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Have A Good One!!!

I didn't have time to get artistic or figure a way to hide my face from you trolls, but here's a shot of me ready to go out tonight.

Have fun all, don't you LOVE my shoes? They're killing me already! :)

Merry Calendar Change!!

It's New Year's Eve again, WHOOPEE! Actually, more like *woot*, this year. I can't seem to get excited about it. It's become nothing more than a money grab and propaganda fest for the alcohol producers, ie giant corporations. And the trickle down to hairdressers and the like, not to mention taxi companies and calendar makers. Everyone has commercials with their silly sales, buy your car now and save!!! It takes away from the meaning of New Year's Eve/Day, the arbitrary split second we as a society have chosen on which to end and start our year.

New Years is just so commercial these days. Everyone gets dressed up really nice and goes out to get roaring drunk, grabbing and kissing complete strangers as the clock strikes midnight. It's like some kind of drunken pagan orgy of booze and bad breath, gross old men taking their only chance of the year to kiss pretty girls, wet lips puckered and glistening with old man spit.....yuck!!! And they always try to do a full fr…

Patriotboy/JesusGeneral Name Change

Patriotboy/JesusGeneral is now the Bash Annie Angel and Shoelimpy Board!

God, they just can't stop talking about us!!

Oh my! Someone needs a life!!! A whole bunch of someones, it seems!

Fan Girls

Women hate me because I'm beautiful. Well not all women, other beautiful women like Trouble don't hate me. Of course, being beautiful herself, she has no reason to hate me, we're like sisters.

But there are groups of bitter old skanks out there who band together in their ugliness to hate me. They troll and snarl and foam at the mouth, they create sockpuppets, they whine they demand my attention and when they get it they cry.

Hmmm. Interesting, I guess. I feel sorry for them in a way, being so unpretty and unfunny and fat. Yes fat, just like you, you know who you are! ;) Ah hell, don't get sore, you don't mind it, and you know you're fat, blah blah blah. :D But I'm not really talking about you right now, I'm talking about cluster troll fan girls.

They just can't get enough of me and when I don't come to play with them they go loca. Totally.

What's that? LOL! Maybe they hate me because men don't? I think so too.


French Bastards!

I've been banned from yet another site. No real reason, and the idiot who banned me thinks that your IP equals your nationality. I guess he has a really shitty job. :) I feel for his wife, I really do, although he probably has a "partner" not a wife. I feel for him, in that case.

Also, apparently I'm an asshole for this post....

I mean, I have a complaint. I came on this site ready to fight demons beside the righteous, was welcomed and then suddenly, I was turned on.My behavior has remained constant. I would like an open explanation from the General, who actually welcomed me here.
annieangel 12.29.05 - 10:18 pm

Crazy shit, folks. Unfunny idiots who can't parody to save their lives selling ad space for Jesus. They banned Shoe for parodying them. ;) He was really funny.

I should make a web site and sell adspace. :)
edit: now they're talking about me behind my back, they're so brave!edit again for the memories, stinky stood up for Jesus at first! :Mr Macdonald …

Mocking Prideful Sinners

I truly don't understand some internet sites I come across. The one I have in mind right now is self claimed "political satire." But it's not, it's a mocking parody of Christianity and the American military. It's not even funny, like JSM was, kind of.

And the posters there are so lame it's pathetic. They don't have any creativity, brains or hope of Salvation. It's a shame kind of, I mean they're going to burn in Hell for their sins, they could try to be funny. Oh well, at least they think they are.

I'm Naked

I'm not wearing a thing under this shirt.

Shoelimpy gets into the act.

Debate Discouraged By Liberal Cowards

I think it's pretty telling that Liberals can't debate. They go on blogs that are for debate, and they sit there like a bunch of hens, bawking and clucking and laying eggs. What I don't understand is why anyone would go on a debate board and not debate, run up HUGE post counts and say nothing. I figure it's because they're stupid, and they get stupider in large numbers. They also like to congregate, be lame and feel cool like they never did in high school.

I started noticing all Liberal blogs are the same. I found one that is the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Debate is called trolling there, it's funny. Rejects from real debate boards think it means something that they post on this board, every day all day. Then I started noticing these things called "open threads", threads without topics. At first I assumed these were social threads, threads that you could just kick back on and not be political. But no matter what the topic, no matter if it…

Peace Loving Muslim Honors Daughters

Bibi recounted how she was woken by a shriek as Ahmed put his hand to the mouth of his stepdaughter Muqadas and cut her throat with a machete. Bibi looked helplessly on from the corner of the room as he then killed the three girls — Bano, 8, Sumaira, 7, and Humaira, 4 — pausing between the slayings to brandish the bloodstained knife at his wife, warning her not to intervene or raise alarm.

