I Can Be Artist???

I made three mushrooms with left-over concrete yesterday and they turned out just perfect!!! And it was easy! I love my mushrooms. I'm super-talented girl!!!!!!!!!!


Annie, you are that guy that I used to see on PBS. You know the dude...

I thought he was talent. You are genius!

Love it.
AnnieAngel said…
Thanks. :)

It was easy! AG can make one too! Just dig a hole, line it with a garbage bag and fill it with cement. Then cut a 2litre soda bottle, stick it in the mess on the ground and fill it up too.

Tamp, tamp, and in 24 hours you have mushrooms.

I'm going to make tons more. Any ideas what else I could make??

Notice that the Tang Master didn't comment on my mushrooms. He is soooo banned.
That is very cool. How did you learn to do this?

Jejune boy is sooo toast!
AnnieAngel said…
I found the directions on the net. :)

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