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Texas Economy Draining into Canada
By Ferdinand Compton

Every year in Texas thousands upon thousands of dollars of American currency quietly leak across our nation's northern border. You might say to yourself, ah, he's talking about prescription drugs, even though I would assume that money would go south. You'd be wrong. I'm talking about cars. Antique cars. Classic cars. Cars with no rust. You see in Canada, a rust free car is a treasure.

The Canadian climate is frigid and inhospitable in the winter. The roads are covered in snow and ice. The only thing that makes them drivable is the large amounts of salt that are poured onto the roads for more than half of the year. Not only does this salt cause major environmental problems, which also leak down to our nation's southern states, but it reacts with the steel of the cars to make them rust very very quickly. You don't find a 1952 Chevy in fixable condition very often in Canada. But you do in Texas.

I'm sure you've seen them. They look like us. They dress like us except perhaps they favor flanel and plaid a bit more. They don't talk like us, though, and they're more than happy to tell us where they come from and what they want. They're from Canada, and they want to buy our cars cheap.

For less than a thousand dollars in Texas, you can buy an antique car in drivable condition, no rust, and really only could use a new paint job. Can you imagine, coming from a country where even a car that is only five years old is full of rust holes coming to a state that is full of sunshine, barbeques and some of the finest people you'll meet who are more than happy to help you buy that car?

WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! Every time they buy a car here cheap and take it across their border with no duty because of the age of the car they are adding at least 500% to the value just by driving it across the border. This money should stay in Texas.

We need to band together, stop selling cars to Canadians and start driving them across the border ourselves. Think of all the people you see wandering around Texas homeless with no jobs. I'm sure they could drive a car to the border. Think of the possibilities. We need, as citizens of the Republic of Texas, to reclaim our cars, our money and our way of life. God bless you and God bless Texas.

Texas Economy Draining into Canada



I am glad to have found you and look appreciate you belief in God as much as your belief in Texas and our countries economy.
God bless you
AnnieAngel said…
God Bless you and your family! I hope we all become friends!

And God Bless the Republic of Texas!

As my boyfriend would say....WHOOP!
Beowulf said…
Takes quite a bit to register a car in Canada from the US. And Vice Versa. Your just mad cause you didn't have enough of a Capitalist mind to think of it first. Speaking to the person who originally wrote the article.

I think Texas has better problems to worry about other than Canada buying all their cars. With a President like ours, who actually represents Texas, and your actually worried about somebody making a few dollers on selling a car? Its called EBAY!!
If I were you I would be trying to find a couple more Dr Phils to make up for that Disgrace. Get real, and keep sending your cars up north here. I just bought a car from Dallas. Great car. Really is no rust. No rust at all. Thank you.
AnnieAngel said…
Are you drunk? I only ask because you don't make much sense

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