I Told You So, Idiots!

It's amazing to me how brain-dead liberals really are. It's like they can't think for themselves, they can only parrot what their demi-gods copy and paste onto their blogs. It's embarassing to watch and yet for some reason, they don't notice that they aren't thinking for themselves.

And not only are they told what to think by their idols, but they are controlled even more by their "enemies." :D It fucking cracks me up to think that some potato chip munching fatass sitting on his computer somewhere thinks that he has "enemies." XD Yeah, Bubba, those nasty Republicans are out to get ya! Better watch your back next time you go to Wal-Mart!!!

It's like the whole Shi'ite thingy. FOREVER I've been saying that the Shi'ites are NUTBARS, but the liberals have been so controlled by Bush that they actually believed the hype that the Sunnis are the bad guys and the Shi'ites are the opressed little angels. :D :D :D

I mean my God, it's like they don't give a fuck to educate themselves on a damn thing. They are on the internet, all the information they could ask for is at their fingertips and yet they choose to ignore the facts and pretend in fact that the facts in fact don't exist until typed into a three line post containing a link at Atrios.

SuXX0rs to be that stoopid. Loosers. :)


Shoelimpy™ said…
Seems that they're afraid to admit you were right from the beginning, Miss Annie.
AnnieAngel said…
They should say sorry for some of the mean things they said to me. But they won't because they have no honor.

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