The Brown Tide

Our shores are threatened, people. Not by wind and water, no, but by a brown tide of immigration. There is an endless stream of legal and illegal immigrants washing up on our shores like detritus from some unholy hurricane of excrement. We are knee deep in sludge here, and the smell is getting overpowering.

This needs to STOP. We need zero immigration and we need it NOW.

I mean these illegals, they come here in droves with no education, little intelligence, no skills and without even a basic grasp of the English language. The legals are even worse, they form their own little racist communties and refuse to speak English period. I can’t even read half of the signs I see these days, they seem to all be in either Mexican or Cuban.

This flood of the unwashed, willing to do any kind of job for hardly any money is harming us in so many ways. They are taking jobs away from our own American lower class. Look at Texas, it’s pretty much being over-run with these people. Our black folk who were willing to work at these jobs are being pushed out by these brown immigrants who are willing to work for almost no money. I mean they live like dogs and eat mostly rice, a few bucks a day for booze is more than enough. So our poor but upwardly mobile blacks are out of jobs and into the unemployment line and then the welfare line. Is this fair? Remember the Alamo!

Add to that the fact that illegals don’t pay taxes or have health or car insurace. So who shoulders the burden on our system? WE DO. Decent Americans with good jobs who pay taxes. I mean, these illeglas drive around in their fancy cars like they own the place. Do they pay for the roads they drive on? NO. Do they have insuarance to pay for the damages they cause when they get into accidents with decent folk? NO. And health care……who keeps those emergency rooms filled??? Immigrants, legal and illegal who don’t know how to take care of themselves and be clean and so end up burdening our hospitals unnecessarily.

And they are mostly criminals, if they weren’t before they got here, they turn to crime once they are here. Look at Miami. Shudder. It is in their culture to be lazy, and why work for what you can steal from those who do?

I mean I look around sometimes and wonder where I am? I feel like I am surrounded by people so unlike us, so different from us, and who are unwilling to adapt to our culture. It seems we should be forced to adapt to theirs in the name of "tolerance." What pinko PC nightmare Hell is this? When did I go to sleep and wake up in Canada?

I say we stop immigration. Period point blank. No exceptions. For a period of five years. And then look at the numbers again. If we have jobs that need filling, I think we should hire workers on visas who can come here under the following conditions.

They do not have children here. They will be sent home if a monthly pregnancy test comes up positive.

They carry all forms of insurance and pass a physical and mental examination.

They agree to be bar-coded.

They agree that they must leave the country by the date specified on their visas. Failure to do so would make them felons and upon capture the felon who is not a citizen and therefore has no rights would be put to death by firing squad.

They agree that breaking any law in this country shows a lack of respect for God and America and they will be sent home. Serious crimes will carry the execution penalty.

They must have a college education, no associates degrees accepted.

They must not take a job from an American, or a job that an American might be bothered seeing them perform.

They must live in designated areas and shop at designated stores. A strict no mingling rule would be in effect.

They are under no circumstances allowed to fly while in our country except to leave our country.

They may only come here once. If caught again the are to be considered hostile illegals and face the execution penalty.

As for illegals, well here is what I think we should do. When we catch them we tattoo them. Right on their faces. Maybe branding would be better. No paperwork required. Then we ship them home. If we catch them again, they are considered hostile illegals and face the execution penalty.

Good friends, while this may seem harsh, it is the only way to keep our wonderfully wonderful country wonderful. I also think that we should round up all illegals, their children even if born here and send them home with nice tattoos on their faces. I think we should round up all the legals who haven’t had a job within the last year and do the same with them and their families.
Think of the future and think of what America means to you. Because without zero immigration, the future of America is in the toilet.


Anonymous said…
I will seriously be in prayer for you whether you like it or not. Like I said in your last post (which I responded to) your speech lacks the season of salt that all who claim to love Jesus should have. Call me what you like I don't care. Your name calling doesn't bother me, however, it should bother you. Let me put it to you like this....WOULD YOU TALK THIS WAY IF JESUS WERE SITTING NEXT TO YOU?

If the answer is no, then you know your wrong!
AnnieAngel said…
As far as I know you are Satan, anonymous troll.

