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Happy Half Naked Thursday!

Hey everyone! I've been pretty busy lately, but I decided I needed to get naked, and who better to share my nakedness with then all my wonderful friends at HNT? So above is me sprawled across my bed, totally naked but of course I cropped the picture. Happy HNT all!!!

Red Annie

Happy Half Nekkid Thursday , darlinks!

What's In My CD Player

I'm the man in the box Buried in my shit Won't you come and save me, save me CHORUS Feed my eyes, can you sew them shut? Jesus Christ, deny your maker He who tries, will be wasted Feed my eyes now you've sewn them shut I'm the dog who gets beat Shove my nose in shit Won't you come and save me, save me CHORUS Alice In Chains, Man In The Box

My Fridges

Carslemane or whatever he's called asked me to post pics of what my fridge looks like right now. How can I resist that???? This is my kitchen fridge. This is the outside of my beer fridge. I painted and decorated it myself. ;)

Proof I Have A Life

I just ate a Big Mac and I don't care! It's over and there's nothing I can do about it now. It was delicious too. I regret nothing. I know it was wrong, but it felt so right. I might eat another one, someday, who knows, I'm crazy and impulsive like that! ;)

Stupid Bitches

What the fuck is wrong with women? Why is it that if they choose to piss on Christ and take a job away from a God fearing man, they get all fucked and shit and start bitching aout those of us who work in the home? My house is wonderful. It's large and welcoming, full of color and life. My house is always spotless. My fridge is always stocked. The bills are paid on time and dinner is on the table every night 6:00. And it's a hot dinner, a healthy dinner, a dinner that feeds the body and the soul. I do everything around here, and I love it. It's work. But it's in the home and for jealous sinners it's too much to take. I'm sorry that women need to work these days. You have no one to blame but the feminazis, fuck those ugly bitches!! They are the ones who put the bullshit in your head that you're not "living" or something if you don't have some shitty job in a cubicle where they force you to conform to their shit all day. I'd rather be free

All Deserted Beaches Are Nude Beaches

This is a crop from a picture of me tanning on a deserted beach on the Maya Riviera. Happy HNT!

Banned For Discussing The Word Islam

Islam means submission. DUH! On Atrios there is a thread that is about some guy who called Atrios biased. I've just been banned from Atrios again, while on that thread posting along with Atrios, although he didn't have the balls to speak to me from his biased little mouth. Here is the conversation: You must admit this site is biased. Especially in this haloscan, I've been called a cunt, never once responded in kind and all this because of my opinions. Opinions do not deserve the hate I've been shown here as I've never been hateful to anyone here.I agree with the guy who said it's like Weekend with Bernie here. annieangel Homepage 01.03.06 - 8:39 pm # annieangel you also called everyone here "traitors' and said islam preaches killing olexicon, arbitrary carp 01.03.06 - 8:40 pm # I said the Koran says to kill the unbeliver, no one could say it didn't.The rest you assumed through your bias. annieangel Homepage 01.03.06 - 8:41 pm #

Little Bastard!

Did anyone hear about that kid from Florida who decided he was going to take off to Iraq to study "immersion journalism'? Supposedly this 16 year old brat buys a ticket to Kuwait with part of some money he received from his mother as a thank-you for a stock tip he gave her. A ten thousand dollar thank-you, by the way. So this kid from a private school who has studied immersion journalism and is obviously pretty freaking smart if he plays the market at 16, takes off without telling anyone in his family and actualy makes it to Kuwait on his own. From there he goes to Lebanon, and then to Baghdad. Now he called his family from Kuwait who told him to go to Lebanon as far as I can tell. So he must have known he was in trouble by then, before he went to Lebanon even. So this little asshole has everyone looking for him and his family all upset, I mean he fucked off to IRAQ! He decided to act as if he had no clue what the fuss was, blah blah blah. Little bastard!!! He's sudde


Ugh. I'll just echo steerpikepie and say, at least it's over, I hope you all had a good time, I'm sure I did. ;)