"I was shivering with fear. I did not know how to save my daughters," Bibi, sobbing, told AP by phone from the village. "I begged my husband to spare my daughters but he said, 'If you make a noise, I will kill you.'"

"The whole night the bodies of my daughters lay in front of me," she said.

The next morning, Ahmed was arrested.

Speaking to AP in the back of police pickup truck late Tuesday as he was shifted to a prison in the city of Multan, Ahmed showed no contrition. Appearing disheveled but composed, he said he killed Muqadas because she had committed adultery, a…

Let's Write A Story!

When we last visited Princess Annie's Kingdom of Peace things were in a bit of disarray. Giny the Demonic squirel was still screaming on the giant hook in the courtyard, Lorelei was locked up tighter than a whore's heart in the dungeons for the crime of promiscuity, the Orc had been captured and carried off, far far away by the Dread Pirate Pamplemouse, Laughlady was ignored and Mynamewas was not allowed in the story. None of that has changed, but now Sir Shoelimpy is riding in Crusade against the forces of evil that are darkening the borders of the Kingdom.

Our story picks up today, with Princess Annie walking on the snow-covered lawns of the castle, trailed by her ladies in waiting. Princess Annie wanders slowly, looking sad. Her destination is a large Weeping Willow tree, planted by the now frozen river. The Princess stops there for a moment, gazing at the simple stone erected under the tree, "Here lies Pablo Escobar Jr., he died as he lived, like a rabid dog."…

Christmas Is Here!!!

Presents have been opened, the mess has been cleaned up, the turkey is in the oven and all is right with the world.

Church was great, I skipped the food after, I ate too much stocking candy! :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas!

Snowman Nebula

Closeup of the recently discovered Snowman Nebula, located in the Christmas Quadrant of Princess Annie's Holiday Galaxy.

La De Da

TPB is starting, I'm pretty drunk.


Look at what I did to my dog!! Hehehe! She loved it, she posed and everything and she still has the stockings on. LOL!

Proof Papists Worship Satan!

Pure unadulterated EVIL!

What's In My CD Player

Right now I'm listening to the theme song from The Littlest Hobo in Spanish. Some guy has a site somewhere and he lets you download it. He translated it and sings it, I love it.

Una voz.. me llama cada vez
Por mi camino.. allí siempre estaré
Donde quiera que voy.. un amigo haré
Misión cumplida, te das la vuelta, y me fui otra vez
Tal vez mañana.. ya mi vida asentaré
Hasta mañana.. mi camino seguiré
Si me quieres acompañar.. por un día o dos
Ponte tu gorra, camisa, un short.. así soy yo
Tal vez mañana.. ya llegue a ese lugar
Hasta mañana.. seguiré mi caminar
Hasta mañana.. el mundo es mi hogar..

Go here and let the page load and you can here it :)Spanish Littlest Hobo Song Singer Dude

The next 5 songs in my player are:

Bob Marley, One love
Clarence Carter, Strokin
Geraldo, Rico Suave
Sex Pistols, No Fun
Vanilla Ica, Ninja Rap

It's almost Christmas Eve!!!!

Christmas Popcorn

It's time for the Carnival of Recipes! Here's a yummy sounding Christmas snack!

8 quarts air popped popcorn
2 sticks of butter
2 cups of red hots
1 cup of sugar
I cup of corn syrup

Place popped corn into a turkey pan. Melt the red hots, butter, sugar and corn syrop together. Drizzle the mixture over the popcorn. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes in a 300 degree oven, stirring every 10 minutes. Cool on wax paper and store in an airtight container.

I got this recipe from Shoe's Grandmother. He apparently really, really likes it. I don't think I'll be making any this year, I was going to make it tomorrow, but I think I'll be too tired.

Christmas Eve Eve

It's Friday! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!

I've wrapped most of the presents I need to wrap. I've purchased two cases of beer and a box of wine. I've got to get the turkey still, sigh, I'm usually much more on the ball, but this year is kind of....I don't know. Maybe I should stop drinking. ;) It's a good thing my house is always spotless.

Tomorrow night they're showing the Trailer Park Boys Christmas Special. The TPB's are the best thing about Canada. I've seen the special before, but not in a while and it's so funny!! I don't know if it's proper to watch it on Christmas Eve....but I'm watching it anyway!

I'll probably go to Church tomorrow for the midnight service. Sunday morning for sure, and then brunch and fellowship, then home to put the finishing touches on the meal before I'm descended upon by various and sundry hungry moochers.

Sometimes I wish I had kids, who am I kidding I wish I had kids, to share Christmas morning a…

I'm Getting Dizzy!!!

Banned by webmaster. Your comments will not be added

LOL!! WOW!! This has GOT to be a record.