As a Christian woman I take all of my political teachings from Christian men. These are the things I hear everyday being discussed by intelligent, highly paid, decent Christian men. They seem to feel that our way of life is threatened in America and that something needs to be done! I think they know more about what Jesus wants than YOU!
Anonymous said…
I'd be cautious of such men. But now I know for a fact you are not who you say you are. You serve no other purpose than to tear down others. Calling people names gives you a sense of power. You call yourself a Christian, however your actions are not in line with the Bible.

"It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt" you have removed all doubt for me.

Mama always said....Standing in the garage doesn't make you a Benz anymore than sitting in church makes you a christian"

The other anonymous on Marc's blog was right...your a dupe that deserves no more attention....other than prayer. Annie Angel is simply someone who serves to pull people in especially Christians to tangle with you in a debate in which you seek to make the individual upset. In your mind my doing so you've proved your point. You don't upset me, I actually feel sorry for you.
AnnieAngel said…
Yawn. Get a life, looser.

You are obviously Onitsu. The *other anonymous*, yeah right.

I think you need to meet some real Christians, you have no clue what the real world is.
Anonymous said…
Nope not the other anonymous. I'm anonymous because I'm not a blogger on this blogger site. Don't know who the other anonymous is, but he/she had you pegged from the get go. The only person who seems to be a loser is the one who keeps calling everyone names. Uh...that would be you Ms. K.K.K.

I know all to well the real world. I live in it everyday. I also know so called Christians. And you are one of them.

AnnieAngel said…
Whatever, clustertroll. Boring day, Katy?
Yeshua said…
Ah good, a brown tide to wash away the white tide that destroyed the continent 500 years ago.

But seriously, immigrants are the backbone of this country. They do the majority of your agricultural labor, not to mention any number of minimum wage jobs that keep everything running smoothly. You depend on them and kicking them out would cripple the economy. Hardly making anything great.

The United States was built on immigrants and they continue to be an important part of its culture and economy. Furthermore, your proposed authoritarian measures violate all of the principles the country was founded on, not to mention your so-called "Christian" values.
David said…
Annie, where is your christian love? Why do you have so much hate in your heart? :(
AnnieAngel said…
ILLEGAL immigrants, Yeshua. Well, unless they haven't worked in a few years and are on government assistance, then this applies to legals too.
AnnieAngel said…
Hi Dave, my Christian love extends only to other Christians. You know, be not ye yoked together with non-believers, yadda yadda.

However this does not mean we can't be friends.

BTW, did Jesus not hate the money-changers? Hate is Biblical.
Simon said…
Check your facts girl, wrath is a sin!
AnnieAngel said…
I have no wrath, Simon. Nor am I a Papist.

But didn't Jesus show wrath in the temple? It is unseemly for a woman to show any strong emotion except in her duty to God and whatever man is in charge of her, and possibly with her children.

If I was going to show wrath, the topic would no doubt be about men. They suck. Hard. I hate having to be subservient.

It sucks. Hard. But what can I do? We all have our places in this great big world.
Simon said…
u dont have to be subservient...

and jesus was angry about sin, its the onli time hes angry in the bible. Tht anger was just anger we do not have the right to pas judgement on others
AnnieAngel said…
I do have to be subservient. It's been proven to me.

Jesus also cursed a poor fig tree that had no fruit because it was out of season. He made it shrivel and die. I've never understood that.
Simon said…
That was a metaphor of how fruitless christians are usless to god and that wasnt out of anger.
All people a re eual in the eyes of god including you, remember that no matter what anyone tells you. That includes illegat immagrants and muslims. Just cbecause your of another religion dosent mean god does not love you. Be more like Jesus and work to help, gude and influence those around you, don't alienate them with half baked ideas :)
AnnieAngel said…
"That was a metaphor of how fruitless christians are usless to god and that wasnt out of anger."

OH! I'll bring that up at Bible Study! Thanks, Simon!
Simon said…
i will repeat the main part of my last post because you didnt seem to hear...

All people are equal in the eyes of god including you, remember that no matter what anyone tells you. That includes illegal immagrants and muslims. Just because your of another religion dosent mean god does not love you. Be more like Jesus and work to help, gude and influence those around you, don't alienate them with half baked ideas :)
AnnieAngel said…
I know all are equal in the eyes of God. However some are agaisnt God. You have to admit that. Even some *Christians*

Equal does not mean we let people walk all over us.

