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Island Anime Princess

Wow, this is awesome, isn't it?! Doesn't it look like an anime princess? Google Earth rocks!!

So I Went To See Beowolf...




13th Warrior was better, and not just for all the hot guys in it, it was just better.

I mean, this movie was total crap. I wanted to throw my nachos at the screen, but I didn't because some of them would have fallen on the rest of the innocent suckers who like me paid to see this AWFUL movie.

I want my money back!!!!!!!!!!

I was like, well at least someone is gonna chop off the Angelina Jolie monster's head eventually, right?? Right???????

LOL. My fault for thinking people in Hollywood had even read Beowolf. And as for the writers......stay on strike, who cares, you all SUCK.