It's a boring site anyway, full of sound and fury and signifying the liberal mindet.

Not really sure what I did, all I did was ask who Bush's political enemies were, was told Kerry, I laughed and said Kerry was a bitch, then I was banned!!!!!

Free speech for the DUMB!!!


So a friend and I went Christmas shopping today at the mall. It's freezing out, freezing. The mall was full of families, and I just could not believe the way that some of these 12 and 13 year old girls were tricked out!! I saw a girl who was no more than 12 in a tshirt and short skirt and the tshirt said "pimpin" on it. She was with her parents and her younger sister. Jesus forgive me, but I body checked the mother as I walked past, and I'm a pretty good body checker. I never turn around. :)

It's disgusting. I get letters from women all the time complaining about he way their daughters dress. Give me a break!!!! They pay for the clothes and they walk around in public with their prostitot looking daughters. Is this what young girls are now? Whores?

I looked at a few of the clothing stores for young girls, I never usually pay attention. Not only are the clothes skanky and slutty, the quality is crap. The pictures on the walls in these teen shops border on child porn…

Pe La Na!!!!

Don't like Christmas? FUCK YOU!

Don't like capitalism? FUCK YOU!

Don't like society? FUCK YOU!!!

You're just a bunch of wannabe anarchist teenagers with bad attitudes! Marcos would slap you for treating people the way you do, especially those who wish you no harm and are only trying to find understanding!

You fucks are living on your knees, no matter what you think. Calling me a cunt, trashing Christmas wishes of happiness is living on your knees!

To stand on your feet isn't being as rude as possible to eveyone you don't like. Do you even know what communism and anarchism are? I do now and MOST OF YOU DO NOT FIT THE DEFINITION!!!! You are a fascist commune of idiots who label and restrict and ban and trash because you CAN NOT ALL LIVE TOGETHER!!!

In case you missed it let me re-state:


Any society you create will be warlike, and that's GREAT because most military types HATE HIPPIES and YOU ARE HI…

All Men Are Liars

All men are liars. No matter how well you think you know a man, it's all lies. They are incapable or telling the truth and they are incapable of being decent human beings.

I mean, fuck.

Tucan Sam

This was sent to me by my friend in Cancun. It's a Fruit Loops bird.

This Is Incredible!

Visit this web site and scroll horizontally.....gorgeous!

Paris By Night

Mockers, Scoffers and Traitors

I am so sick of fake blogs. They think they're so funny and witty with their stoopidity, but they're really just pathetic. Some idiot has a fake blog pretending to be the President, which I think should be illegal, but whatever. I'm sure someone is monitoring him so it's all good.

How do these idiots think it makes us look to the rest of the world when stuff like that is available on the internet? Someone from some armpit country might not speak the best English and might take that site seriously. I'm not even going to link it sucks so bad!

Traitors!!!! Unfunny traitors!! Humor parasites of the worst kind!

May Jesus burn them all in Hell.

More LOVE for ME!!

Let's Wrap Annie's Legs Around Christmas

Let's wrap Annie's legs around Christmas
Let's top it all off with a red bow
Don't leave her for Santa and his minions
They always try to steal dear Jesus' show

Let's sit by the fire and read scripture
Let's fill our hearts with the Lord's love
Let's bring out that new game they call Twister
If Annie's nice then she can be above

Oh, dear Annie, do not be angry
Oh, dear Annie, do not be unkind
Oh, dear Annie, your legs are so God-like
I think that I will surely lose my mind

Let's go to the Valley of Death now
With our Lord as our shepherd and guide
With Annie along for my instruction
I will join the cult that talks of deicide

Annie, your thighs grabbed my attention
Your calves, so smooth and fairly shaped
I will seek the Lord's intervention:
Please turn my water into something grape

Oh, dear Annie, do not be angry
Oh, dear Annie, do not be unkind
Oh, dear Annie, your legs are so God-like
I think th…

My Hero!

Janice Dickenson is my hero. I hope I can look half as good as that at 52. I can't wait until it's time to take my next driver's license photo. And I've suddenly lost my Sam's Club card! Guess I'll be needing to get a new one. ;)

Christmas Kitty!

Here's one of the shots from today.Kitty decided he wanted to be in the picture. :)


Lazy Sunday

I feel so lazy today. I just got back from Church and I've fed Shoe his lunch, he's working now and I'm feeling lazy. There's nothing to do and all day to do it. :)

I suppose I could bake some more cookies, Shoe always likes more cookies. Or I could take a nice stroll through the snowy streets. Or I could take a two hour bath. Hmmmm. Decisions.

Of course, Shoe is working in the other room, there is nothing saying I can't go in there and ummm, distract him. :)

I love being a distraction. :D

Later Shoe wants to take some Christmas pictures of me, if we get to it, I'll post some. But for now, I'm just going to sit here and chill for a bit.

