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Obama or Clinton, which one promises to repeal the Patriot Act if elected?

Which candidate is promising I won't be required to buy a passport to re-enter the country if they are elected? Which one will allow me to take water from the grocery store onto a plane?

Which one is promising to deal with the major issues raised by the no fly list?

Which has even mentioned any of these things?

I've asked these questions a few times. I think I'm the only one who is asking. I never get answers.


Bag Kitty

She did this to herself. Hehehe.

I Can Be Artist???

I made three mushrooms with left-over concrete yesterday and they turned out just perfect!!! And it was easy! I love my mushrooms. I'm super-talented girl!!!!!!!!!!

These Things Must Be Done Del-e-gate-ly

All I wanna do when I wake up in the morning is vote for you

Obama! Obama!

I never thought that a boy like you could be the President


(to the tune of Rosanna, by Toto)

Annie Wants

Nevermind his leg, Annie wants to hump his brain.

Annie Hearts Trent

Annie would totally hump his leg. Twice.

Fatwa Against Jejune Bald Guys.....

....who eat really, really crappy looking food.
And LIKE it.

Sean Avery Sucks

I mean, what the HELL???

90210 Is Coming Back????????????

It was one of my favorite shows of all time and I don't care who knows it!!

I still watch it every day in reruns. :)

I don't know if it's true, but Donna seems to think it is, and Kelly quit her new show, so it might actually be coming back!!!!!!!

How old is Dylan now? 100??? Who cares, he's still cooler than Brandon, and Steve is likely still as hot as ever, I'm sure.

As long as Brenda isn't in it, I'll watch. :)

Da da da da, da da da da, ch ch!!

Yes We Can!

"People always want something more than immediate joy or that deeper sense called happiness. This is one of the secrets by which we shape the fulfillment of our designs. The something more assumes amplified power with people who cannot give it a name or who (most often the case) do not even suspect it's existence. Most people only react unconsciously to such hidden forces. Thus, we have only to call a calculated something more into existence, define it and give it shape, then people will follow. "

Obama's mama might have been a herectic BG!!!! LOL.

Look Into My Eyes, You Want To Buy Tuna!


Drugs Are Bad, M'Kay?

They Hibernate In Snowy Climes