Know What Pisses Me Off?

People who think that they are "above" everyone else so much that if someone disagrees with them they have a fucking fit and decide that disagreement = hate.

That's what's WRONG with liberals, they don't listen, they sure as hell don't discuss, they just PREACH and you know what? I usually ignore it because I figure HEY it's free speech, let them ramble. But certain things piss me off, and I express my opposition to these "ideals" any damn way I see fit. I'm like a person that way.

But liberals can't handle that, they are like, hey wait! You can't say that so I'm leaving, or you're a troll or whatever they decide to use to express their pissed-offness that someone dare have a different opinion they they do. That's why there are no conversations or debates on liberal blogs, they have nothing to say to each other because they're a bunch of fucking robots who all must agree! And what must they agree? That anyone who is not…


Once upon a time in the Land of Peace there lived a beautiful Princess named Annie. She lived in a HUGE stone castle that she had decorated all by herself and which everyone agreed was the most beautiful castle in all the Lands. The castle had many gardens and lawns and to the west ran the Great River which led to the sea off in the distance. It was a most happy Kingdom, wherein all who dwelled dwelled in peace. Even the lowest of the low, like poor misguided and now dead Pablo Escobar Jr., were made more beautiful by association to the Princess, who had buried poor Pablo beneath a Willow along the River, and who wept there quite romantically while remembering his lost soul.

The lesser kingdoms, the lowercase kingdoms, were fiercly jealous of the beautiful Princess and the Peace possessed in her Land. They hated this Peace because they knew none, they knew only envy and rudeness. They knew only to complain and never to give thanks. Their time they spent in deep discussion on why the Pe…

Nothing But Blue Skies

At least in this window. :) Kinda neat, huh?


The Dog's A Bitch :)

Dog the Bounty Hunter skipped bond and now he's looking at jail time. Mexican jail time. :D

I watched his "I'm A Looser" special, it was sooooooo funny, I laughed myself silly. The guy is a racist and a false Christian and I for one love seeing him brought down a peg. I hope they make an example of him, I mean the guy is a bounty hunter, he knew what he was doing when he fled Mexico and said "fuck it" to showing up in court. He just thought he'd get away with it. Also, knew he was supposed to hand Luster over to the proper authorities. But of course, he didn't do that because he was after the bounty, not the criminal.

If you don't know the story, there is a very good article, written by a very sexy guy, that details the whole dealHERE

The comments are like, wow, man. :)They must have a computer at the trailer park :)

My New Dolly

I love dolls. :) I have a collection of rag dolls and stuffed animals that fills an entire bookshelf, and I sleep with at least 3 dolls and various stuffed animals. If I travel, I take a doll with me. :) Tragic made me this doll. I think she's beautiful. :) Thank-you, Tragic. :)


I had a filling replaced yesterday and my mouth is STILL sore! It took four needles to freeze me. :/ My jaw hurts so much I can barely open my mouth. When I woke up this morning I tried to do my yawn/stretch thing and it hurt like you wouldn't believe. It also hurts to touch my face on that side.

It must be from the needles themselves. My face was frozen for 6 hours! 6!!!

Stupid needles! I hate getting needles! I was a good girl though, I stayed very still until he was done, except that it didn't freeze me enough so he gave me two MORE needles!! I had no choice, so I lay there and was good until he was done, again.

Sigh, at least it's over. :) I like the dentist so much more when he's not around. ;)

For Jillian

I had no idea what to post this week. So, I posted this picture of me wearing some panties and a shirt I bought on my last trip to Mexico. The shirt has great big butterfly type arms and a low cleavage, it worked great in Mexico, with bitchy sunglasses and an attitude, but once back home it seemed to lose something in translation. ;)The panties have no such culture boundaries.HappyHNTeveryone!!

This Is Funny

Clueless Liberals

I totally won this debate in like 6 moves.

Come to Mama



Just fuck.

Fuckady fuck fuck fuck.




I wasn't going to post a picture until I was finished, but just LOOK at it shine!!! I'm still putting it on too thick, and I missed a few spots, but hey, I think it looks pretty awesome so far. :) One more coat in a few hours and I'm done. :)


Isn't she a good girl?

