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Off Center Hugeness

I would probably get lost trying to find the elevator.

Maybe They Have Nice Stereos

I mean, can you imagine? No offense to anyone who may live in a place like this, I'm sure it's very poetic.

A Blast From The Past

Falwell Dies, Liberals React With Love

Shoe made a video to show how sick liberals are. Be warned, the language used by liberals is filthy and disgusting and you might puke.

Fun With Fruit

Even a pineapple looks good in Dolce and Gabbana. And it rhymes with banana!

Lawn Ness Monster

Update, the snake seems to live here. It's driving the dog nuts.

Liberal Liberal Liberal....Liberal

Shoe's newest youtube. :)


Who are you??? I dunno you, Orangecat! Look at me when I'm threatening you! I'll knock the plants over again! I'll attack the window again! Can't you hear my scary yowls?? I exist and I'll claw your eyes out! These are my humans, we don't need any more strays around here eating my food! Now SCAT!!!

Friday Pussy Blogging