My Fridges

Carslemane or whatever he's called asked me to post pics of what my fridge looks like right now. How can I resist that????

This is my kitchen fridge.

This is the outside of my beer fridge. I painted and decorated it myself. ;)


Shoelimpy™ said…
A full fridge is the best looking fridge.

Anonymous said…
"A full fridge is the best looking fridge."

Yes indeed, especially when it's full of Mich Light.

Hello Princess..and shoe.. Been out of town a few days. Looks like you're doing great.

I'll holler at you tomorrow, and may God bless.

AnnieAngel said…
Hey hogwild! Hope you had a good trip, isn't it nice to come home?

Rest up and God Bless!
Anonymous said…
Bart Shit Bastard needs to know that a real Republican Manly Man's Man doesn't chase hill distilled heaven with dark Irish brew.

It's un-American.. And that Neil Young brew, well it's downright traitorous.

Bart Shit.. Why do you hate America..?
Steer Pike Pie said…
His true name is Farti McSnotBlaster, he's a dwarf who until recently was held in the McDungeouns of Donaldsland by way of The Basement. He recently escaped and has been sighted boring friends and snickering to himself fiendeshly. He hates America because he lacks the ambition to hate God. Pity him. Laugh at his jokes for this is the only things he asks. Ignore him at your own peril, for to ignore him is to risk him coming closer to the fire, where he will begin his dwarfish dance while chanting his only lay, his best lay, The Story Of His Life: She Had Big Boobies I Played With In The Shower But She Left Me For Jesus.
Anonymous said…

Fart MSB..!

The perfect name for for a hopeless corporate dwarf.

Anonymous said…
She had such great big boobies

That I played with in the shower

But she left me..

But she left me....


Pincess, please forgive me but I feel a song comin' on. Luv ya.

AnnieAngel said…
In your dreams.
Anonymous said…
Hi Annie ..

Looks like Bart Shit has some serious penus envy. Not to mention a distain for anything American and Christian.

I have a suggestion for venting his/her aggressions.

Stand up and salute Samuel Adams.

AnnieAngel said…
Hey hog, Sam Adams was a Patriot!

We buy most of our meat fresh or keep it frozen in the freezer, Farti. There's meatballs and sauce in one of the containers. Shoe likes to make meatball subs.
Anonymous said…
Meatball Sub and a Sam Adams. Y'all are my kind of couple Annie.

Greetings and God bless from an East Tennessee hillbilly.

Shoelimpy™ said…
There ain't nothing wrong with a cold Sam Adams.
G'day Princess. Bonzer fridge. Your piccy will be judged along with the rest of them, as soon as Spud gets back from his walkabout.

Its snowing roses at your place - just in case you hadn't noticed.
robmcj said…
Congratulations on winning your category in the competition. Can we see inside your beer fridge some time?
AnnieAngel said…
I am so happy to hear I won!

WHOOP! I mean I dreamed about winning, but never thought it would actually happen!

I don't know about the pic though, the inside of my beer fridge is a very personal thing, I'll have to think about it.

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