The Best Looking Man In The World!!!


neon said…
:) Kids in the hall was great.

I want to cry everytime I see Dave Foley hosting celebrity poker.
neon said…
lol, he's on Becker right now. That doesn't make me want to cry.
AnnieAngel said…
I talked to Scott Thompson on the phone once. I didn't believe it was really him and so I asked him to do his "buddy" character. He said, you want me to audition? I said sure, so he did the character for me. Then I being me made him laugh alot, and he wanted to eat Taco Bell (and that's not a sexual reference he's totally gay) with me but I live too far away.

The End.
neon said…
haha, that's neat. I'd be too intimidated to talk to a totally gay kid in the hall (or even the totally straight one) on the phone.

How did that happen? Was it one of the coolest wrong numbers ever?

I need to find a taco bell in this town.
AnnieAngel said…
No, my friend knows him and thinks I'm funny and wanted to see if I could make him laugh.

I did. :)
neon said…
haha. *high five!*

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