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Jesus was SMART!

He told us we cannot serve two masters because we will love one and hate the other. Then Paul comes on and tells us we have to treat our men like we would treat Christ. Well, that I think is the problem, we have to serve both and therefore we hate the men because Jesus is God and hating him is stupid!

So it's natural for us to hate men. Not only is it natural, Jesus tells us it's going to happen. Sometimes I wish Paul would shut up! But every Sunday and Wednesday I hear about Paul's rules. Stupid Timothy couldn't live closer, could he? Had to get his stupid letters! UGH!

So it's a rock and a hard place. I choose to interpret the words of Jesus as meaning it's ok to hate the men because He knows we love Him and He doesn't want us to put the blame for Paul on Him. In the long run it only matters that we love Jesus as He is our true Master.

He's the only man I trust.

Blogging, Bobby and Demons

It seems that blogs are the new way to go, so here I am blogging.

Hmmmm. Well I guess I've been kind of bored since WWN finally went to Hell. Stoopid Bobby and his trolls. It was a good board, I guess, while it lasted. I know it was full of hellbound sinners and filthy pagans and such, but I felt I was getting through to the younger members there and that Jesus was gaining a foothold.

But Satan couldn't handle it and sent his demons through Bobby to destroy the good work that I and Brother Walter had begun.

Poor Bobby, I can imagine him somewhere, lying on a dank pee stained matress in a small dank pee stained room, swinging his fists at imaginary foes and screaming while at the same time defecating in his pants. The Devil has a good hold on Bobby, in the form of Artemis. The Devil takes on many forms, most of them pagan or wiccanist.

Wiccanists are very scary people to me. They like to bash on Christians because we are saved and they are not. It's not like they can't be…


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