Caption This!

Here's my caption:

"Oh No! Atrios has locked me out!!"


This Is SOOOO Funny!!!!!

Supposedly now according to the sexual stalker and his friends I'm getting paid or something to write on this blog. I wish. God you people are stupid. This is my blog to talk to my friends. I find it amazing the stir I've caused among you people today.

I don't know why I was banned but I do think it must have had something to do with traffic because suddenly now everyone is talking about how I am getting all this traffic and making a million dollars.

Maybe I upstaged Atrios, he seemed to have made that same post over and over again today and nobody seemed to care about his stupid topic.

Oh well. La dee da.

Dirty Old Men, Part 2

Al Swearengen is sexually harassing me. I've asked him to stop but he won't. Now his friends are in on it too. It's real nice, Atrios, and I'd like to thank all the Liberals over there for letting me know through their treatment of me that voting for Bush was not only the right choice, but the ONLY choice.

God Bless Bush. God Bless America.

The liberal cowards are scared, they can't live in the new world. :( They want to make friends with the terrorists and become Muslim in the name of tolerance. Idiots.

America hating tratiors!! I'm SO SICK of it. They bash and bash because they know they are on the way to being a permanent political underclass. Loosers. But to sexually harass women is disgusting. Fucking assholes. They will love being Muslims so they can beat and oppress women.

Paranoid Liberals

They are in such a tithy it really makes me laugh. LOL! That's what I do, I laugh out loud, knowing that Jesus will get them if Homeland doesn't. Freaking terrorist lovers.


I can't believe I almost cared whatTHIS BIG FAT IDIOTthought about my taste in fashion! Oh Lord, I'm laughing so much right now I think I might pee in my pants! LOL!

Hey Tom, it's what's inside that go sit with the ugly people! Hehehe!

Jeff Loves Me

Jeff's Poem About Me

Annieangel, how I love her
She's got something that I can't resist
But she doesn't even know that I-I-I exist
I'm in heaven, I get carried away
I dream of her and me and how it's gonna be
Other hate trolls call me up for a date
But I just sit and wait, I'd rather concentrate on annieangel
'Cause I love her and I pray that someday she'll love me
And together we will see our threads become troll free

Such love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeff, you should know I'm in a relationship.

Hippie Loosers

I don't understand idiots who say they don't blame terrorists for wanting to cut our heads off. It's like they all think that we are so evil the terrorists have a legitamate reason to cut off our heads.

How stoopid is that? I mean, there is some lame site called Atrios or something where a bunch of total looser rejects from Pandagon hang out and call people cunts if they don't think we should all line up and turn ourselves in to Bin Laden to have our heads cut off.

I'm scared of terrorists. Maybe it's because I'm not an idiot. Maybe it's because I know that Muslims have to kill the "infidel." If they aren't fanatical extremists, they won't kill the women, but they will put us in stables because they are into that kind of thing. And I'm hot, they would for sure keep me alive to live in some harem somewhere.

I will die before having sex with a man who smells like a goat, I don't care how many pairs of Gucci shoes he buys me!!!!

Labatt's Genuine Honey Lager

Not bad. Not at all like dog pee which is unusual for Labatt's. Real nice color, nice full taste.

Yummy. It's only 5% which is good, for some reason beer gets me drunk faster than anything else.

It's been snowing on and off, the walk is all nice and shovelled. The stupid cool kids with their snowmobiles drove across the lawn which ruined the tranquil beauty of the snow and the bows and the greenery. Sometimes I wish life was more like Vice City and I could unloose a flame thrower on snowmobilers, but oh well. They'll likely end up in the lake sooner or later. :)

Grammar Nazis

I'm a bit dyslexic and a horrible speller. So what? Here in this box I can edit, and I usually find my typos and mistakes. But some forums don't have that option, so if you miss something it stays. It's not like I'm so bad you can't understand what I'm saying, I mean even orcs are easily understood. But people who have no reply to the content of what I'm saying sure love to pick on my spelling.

I love it when people call me on my spelling but then say they don't want to get into semantics. :)

Now, I can't spell, it's true, but I do comprehend the English language. ;)

A Prayer For Those Who Hate Me

I would like to pray right now to ease my heart.

Sweet Jesus, please take the hate from the hearts of those who seek to hurt me. Please show them the path to Your Love. Take from them their pain, their bitterness, their multitude of demons. Make them whole in Your Love. Lead them to Peace so that they may not judge others in reflection of the judgement written against them on their filthy self-righteous rags of souls. I pray that they will REPENT and let You into their hearts so the judgements against them may be washed clean and their names written in the Book of Life.

In Your Name Sweet Jesus I Pray, Amen.