How To Advice???

I could use some advice on applying urethane to hardwood. I've stained it and it's dry and ready to be done, but it's one of those things I just freaking hate doing. Staining I can do, a monkey can apply stain, it's easy. Paint is no problem either. But I hate the pad thing that everyone tells me is the BEST way to apply urethane. Every time I use it, I get marks where it gets picked up and put down on the floor. I HATE it. I can apply it with a brush no problem, but the room I need to do is 20' x 12' and it's just too big.

Thing is, on tv, on the home improvement shows, they use a window squeegee on a stick to apply the varnish. I have seen it a bunch of times, but not once did they explain how to thin the varnish to make it do that or actually show how to do it step by step!

The Home Depot people say, "I've never heard of it." They LIE. I look on the net, I can't find one site that explains how to do it. I would be able to do a very good …

Bad Ent!!!!

Bad tree!!! Bad!!!!! Sit!!!! Don't you glare at me like that!

Pretty In Pink

I'm sad that it's going to get cold soon, and my beautiful flowers will die. :(
Stupid winter, where's all this global warming I've been hearing Liberals whine about so much???

Neon Smog

An old and real good friend of mine, Neon, has a band and he's the singer! They're called Neon Smog and if you goHEREyou can listen to an audio clip.

The song is called Fred. He's dead. It was sad. :( Shai, I think you will like this song very much.

Now go listen to it! He's a very talented and kinda strange, but in a good way. :)

And I'm very, very happy that he is blogging. I missed him very, very much.:)

Edit: Neon has two other songs up HERE I like his stuff, it's different. :)

Hilarious House of Frightenstein

The Website

If you haven't seen it and are interested, you can download stuff here.

The Space Station is re-running it. :) It's still as funny as I remember, although I'm not afraid of Vincent Price anymore. ;)

It's unbelievable how much of this show I can remember. You'd think at my age my brain would be turning to mush. ;)

Was anyone else forced to watch this as a kid? It's educational, you know. :) Super Hippy, LOL!

Naughty Girl!!

I really shouldn't post this picture, but I'm feeling rather naughty.

I'm going to go repent now. Pray for me you HellboundHNTloving sinners!

Stop surfing the net for naked pictures, Jesus is watching and He can see what you're doing!
Edit to add the Haiku I just wrote:

Crooked are my boobs Hard it is to photograph Ones own breastesses

Ikea Publishes Doggy Porn!!!!

It's true, I've seen it!!! I don't have the new catalogue myself because the last time I was at the store they didn't have them in yet, but if you've got it, open the front fold out. A friend just brought it over to show me. :) He's taking it to show everyone.

Take a look at the dog. It has a very large human penis. :)

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! They didn't catch that and sent it out all over the world, it's the most published "book" each year. :D


Of course IKEA denies the photo has been tampered with, and states that it's the dog's "leg". :D


Attack Of The Kitty!!!!

I have a little, and I mean little, footstool under my desk which kitty doesn't like to share with me. If I take up too much room, more than my toes, she gets pissed.
She forces her head between my thighs, no matter how hard I clench them ;) and once she can get one paw through to dig her claws into my soft underbelly, I'm toast.

Google Earth Beta Kicks Ass

You can see things like this, on the Skeleton Coast.
And this, it's called Fogo.

If you don't have it, get it. It's amazing. These pictures are small, but on your screen the detail in some places is amazing and you can zoom in pretty close. I've been spending way too much time playing with this. :)In the Alps you can see Swiss people driving their little boats on their little lakes, living in their pretty little valley towns and thinking they are better than we are. For some reason that pisses me off. ;)

My Half-Naked Computer

Sexy!!!!!!!!!!! Happy HNT!

If We All Pooled Our Money....

....we could all live happily ever after in own island paradise. ;)
Little Norman's Cay

Of course, we'd have to rename it Princess Annie's Island of Peace. :)

I Am So Cool

I've got a new computer. :) I can do things like this now. Without having to type in all the stupid codes. :)

I have over 50 times the gigs I had. I'm rockin'. :) And it's all in a "liquid cooled" case that has beautiful blue lights all over it and inside it too.I sure didn't need all this junk, but, nyah nyah. :P

Beam Me Up, Scotty!

