Mocking Prideful Sinners

I truly don't understand some internet sites I come across. The one I have in mind right now is self claimed "political satire." But it's not, it's a mocking parody of Christianity and the American military. It's not even funny, like JSM was, kind of.

And the posters there are so lame it's pathetic. They don't have any creativity, brains or hope of Salvation. It's a shame kind of, I mean they're going to burn in Hell for their sins, they could try to be funny. Oh well, at least they think they are.


Shoelimpy™ said…
Unfunniness abounds on the Internet. Particularly when it comes to these sorts of folks.

Vile, evil sinners.
Anonymous said…
Princess Annie,

Some folks are just shockingly rude and offensive. Hell is too good for them.

They claim to know the Lord yet they blaspheme His Name.

Please keep up the good fight for our Lord, His salvation, and the Biblical truth.

AnnieAngel said…
Ah, and I see that the unfunny site has banned you Shoe, your crime??

Being funny. :)


Oh the mockers and the sinners, how they will weep and tear their hair and gnash their teeth come judgement...oh I can't wait for that happy day!

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