The Tree Is Up!

It wasn't as enjoyable as it should have been, thanks to a certain person who has been tormenting me all day. I tried not to let it get to me, but I'm a feeling person and I have done nothing to deserve the personal bashing I have undergone today.

But the tree is pretty and the lights make me feel safe, I put Gramma's old glass ornaments up and it was nice to remember being a child in her house at Christmas time, the smells of cookies baking and the sounds of everyone laughing, I'd get to wear my pretty dress and shiny shoes and I'd use my good manners to the nth degree. :)

Sorry if there are typos, I get dyslexic when I get upset and I think I found them all, but I'm not sure.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Stolen fromTrouble's great postthis link from within her link at said postPurple Finger For Freedom Lesson Plandesigned to"Encourage local schools to download the Purple Finger for Freedom Model Lesson plan and ask teachers to teach a current events class about the upcoming Iraqi election based on it. "

This is a great idea for all teachers!!!!

"Look at how long it took us to move from independence to the Constitution. Well, let’s see 1776 would be a good place to start with independence. It was 1788 before we had our first election under the constitution. So, we should take such pride in what’s going on in Iraq because it was the process we’ve gone, we went through as a new nation that has set a model for the world. And the Iraqi people of course we should very proud and supportive of what they’re doing, but we should notice that it is the American example that has led people to the idea of constitutions all around the world, the idea that you need a plan of governme…

Warm Fuzzies All Around!

The Bad MonkeyMan
Look what this mean mean person said about me! I posted nothing on his blog except a clever comment! He liked my clever comment! So did the monkey! I feel sorry for this person and will pray that he finds Jesus. I was shocked to see this post! Here is an excerpt:

"Now I give my religious friends a bit a grief every now and then (or maybe all the time) but I just want you all to know how fortunate I feel to have such great friends who are tolerant and fun. What scares about Annie's blog is not that she's religious, but that she's intolerant (I know, so am I) and she seems to be a huge bigot (which I am not). I was going to end with this quote from her profile: "Reincarnaiton is a myth created by the Hindus so they wouldn't have to bathe," but she has removed it from her profile. Luckily, I still have it cached on my hard drive."

That Hindu quote is the silly profile question answer from a few weeks ago, I got a new question yesterday! …

Dirty Old Men

Dirty old men are so disgusting! They seem to actually enjoy being dirty old men. Sweaty, beer bellied, with hair growing out of everything but their heads, they always smell like they've been picking their ass and they have greasy hair and nicotine stained fingers, even if they're bald and don't smoke.

Dirty old men don't see women as individuals. They are a sub-class of human to the dirty old man to be used to further drive his sick emotional needs. He must feel superior to any woman he encounters for these games he plays. He must feel that he can manipulate the emotions of the women he uses to feed his degenerate ego.

He'll call women, honey, sugar, darlin, dear, in a sarcastic way he thinks we don't hear. If called on it, well then baby, it's just the way he talks, oink oink.

There is something mentally wrong with these men. They are predators. They prey on women and the internet lets them make themselves a lair in which to trap these women for their own a…

Papist Jokes, Let's Laugh Together!

What's the difference between a Papist priest and acne?

The acne waits until your son is a teen to come on his face. :D

How many Papist priests does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

None. Papist priests don't screw. :D

Why do Papists pray to idols and a man?

Because God and Jesus hate them. So does the H.G. :D

Ahhh, humor is what brings us all together, isn't it?


Wow, I had no idea!!!!!

Texas Economy Draining into Canada
By Ferdinand Compton

Every year in Texas thousands upon thousands of dollars of American currency quietly leak across our nation's northern border. You might say to yourself, ah, he's talking about prescription drugs, even though I would assume that money would go south. You'd be wrong. I'm talking about cars. Antique cars. Classic cars. Cars with no rust. You see in Canada, a rust free car is a treasure.

The Canadian climate is frigid and inhospitable in the winter. The roads are covered in snow and ice. The only thing that makes them drivable is the large amounts of salt that are poured onto the roads for more than half of the year. Not only does this salt cause major environmental problems, which also leak down to our nation's southern states, but it reacts with the steel of the cars to make them rust very very quickly. You don't find a 1952 Chevy in fixable condition very often in Canada. But you do in …

Salvation For Papists

"If you are praying to Mary or a saint; you are also dangerously close to practicing necromancy. Necromancy is communicating with those who are dead. It is a hideous sin that is an abomination to a holy God (see Deut 18:10-12). Abomination is one of the strongest words used by God for something He utterly detests." Link to Salvation

I pray any Papists reading this site are open-minded enough to also read the above link. It could mean the difference between Heaven and Hell for you!

