I can't believe I almost cared what THIS BIG FAT IDIOT thought about my taste in fashion! Oh Lord, I'm laughing so much right now I think I might pee in my pants! LOL!

Hey Tom, it's what's inside that go sit with the ugly people! Hehehe!


Shoelimpy™ said…
I think I saw this guy on the cover of Big Fat Idiot Fashion Weekly a few days ago. But I could be mistaken.
AnnieAngel said…
Is he the Big Fat Fashion Police???

I don't even know which outfit he hates so much!
Shoelimpy™ said…
He could be, Annie!

A scary thought.
Anonymous said…
Is that cottage cheese in your cunt, or just a yeast infection?

I hear it's an extra plus size sale at TJ MaXX. Wait here, I'll get the truck scale for you...and the forklift.

Terry Schaivo wants to lick your asshole.
AnnieAngel said…
Is that supposed to impress me with it's wit or it's vulgarity?
Gina said…
Princess AnnieAngel, your blog is a work of art.

Does one ever get to see the face that goes with the legs? Other than Baby Shoe??

How ya doing, Wander Woman?
AnnieAngel said…
OH MY GOD!!! IT'S GINNA!!!!!!!! I'm going to check your blog right now! Shoe is a jerk!

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