God loves everyone, but if you are not Christian you don't love God.

My opinion.
Simon said…
ok let me spell it out for you

Be more like Jesus and work to help, gude and influence those around you, don't alienate them with half baked ideas :)

in response to your recent point, just because people are against god does not mean you should hate them:

Matthew 5 verses 44 and 45
I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.

tht is a direct quote form scripture, follow it
AnnieAngel said…
I do love my enemies. Love is not a wishy washy feeling that makes you stupid. Love is a behavior that includes tough choices. I am sorry, but I love America and I don't want what I love destroyed because Mexico is a crap hole with a lap dog President who doesn't give a care about his own people.
Siomn said…
Still you dont read my main point!

Be more like Jesus and work to help, gude and influence those around you, don't alienate them with half baked ideas :)
AnnieAngel said…
Jesus was very tough in His stance. He made it clear there is no way to the Father but through Him.

He called a woman a dog!

I am not Jesus, I am not witnessing on this board. I did write ONE thread about witnessing and NO ONE commented on it!

It's much easier to trash me.
Yeshua said…
Illegal immigrants are only illegal because your countey's immigration and economic policies force them into that position.
Samuel said…
Har Har Har.

All of you who have a problem with this post, there is a discussion found at where many people are questioning annie's beliefs and hypocracy.
AnnieAngel said…
Ah now he comes to my house and trolls for trolls to come to his house! Be careful, there are nutcases who stalk me, I call them a cluster-troll.

I however have no rules. So I can't ban you. Sigh. ;)

And I made the post you wanted so now we can be friends anyway. :)
Shoelimpy™ said…
Not only are you leftists some of the rudest, most disgusting people I have ever seen, but you also know nothing about Christianity.

Wrath is not a sin. In fact, the wrath of the Lord is spoken of numerous times in the Bible. You must remember that Christianity is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of controversy, of fighting the good fight. Jesus warned us that men would be pitted against their fathers and brothers, women against their mothers and sisters.

The story of the fig tree is a metaphor of Jesus's anger at those Christians who are not truly Christians but appear to be so. Those types of Christians, come the Day of Judgment, will be judged most harshly and shall spend their days in the Lake of Fire. Jesus loathes these kind of people, and his anger towards the fig tree was very, very real.

Annie is a good Christian woman. She is one of the kindest, most wonderful women I have ever met in my life, and no I am not biased. Do not flame her, do not attack her, do not berate her without reason. Also, do not attempt to fill her mind with false thoughts about the Lord. She is a knowledgeable Christian, and shall not fall before the lies of your kind.
Yeshua said…
She isn't being berated without reason, she's being berated for posting ignorant, racist trash.
jannes said…
so annie is a fig tree, she &*#@ preaches murder, how can a good christian justify that

quote: I can’t even read half of the signs I see these days, they seem to all be in either Mexican or Cuban.

cubans and mexicans both speak spanish!

quote: What pinko PC nightmare Hell is this?

are you reffering to communists?

btw your wonderful country? go speak to native americans you white supremacist pig!
Arthur Mundane said…
Ah, bar-coding, branding, mass executions...You are priceless, Annie.

Also, this whole thing reminds me of this episode of Achewood.
AnnieAngel said…
A virtuous woman has a price far above rubies. :)

I remember Gallagher. That guy was funny, what ever happened to him?
byrdeye said…
Actually, the illegales are hard-working (far moreso than ghetto Blacks, much less suburban White teens), but their birth rate is extremely high and that alone will lower our nation's entire standard of living when the become the majority here by 2050 (just like Mexico).

High birth rates = more mouths to feed = poverty = welfare = big fascist government (which may be what our government wants).

Not to mention since they are primarily single men, that upsets our gender balance and increases crime overall when they don't get laid enough.

Mexico is basically just exporting its problems to the US instead of solving them themselves. But, the real solution is not more immigration here - but lowering their skyhigh Catholic birth rates & corruption and educating more of the populace.

Allowing such a massive flood of refugees from a peacetime country is only enabling their poor government and cultural dysfunctions.

Oh well, guess we better all learn espanol...

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