The Perfect Sunday


Gangs and Deportation

For all of the people who think we should just keep letting anyone in who sneaks across the border, I just watched a show on a gang called MS13 and OH MY GOD! Evil, disgusting, horrible people, they killed a 4 month pregnant girl! They are scum. They were bragging about how if they get deported they come right back in.

You think El Salvador is so great? Yet even when they come here legally most of them end up in gangs, or were in gangs before they came and just pick up where they left off.

You want gangs running in your schools? Your streets? You think they have some God given right to come to America and start their gang crap here?

I say BULLSHIT!! Jail gang members in Romania. Pakistan. It's more humane then they deserve. Round them up and put them on an island and use them for medical/military experiments.

Build a freaking wall! End the madness!!!

The Perks of God's Favor

This is taken fromJimmy West'swonderful website. He is a true brother in Christ and was the only person to defend me over on that really mean board run by Satanists. Even though they banned me and made it impossible for me to access the private message of hope and love that Jimmy sent me, God saw to it to make sure I had a copy of his note in my mail inbox. I must admit I'm pretty sure I had it set up to not do that, but when God wants us somewhere, He makes sure we get there!

I thought this was just wonderful, and it shows us even more reasons why it's great to be saved!

The Perks Of God's Favor, by Jimmy West

When you gain God’s favor, it affects your life in everything you do and everywhere you go. Here is a list of the “perks” you can expect when you have God’s favor on your life.

1. God will guard over the vessel you call your body. Diseases, weather they be chronic or mild, will not be allowed to afflict you. Things like cholesterol and blood pressure will be kept a…

Is Bush An Anarchist?

Follow me if you can, I'm kind of drunk. I mean no offense to any conservative branch of anarchism out there, I'm just thinking as I type.

So here is this guy, this one guy who took advantage of a chaotic situation to further his own personal ambitions. The only people to profit from this silly war are the "contractors" ie, mostly just Haliburton. And they have like lost track of way lots of money, yeah right I belive that. They just want to drain America dry so they can really rule through fear disguised as protection. EVIL!! They are the evil empire, but think about it, the empire is so few people really, the average American is just a cog, the empire is small and therefore only interested in it's own interests. It uses the enemy (anyone muslim and evil) and it uses anarchy.

If someone uses anarchy are they not anarchists?? Isn't that what anarchy is? Disregard of governments in this case global, and disregard of any rules, ie torture, conventions, a…

ABC's 25 days of Christmas

What a joke! Supposedly they are going to show a Christmas show everday, that's what I think 25 days of Christmas means, but NO, they have been skipping most days.

THIS IS WRONG! Everyday I turn on my tv in hopes of seeing my childhood favorite "I'm Mr. Green Christmas" so I can finally find out what it's really called and so far everyday I'm disappointed.

I also really really want to go to the buffet at the casino so I can both pig out on shrimp and wear all my sparkly stuff.

IM Is Interesting

I never really know what the Hell is going on. ;)

Bob Marley Rules

No woman, no cry.


Diana Ross Knows

she said she wants a man
to always understand
but that's alright for her
still it ain't enough for me
she said she wants a guy
to keep her satisfied
but that's alright for her
but it ain't enough for me
still, i don't care if he's young or old
(just make him beautiful)
i just want someone i can hold on to
i want muscles
all, all over his body
(make him strong enough from his head down to his toes)
i want muscles
all, all over his body
(make him strong enough from his head down to his toes)
they say they have to see
his real personality
but that's alright for them
still it ain't enough for me
i need what the eyes can see, ah
(his anatomy)
if that's alright for them
still it ain't enough for me
i don't care if he's young or old
just make him beautiful
i just want some strong man to hold on to
i want muscles
all, all over his body
(make him strong enough from his head down to his toes)
i want muscles
all over his body
(make him strong enough from his head down to his toes)

What's In My CD Player

I'm not searching lyrics tonight. :)

I'm listening right now to Donna Summer, Love to Love You Baby
Next up is Blondie, Heart Of Glass, then Cyprus Hill, Latin Thugs.

The next five after that in a much easier list form :)

How Soon is Now, the Smiths
Toy Soilders, Martika
Gangsta's Life, NWH
Woke Up This Morning, A3
Desert Rose, Sting

What are you listening to?

Canada Cooler Rockaberry Wine Coolers!

It's like Spumante Bambino mixed with grape kool-ade!

Anyone else use to get someone to buy you and your friends a magnum of Spumante so you could all stand behind the gym at the school dance and get drunk? So drunk that one of your friends falls down in the bathroom and hits her head and the ambulance has to come?

Ah, high school!

Porn for John Cusack!

Just for you Chef!!!! Look he's smiling! He likes you!!


















Freemasonry is Satanic!

Picture taken from Just WOW. This is some scary stuff, people! I thought they were just a charitable organization!