The beams are leveller! They're never going to be perfectly level, this house is 140 years old, but it's leveller!! They aren't finished yet but I can already see the difference. :) Praise Jesus!!!

Newsflash: It's finished and ready for the plumber to come and do his thing. It's possible that I may have have a few drinks with the dude to celebrate, as a case of beer was part of the payment. Not that I drank beer, I drank Mott's Caesar thingies. They're goooooood and a full serving of vegetables!!!!!!!!!

Big Brother All-Stars

Last night during the HOH competition, Howie's buzzer malfunctioned. He was pretty mad about it and kept saying how it was bullshit. :) He calmed down when they brought in the surprise sheep though, they bonded almost instantly. :D

So anyway, apparently they re-did the HOH comp and Janelle won. :) Hehehehe!!! Too bad for Erika, like anyone cares. Hopefully Janelle wins the coup d'etat thing too and gets rid of either Danielle or James. James wants to be a serious actor, I think. I bet his dream come true would be to be the next Luke Perry. :D Or even the next Jason Preistly. XD LOL!

Demon Kitty

Look into the face of evil!!! One minute she's all cuddly and lovey-dovey, the next minute she's biting and digging in her claws and generally getting all freaked out. She also eats toads and grasshoppers and then pukes them up whole on the floor. That's just nasty.

Attention Pooflingers!!!!!!

Please read the thread below this one.

I'm sorry that you have been involved in this insanity, I have no idea why this guy won't leave me alone.


Beauty!! She wanted to cuddle!! She started falling off my lap as she rolled and twisted around with the joy of being petted and she tried to save herself by digging her claws into me!!!

Cats are evil.

Lite-Brite :)

I got a Lite-Brite today, for free, in the box, with tons of paper and a margerine container full of pegs. :)

It's just like being 6 again. :)

Is Hana Beach a Nude Beach?

I totally forgot that it was HNT day today/morrow, and didn't have time to get creative. So, here's just a normal shot of me in a normal shirt.

I'm not really naked, I know, but you can see my belly button. :D

Lake of Blood

I took this picture through the lens of my sunglasses.

I like it. It makes me remember that Israel can go fuck itself, but at least Jesus is coming back soon.

It's One Way To Cool Down!

It's too hot to live, so I went to the lake to catch the breeze.

This kid is insane. It's a pretty far drop and the waves weren't tiny. His lips were blue and he was shivering. But he was more than happy to jump for my camera.

And he wasn't sweating to death. :)

I Found Money!!!!!@@!#!#!

I live very close to a convenience store and people are always throwing their trash on my lawn. So a little while ago I was going to the store myself, grumbling about "those damn kids" and how I need to pick up the trash.

Then I saw it, just lying there. Just like in the above dramatization, a one hundred dollar bill!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? Usually all I find are empty dime bags and candy wrappers!!!

I'm rich! I could buy 100 things at the dollar store! Well, there would be tax, but I could still buy a ton of crap!

I could buy a billion penny candies! A 100 pound box of something that costs a dollar a pound!!! WHOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!

Oh, what to do with my new found fortune?!! Be good, be bad, pay a bill, go to the Casino.....decisions decisions!!!

Tree Frog

He thinks I won't be able to find him if he stays really, really still. Sometimes he's right. :)

Magic Rock Road

I went for a walk today down the old tracks to the bridge. (I call it Magic Rock Road, because there are very pretty rocks there, and because I do things like that) I don't like the bridge, you can see the water through the ties and it discombobulates me. I start to get really dizzy and stuff, so I don't go out on it very far. But as I was walking back off the bridge, I glanced to the other side and was privileged to see this:

My camera isn't the greatest, but I think you should be able to see the nest. Cool isn't it?? :)

Silly Kitty

I think my cat is crazy!

Name that Tree

This very big, very beautiful tree is in my yard. I have no idea what it is. It gets tons of hard little green balls that fall all over the place. Anyone have any idea what kind of tree this is?