So a friend and I went Christmas shopping today at the mall. It's freezing out, freezing. The mall was full of families, and I just could not believe the way that some of these 12 and 13 year old girls were tricked out!! I saw a girl who was no more than 12 in a tshirt and short skirt and the tshirt said "pimpin" on it. She was with her parents and her younger sister. Jesus forgive me, but I body checked the mother as I walked past, and I'm a pretty good body checker. I never turn around. :)

It's disgusting. I get letters from women all the time complaining about he way their daughters dress. Give me a break!!!! They pay for the clothes and they walk around in public with their prostitot looking daughters. Is this what young girls are now? Whores?

I looked at a few of the clothing stores for young girls, I never usually pay attention. Not only are the clothes skanky and slutty, the quality is crap. The pictures on the walls in these teen shops border on child porn!!

Jesus help us. This nation needs revival. It needs it now and it needs it bad. We need our young girls to look and act like young girls, not like old hookers. These girls smoke and swear and disrespect their parents....well guess what's ALL YOUR FAULT.

Every single bit of it!! You're pimping out your daughters. Oh, and the excuses! It's the STYLE! ALL the young girls are dressing that way!!

Next time you see a 13 year old girl with a 13 year old boy, take a good close look at the differences, which one looks like a child?

There is NO REASON IN HELL for a teenage girl to dye her hair or pluck her eyebrows.

Shame on you mothers!!! Shame on you fathers!!!! SHAME!!!


Anonymous said…
I came upon your blog by accident. For a Christian I am disgusted at your behavior. Christians are supposed to show love and change others by example not by BODY CHECKING someone for something you think is wrong and some one should wash your mouth out with industrial soap for as much cussing as you do. If you want to bring others to Christ start by being a better example.
Shoelimpy™ said…
Where the hell have you been all day, bitch? Who the fuck were you out with?
Anonymous said…
That's the pot calling the kettle black Annie. You sit here on your little fucking block and post pictures of your legs up to your cootch, along with sexually suggestive pictures of your "kitty", and then rant about 13 year old girls emulating your behavior.

Lead by example? You are the example of Christian fucking hypocrisy.
King Spirula said…
Love this blog. Like reading the don't even have to bait the hook!
I agree. Sheeeesh! I thought everyone knew 13yr old girls should not dye their hair or pluck their eyebrows. You have to be 14 years old to start that. This country IS going to hell.
AnnieAngel said…
How the hell is my blog an example to YOUR kids!

SHEESH!! Take respnsibility anonymous, your kid is a slut!!! And you have a filthy mind, probably the reason your kid is a slut!!!

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