The Perks of God's Favor

This is taken from Jimmy West's wonderful website. He is a true brother in Christ and was the only person to defend me over on that really mean board run by Satanists. Even though they banned me and made it impossible for me to access the private message of hope and love that Jimmy sent me, God saw to it to make sure I had a copy of his note in my mail inbox. I must admit I'm pretty sure I had it set up to not do that, but when God wants us somewhere, He makes sure we get there!

I thought this was just wonderful, and it shows us even more reasons why it's great to be saved!

The Perks Of God's Favor, by Jimmy West

When you gain God’s favor, it affects your life in everything you do and everywhere you go. Here is a list of the “perks” you can expect when you have God’s favor on your life.

1. God will guard over the vessel you call your body. Diseases, weather they be chronic or mild, will not be allowed to afflict you. Things like cholesterol and blood pressure will be kept at a normal level. Allergies will be taken away. You will not need to watch your diet as long as you eat somewhat responsibly.

2. When you need help for any reason, strangers will offer to help you. And, they will do it joyfully.

3. Opportunities for advancement will open up on the job. Management will suddenly have a new respect for you and show you favor.

4. As you shop for needed things, you will be guided to places where the object is priced lower, or on sale.

5. Money will come to you from unexpected sources when you need it.

6. God will send extra Angels to assure your families safety and welfare.

7. God will take joy in giving you your hearts desire.

8. Family conflicts and relationship problems will gradually end and be replaced by true love.

9. Those who are your enemies and rise up against you will be stopped in their tracks. Those who curse you will be cursed by God and those who bless you will be blessed by God.

10. Your prayers suddenly become more important to God.

The list could go on and on, but this is some of the more important perks. Sometimes, there will be trials before the favor comes. So, if you feel you have done all of the right things and you just don’t feel God’s favor on your life, be patient and understand that the more significant the trial, the more favor and blessing God has for you.


AMEN, JIMMY! God Bless you if you are reading this please post on my blog! :)


Anonymous said…
Can you post a pic of your boobs?
AnnieAngel said…
I can but I won't.
Chef said…
could you email me one then?
Shoelimpy™ said…
You're on thin ice, buddy. Watch yourself.
Spill The Beans said…
OOoo....i want to see a boy toy throwdown.
Spill The Beans said…
chef v. wookie...who will win?

p.s. shoe: Chef didn't post the first comment.
Shoelimpy™ said…
No one is saying that chef was the anonymous poster, I think that Annie handled the anonymous poster quite well.

But you sure don't want to see a smackdown between me and the chef, chef won't be getting back up again any time soon. Enormously muscled Vikings eat puny wine-drinking chefs for breakfast.

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