Debate Discouraged By Liberal Cowards

I think it's pretty telling that Liberals can't debate. They go on blogs that are for debate, and they sit there like a bunch of hens, bawking and clucking and laying eggs. What I don't understand is why anyone would go on a debate board and not debate, run up HUGE post counts and say nothing. I figure it's because they're stupid, and they get stupider in large numbers. They also like to congregate, be lame and feel cool like they never did in high school.

I started noticing all Liberal blogs are the same. I found one that is the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Debate is called trolling there, it's funny. Rejects from real debate boards think it means something that they post on this board, every day all day. Then I started noticing these things called "open threads", threads without topics. At first I assumed these were social threads, threads that you could just kick back on and not be political. But no matter what the topic, no matter if it's open or a supposed debate, the regular posters post the same crap, over and over and over. Even the thread topics are so similar as to not make a difference.

Then it hit me, why not create a blog where there is no topic, just a front of a theme! Take some fame from an actual debate board that none of your new posters can handle, use lots of four letter words and actually DISCOURAGE DEBATE!!

Sell adspace for 2000 bucks for 3 months! No work and pay!

Liberals are such fools, and that's good. They can stew in their stupidity while the rest of us actually live and get things done. I bet money the blog owner's a Republican. :)


Kenneth said…
you may want to look up a term...

"ad hominem"
AnnieAngel said…

That's EXACTLY what Liberals do when they can't win a debate!!


Anonymous said…
Liberals never have facts, only bias.
AnnieAngel said…
That's so true.

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