Hip Boots of Terror!

I was trolled for over a year for this picture. I have no idea why but it seemed to make a lot of people very angry. I think it's a nice picture. I think it does a good job of showing off my love for Christ and my boots. :)

Mail Bag

I couldn't decide whether or not to post this letter, I was torn between wanting to show how desperate some people are and not wanting to be judged for my advice.

I prayed on it and came to the conclusion that if reading this can help even one person out there reading my blog who finds herself in a similar situation, then all the persecution will be worth it.

Dear Annie,

I work for a big company in a mid-level position. I used to love my job, I work hard and enjoy what I do, but since my divorce things at work have changed.

You see, my husband didn't make very much money to start with, but he did take care of the children during the day. Now that he has abandoned us, I have to pay for day care and it is very expensive. I am barely making ends meet and I don't have the extra time or money to go back to school to further my career.

But something happened today at work and I am very confused and don't know what to do. The company CEO is a very good-looking and charming man wh…

And I'm Not Even Blonde

I just got my foot and shin caught against the side of my chair. I don't sit like a normal person, I'm extremely flexible and usually sit cross-legged in my chair.

Well today for some reason I had myself contorted into this weird position where my foot was tucked in against the side of my chair and my shin against the rail. I tried to stand up by pushing my foot off the chair, and it like levered my shin against the rail and I in a panic pushed even harder.

Now I have a DENT in my shin. I'm sure it will fill in to a nice big bump eventually.

My God it HURT! You know when you are in so much pain but at the same time disgusted at your own stupidity so much that you are both laughing and in pain?

I need a new chair. Something with no rails.

The Shot That Would Turn Marx Capitalist So He Could Buy Me Pretty Things

Jumping on Trouble's bandwagon knowing I will regret it, but for some reason not caring!

This is Trouble's shot, ummmm, ok it has changed since I last saw it, ummm, here's the link, I think she's drunk!

Missing Mexico

I received an email today from my friends in Cancun saying they miss me and when am I coming to visit? I want to go today! Yesterday! Groan. Here's some pictures from my last trip.

That's me and my friend's son on top of the big pyramid at Chichen. I love Chichen and go as often as I can, it's free on Sundays!!!

The Wizard of Oz door is the door to my room at the hotel. Friends of mine own the hotel, it's paradise. Opening that door every morning is like being a child again. The flowers are the view out my window.

I really should just move there once and for all.

What's In My CD Player

In a shameless theft of intellectual property from Trouble, this is what's in my CD player right now:

Banditos, by The Refreshments

Just how far down do you want to go
We can talk it out over a cup of joe
And you can look deep in my eyes
Like I was a super-model

Uh huh

It's just you and me baby
No one else we can trust
We'll say nuthin to no one
No how or we'll bust
Never crack a smile or flinch or cry
For nobody

Uh huh
Well give your ID card to the border guard
Your alias says you Captain Jean Luc Picard
Of the United Federation of Planets
Cause she won't speak english any ways

Everybody knows that the world is full of stupid people
So meet me at the mission at midnight
We'll divy up there
Everybody knows that the world is full of stupid people
But I got the pistols
So I get the Pesos

And that seems fair

We'll put the sugar in the tank of the sheriff's car
Slash the deputy's tires
They won't get very far
When they finally get the word that there's been a hold-up

Uh hu…

Christmas is Coming!

I am so excited! I just absolutely love Christmas and everything to do with it. I love the colored lights, the way the malls decorate and the SNOW! Everyone says snow sucks after New Year's Day, but not me I love it!

I love the Santa Claus parades, the Church suppers, the smiles on the kids faces when they see Santa at the mall, I love the malls, have I mentioned that? I think Christmas is the best time of year, it brings out the good in everyone and makes us all feel like one big family. :)

I'm going to make a post with my Christmas list in a few days so get your wallet ready, honey!

Merry Christmas Everyone! And remember, Jesus is the reason for the season!

Let Everyone In!

Let's have a party!

No. I still don't think so. But I would like to say to those who are upset about my Brown Tide post, I am sorry. It is over the top. I should be shot. I am a horrible person, a theocratic racio-fascio-christo bitch. I should be locked up in a jail for having my own thoughts. Some kind of gulag preferably. And for total proper punishment it should be in some armpit country like Bangledesh. Because everyone knows, *it* all starts with thought crime.


God Loves Everyone

That means everyone. Every single person on this earth.

He loves the Anarchist, the Muslim, the Zionist, absolutely everyone. Color, race, religion, political party, none of that matters to God. He sees us all as bright shining spirits.

We are One.

God is Love.


It snowed last night!

Everything is covered in a blanket of white! It looks beautiful, and makes me feel happy.

To anyone reading this, I am NOT A RACIST!!

