Freemasonry is Satanic!

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WOW. Just WOW. This is some scary stuff, people! I thought they were just a charitable organization!


AnnieAngel said…
Wow again because this post keeps screwing up and my page just suddenly shut itself for no reason.

Who knew they were that fast?
Spill The Beans said…
The powers of satan are often underestimated. Be watchful and vigilant, Sister Annie. Put on the armor of God before entering battle.
Mike1877 said…
Who is that fast? I admit it is scary stuff. I am suprised to see you take stock in that sort of stuff!? Although I was suprised to see you made mention of your Center Chakra. I would think to a Christian that sort of thinking would be Satanic? Interesting... whether or not it means what they are saying I dont know. Much to look at and research. Talking about your post now. I guess we will know in seven years. 2012 is just around the corner. And this year has been pretty funky with all the natural Disasters.

What I was curious about is the comment that America was to be the "new" Atlantis. That would assume they think that Atlantis was bad. Which I am sure parts of it were just like any society. But anywoo. If you want to read more about Atlantis a Gentleman named Edward Cayce had some interesting insights into Atlantis. Of course I only skimmed over the article. Intersting.

What do you honestly think about the Rapture? Do you believe it is close or that we are upon it? I have read the Left Behind series and found it to be very insightful and provide insights into the bible I hadn't thought about before. But of course it is a fictional story. Or a persons interpretation of what could happen I guess.
AnnieAngel said…
I am always in my God armor. My Shield is His Name, my Sword His Word.

Hi Mike! I know about Atlantis through a friend of mine who thinks she lived there in another life. :) She is actually a PHD in pyschology in Mexico, an activist, pretty flaky and moderately famous in the alternative theory theoretical kind of people world and the animal and environmental activist world. :) I just smile and nod when she talks. :) Quite a few of my friends in Mexico talk about 2012. I guess we can just wait, but I'll be wherever my flaky friend plans to be that day, praying to Jesus. ;)

I'm a Wellness professional. We have to talk about Chakras. Drunk in the afternoon too rich women just eat that stuff up. :)

I don't know when the Rapture will happen. They say when there is war and rumor of war, and that is pretty much all the time I guess. All we can do is wait and love Jesus.

But as for the Masons, I never liked them because they hate women, but now they just scare me.

I will be vigilant, I will never doubleplusmisunderestimate Satan.
AnnieAngel said…
Can anyone see the title of my post on the main page? I can't unless I highlight it.
Mike1877 said…
A wellness professional? Really, what kind of Wellness do you teach to your clients? And if your teaching about internal energies and hollistic healing are you not going agianst your beliefs for that? Your the first Strong Christian I have met that actually accepts that. Most I talk to ussually rebukes those teachings and call them "Satans Ways" or something on that level.

I am very suprised.

Your friend I would love to pick her brain. I have tried to touch my past lives but have been unsuccessful up to this point. So I am not completely convinced that theory is real or not.

I am from Missouri, you gotta Show me.
Mike1877 said…
LOL it does seem to be acting sorta crazy.
AnnieAngel said…
I told you they are fast!!!

I am a Nutrition and Wellness Specialist, I evaluate my client's current state of pyhiscial, nutritional and wholistic wellness. Then I advise them on ways they can improve in each area.

Any wholistic practices I recommend I usually use the beliefs of my client to guide me, not my own.
Freemasonry, not so Satanic. Just a word of caution believeing everything you see or read.

As a matter of fact, Freemasonry is no more satanic than the Bible.

Just food for thought
AnnieAngel said…
What's with the goatshead in DC?
Which goats head, and since when are goats heads satanic?
Shoelimpy™ said…
The goat's head is prominently displayed in the picture: the five-pointed star (aka pentagram). Exceedingly Satanic symbol.
AnnieAngel said…
Can I ask what you mean by "not so Satanic"?

How Satanic is Freemasonry? Would you say Freemasonry was to a degree Satanic and if so to what degree would that be? 32nd or 33rd? Something like that? ;)

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