This Is SOOOO Funny!!!!!

Supposedly now according to the sexual stalker and his friends I'm getting paid or something to write on this blog. I wish. God you people are stupid. This is my blog to talk to my friends. I find it amazing the stir I've caused among you people today.

I don't know why I was banned but I do think it must have had something to do with traffic because suddenly now everyone is talking about how I am getting all this traffic and making a million dollars.

Maybe I upstaged Atrios, he seemed to have made that same post over and over again today and nobody seemed to care about his stupid topic.

Oh well. La dee da.


Shoelimpy™ said…
Here is something Al had to say:

So my feeling is this whole Annie thing is some cow needing some hits on her month old blog.

Hey, I got an honorable mention there.

Someone, and I'm not pointing fingers, but someone posted a long obnoxious list there. Seems somehow unnecessary.

I'm naive about pseudonyms and stuff as far a blogs are concerned. So I didn't really get what the person was talking about when he/she posted something about it being a paid blog.
Al Swearengen | 12.18.05 - 12:50 am | #
AnnieAngel said…
LOL! Yep, that's the guy who harassed me.

Atrios is a looser.

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