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I Am So Cool

I've got a new computer. :) I can do things like this now. Without having to type in all the stupid codes. :)

I have over 50 times the gigs I had. I'm rockin'. :) And it's all in a "liquid cooled" case that has beautiful blue lights all over it and inside it too.I sure didn't need all this junk, but, nyah nyah. :P

Beam Me Up, Scotty!

The beams are leveller! They're never going to be perfectly level, this house is 140 years old, but it's leveller!! They aren't finished yet but I can already see the difference. :) Praise Jesus!!!

Newsflash: It's finished and ready for the plumber to come and do his thing. It's possible that I may have have a few drinks with the dude to celebrate, as a case of beer was part of the payment. Not that I drank beer, I drank Mott's Caesar thingies. They're goooooood and a full serving of vegetables!!!!!!!!!

Big Brother All-Stars

Last night during the HOH competition, Howie's buzzer malfunctioned. He was pretty mad about it and kept saying how it was bullshit. :) He calmed down when they brought in the surprise sheep though, they bonded almost instantly. :D

So anyway, apparently they re-did the HOH comp and Janelle won. :) Hehehehe!!! Too bad for Erika, like anyone cares. Hopefully Janelle wins the coup d'etat thing too and gets rid of either Danielle or James. James wants to be a serious actor, I think. I bet his dream come true would be to be the next Luke Perry. :D Or even the next Jason Preistly. XD LOL!

Demon Kitty

Look into the face of evil!!! One minute she's all cuddly and lovey-dovey, the next minute she's biting and digging in her claws and generally getting all freaked out. She also eats toads and grasshoppers and then pukes them up whole on the floor. That's just nasty.

Attention Pooflingers!!!!!!

Please read the thread below this one.

I'm sorry that you have been involved in this insanity, I have no idea why this guy won't leave me alone.


Beauty!! She wanted to cuddle!! She started falling off my lap as she rolled and twisted around with the joy of being petted and she tried to save herself by digging her claws into me!!!

Cats are evil.