I am a decent Christian woman who is trying her best to do as Christ would want. I go to Church, I go to Sunday School, I go to Bible study. I listen to what I am taught and I try to incorporate what those more knowledgeable than me about ANYTHING teach me into my worldview.

I don't understand why everyone is so upset. I have been called a racist bitch and tons of other horrible names and haven't called anyone anything!

Shame on you! Let's just try to get along and dialogue. Please?

Burn Your Cat Stevens Records!

I am so upset right now! I feel betrayed! I just found out that for years now Cat Stevens has been a Muslim!

It's just so wrong to me! Here is a man who wrote such peaceful wonderful songs, and now he has joined such a hate-filled religion! I am just floored. He decided to turn his back on Jesus and embrace Muslimity. Muslimity doesn't allow him to sing any of his songs or play guitar or anything like that! He can only do the call to prayers and that song just gives me the creeps.

And I heard that he was all behind that fatwa thing against that Rushdie guy. What ever happened to everyone climbing aboard the Peace Train? What happened to Tea for the Tillerman? While the sinners sin the children play??? HUH??? I guess now for Cat Steven or whatever mumbo-jumbo he is calling himself these days, the happy day will be when everyone is a Muslim and the streets run red with the blood of the non-believer. Oh Lord, how they play and play.

Here's some new Cat Stevens lyrics, written b…

The Brown Tide

Our shores are threatened, people. Not by wind and water, no, but by a brown tide of immigration. There is an endless stream of legal and illegal immigrants washing up on our shores like detritus from some unholy hurricane of excrement. We are knee deep in sludge here, and the smell is getting overpowering.

This needs to STOP. We need zero immigration and we need it NOW.

I mean these illegals, they come here in droves with no education, little intelligence, no skills and without even a basic grasp of the English language. The legals are even worse, they form their own little racist communties and refuse to speak English period. I can’t even read half of the signs I see these days, they seem to all be in either Mexican or Cuban.

This flood of the unwashed, willing to do any kind of job for hardly any money is harming us in so many ways. They are taking jobs away from our own American lower class. Look at Texas, it’s pretty much being over-run with these people. Our black folk who were wi…

Mail Bag

I received an email today, asking for advice. Here's the body of the message.

Dear Annie,

My daughter has joined a COVEN!! I have no idea what to do! She is 13 years old and since school started this year there has been a big change in her personality. She has started dressing all in black, wearing strange makeup and listening to music which I can best describe as death rock. She has become very anti-social and demanding. Last week when I took her shopping for *clothes* and *cd's* she walked in front of me and refused to speak to me! I tried to make up for whatever I did to upset her by buying her a new earing for her nose, but she just refuses to be civil anymore!

Now she has joined this COVEN!! She told me she is going to be initiated on Friday night at a big party in the woods.

I am afraid, Annie. Since her father left us this summer I have lost my little girl. Please tell me what I need to do to make her like me again.


Loving Mother in Lousiville

Can you believe that lett…

New Orleans Witness

searching for a reason not to look
it's a hot night and i can feel the beat of the city
in my feet
i know the devil is out there, i can feel him, you dig
i can feel his evil emanating through the streets of the
i can hear his feet in the patter of horses hooves
in the beat of the music
i can feel him in the heat
smell him in the scent of the garbage and the sewers
the city is a living graveyard of the lost
they wander like ghosts through the moonlit streets
whispering secrets to the walls
i see them, hopeless, lost futureless in limbo
the city is an assylum for the strange
a purgatory of the damned
the homes, the brick, crumbling into decay
dryad lovliness of crawling vine and broken stone
calls to me like coming home
i witness on the corners
to the unwanted, the outcast
who mutter and curse at me
darting eyes and fingers stained with tabacco
eyes wild with vivid visions
they dance the dance of the damned
howling, mad screaming to the sky
i witness to the lonely
to the forgotten, the unknown
lice fil…

Why do Wiccanists Lurk In Bookstores?

Every time I go into a bookstore there is always some weirdo standing around in the weirdo section not really doing anything except waiting for someone to wander into their web. Once someone does, they zoom in and make some comment on whatever said person is looking at. While doing so, they always take the opportunity to show off their strange pagan jewellry and/or tattoos.

Usually these people are fat ladies with long thin hair dyed a horrendous shade of burgundy and wearing hippy skirts and peasent blouses, or skinny no shoulder almost-men with little Satan beards and chains on their wallets. Both sexes wear canvas high-top runners and have visible body piercings to show how cool they are.

Once they have chosen their victim and impressed visually upon them the fact they are Wiccanists, they will begin to "educate" their targets on how the book they have in their hand was written by fluff-bunnies and to get the real truth they must buy the book that the Wiccanist recommends.