Snowman Nebula

Closeup of the recently discovered Snowman Nebula, located in the Christmas Quadrant of Princess Annie's Holiday Galaxy.


Anonymous said…
Merry Christmas Princess Annie..!! And, my very best to you and yours.

You have a great website, and will no doubt vailantly serve Jesus as a devout and patriotic Christian and believer. You are most truly one of God's very special angels, and He, as always, has chosen well.

I'll certainly look forward to your wisdom and guidence, as we usher in the new year in the name of Jesus Christ.

AnnieAngel said…
Merry Christmas to you and yours, hogwild! Have you been saved?
AnnieAngel said…
Let me rephrase, have you been saved, darlink?
Anonymous said…
Ah..! Yes my Angel,

I am both saved, and born again.

May the celebration of the birth of our most holy Jesus Christ, bring you joy and happiness.

AnnieAngel said…
Isn't Jesus wonderful??

Much love to you, brother, may God bless you and keep you. :)

Peace be with you and with all Christians today and everyday.

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