Christmas is Coming!

I am so excited! I just absolutely love Christmas and everything to do with it. I love the colored lights, the way the malls decorate and the SNOW! Everyone says snow sucks after New Year's Day, but not me I love it!

I love the Santa Claus parades, the Church suppers, the smiles on the kids faces when they see Santa at the mall, I love the malls, have I mentioned that? I think Christmas is the best time of year, it brings out the good in everyone and makes us all feel like one big family. :)

I'm going to make a post with my Christmas list in a few days so get your wallet ready, honey!

Merry Christmas Everyone! And remember, Jesus is the reason for the season!


Simon said…
Yay Christmas!!!

In reply to ur last post I Guess I Am a Christian anarchist... I dont like branding myself tho, especially wen it comes to religion as belief is different for everyone.

Theres a very wide range of veiws at my church, especially wen it comes to politics, so i have the privilage of coming from a fairly open minded christian community.

U gotta give some of the people on rev left a break. Some are relly nice and tollerant. Unfortunatley they dont tend to get involved in flaming sessions. For example Additives Free and Rebel Outcast are good friends of mine, they live just round the corner from me and are genuinely good guys.

Dont let the world get you down, pick yourself up, dust your self down and dont loose faith!

Hope you get everything u want for Christmas!!
AnnieAngel said…
Additives Free was very nice and helpful as was Lazar and some guy with fleas. :)

Your Church sounds great! Isn't having a Church you love wonderful?

I give everyone a break, except those who don't give me a break. The people who flamed and cursed at me are just showing their own ignorance and I don't need to give them any credence. But I am always willing to make a fresh start with anyone. :)

But back on topic...


I hope you get everything you want too. :) I already have the most important thing, love. :)

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