Pe La Na!!!!

Don't like Christmas? FUCK YOU!

Don't like capitalism? FUCK YOU!

Don't like society? FUCK YOU!!!

You're just a bunch of wannabe anarchist teenagers with bad attitudes! Marcos would slap you for treating people the way you do, especially those who wish you no harm and are only trying to find understanding!

You fucks are living on your knees, no matter what you think. Calling me a cunt, trashing Christmas wishes of happiness is living on your knees!

To stand on your feet isn't being as rude as possible to eveyone you don't like. Do you even know what communism and anarchism are? I do now and MOST OF YOU DO NOT FIT THE DEFINITION!!!! You are a fascist commune of idiots who label and restrict and ban and trash because you CAN NOT ALL LIVE TOGETHER!!!

In case you missed it let me re-state:


Any society you create will be warlike, and that's GREAT because most military types HATE HIPPIES and YOU ARE HIPPIES no matter what you think, you are the kind of hippie who lives in him mother's basement and eats her food and bitches about the man!!!! The worst kind of hippies there is, and you WOULDN'T LAST ONE DAY IN ANARCHY, NOT ONE OF YOU!!!

And if ONE of you assholes eats so much as a candy cane or opens one fucking lame dollar store present and you know most of you will do WAY MORE than that may the ghost of Tom Joad rip your fucking balls off.

You don't believe in what you preach. You're traitors to your own cause.

Christian Libertarianism Uber Alles!! LOL!

(btw, the thread title is in maya, which i speak somewhat motherfuckers, rally round the family!)

EDIT: Here's a link for anyone out there who thinks they're leftist and would be welcome to post on a leftist blog:


I dare you not to be restricted there within your first five posts!! Double dog dare ANYONE out there!


Cliff said…
I didn't call you those things... I just called you a Criminally insane bible thumper. What in the HELL is wrong with you WOMAN! You're a freak!
AnnieAngel said…
Who the hell are you?
Cliff said…
Just some hippy that found your site... My friends and I are pretty entertained!
AnnieAngel said…
Actually your "friends" just called me and told me to tell you they don't want to hang out with you anymore. :(
Cliff said…
Just what in the hell color is the sky in your world? Orange with pink dots?

You have to understand... Just stumbling along your site is pretty surreal!
Anonymous said…
See now, a good Christian girl wouldn't have a picture of her bare legs in her profile photo; you are so full of shit.

And besides, you going ballistic over the shit that was said over at Feministe is FUCKING HILARIOUS! Btw, the girls at Feministe aren't lesbians. Jealous, aren't you?
Cliff said…
By the way... My (still current) friend Pig Effer says you have fucking GREAT LEGS!!!!
AnnieAngel said…
Are you the pig?
cliff said…
Nope... I'm the hippy See for yourself.
AnnieAngel said…
I wasn't talking to you.
No beautiful, I am the Pig Effer. I am not an anonymous coward who posts a flame and doesn't even have the courage to name himself or herself.

And you do have fucking FANTASTIC legs!!
AnnieAngel said…
Well PF, except for your name you seem like a nice guy. Have you met Jesus?

I saw him at Macy's last night. He was handing out pamphlets advertising the pageant at St. Joseph's, down the street.

I was too afraid to introduce myself.

I know Jesus, but haven't met him yet. I would like to meet you though...
Cliff said…
Go Pig Effer GO! He really is a nice guy!
AnnieAngel said…
I'd like to help you meet Jesus. :)
AnnieAngel said…
Go away, Cliff. You too excited. Take a nap and then come back.
I like to see the rest of you. How do you keep your legs so toned?! My Lord, simply wonderful stuff.
AnnieAngel said…
I kick Satan everyday!
LOL Annie, you are so funny! Humor and a wonderful body are a heavenly combination.

Are you married? A mother? Single? Celibate?
Cliff said…
Believe me... I'm not the one who's too excited! Pig Effer is in the office next to me, and every time he sees those legs of yours pop up, he jumps up, giggles like a little schoolgirl, and starts typing like a crazy man... That's not to say I'm not giggling though!

Pig Effer is the excited one... believe me!
cliff said…
I think I'll go take that nap now.
Cliff is currently reading the Koran in his office. He hates Jesus and capitalism.

You should ban him so we can get to know one another in a pleasing way.
cliff said…
What in the hell are you talking about??? I don't hate CheeseSauce!
AnnieAngel said…
So are you a capitalist, PF? Can you send me a copy of your portfolio?
Heck yes I am a capitalist! I love money and the competitive nature of the market.

I currently have stock in Microsoft, AOL, Google, plus many lucrative mutual funds.

I think I would have to get to know you more intimately before I could send you my portfolio though...

I was disappointed you didn't answer my questions regarding your marital status. :o( How can we ever have a healthy relationship if we can't be honest with each other?
AnnieAngel said…
Can you send a copy of your portfolio to my lawyer? I'm sorry but I can't divulge any personal information until I find out your exact net worth. I'm sure you understand, honey.
AnnieAngel said…
Mutual funds are for old ladies and school teacher, btw.
Absolutely, my leggy angel - I completely understand. My net worth has of course skyrocketed since Google bought shares of AOL.

Sadly, my last girlfriend told me I was worthless, and I haven't been the same since.

I am afraid that Christ wouldn't be happy with me for getting into a relationship with you if you are married or otherwise entangled with another man, which I wouldn't have any way of knowing about since you aren't being completely honest with me.

I think we should hook up. Can I buy you a gingerale?
Mutual funds are low-risk, and great for long term investment. I like to have a balance between aggressive and reserved investment in my strategy.

How is your portfolio?
Shoelimpy™ said…
Holy fuck what the fuck are you doing right now you stupid fucking bitch?

Jesus fucking Christ.

Fuck you.
AnnieAngel said…
My portfolio is one of those things we can talk about during the pre-nup discussions.
cliff said…
By my count more than 25% of shoelimpy's words are some varient of the word "fuck". WOW 5 out of 18! What a pottymouth.
I agree, angel. But, I have to see your face first. You have absolutely amazing legs, but your face could look like the inside of a Scottish mans' arse. Would you be willing to send me a photo of the rest of you?

I'd be happy to swap photos with you, amongst other things...
AnnieAngel said…
Yes, he's quite vulgar, isn't he?
Shoelimpy™ said…
Fuck you cocksucker pig motherfucker cunts.
AnnieAngel said…
Yeah, I'm sending you my pics, my address and my phone number right now.

Just wait, it's coming, wait right there....
Shoelimpy, I am concerned for your eternal soul.

I think you should embrace Jesus the Christ, as your personal Lord.

You will want to weep with joy from the love you will receive from Him.
You're coming? And you didn't wait for me? :o)
AnnieAngel said…
Now you've taken two giant steps backward, PF.
Shoelimpy™ said…
Who the fuck do you people think you are coming onto this blog talking to someone that you don't know like this? You people disgust me to no end.
Oh, that's a shame. We were getting so close.

In the interest of honesty between to potential lovers, I suppose I should divulge the fact that I am really an atheist who listens to Scandinavian death metal with regularity.

I also, despite being a capitalist, really hate Christmas and Santa Claus.

Does this mean we can't still be friends?
Now you've just gone and hurt my feelings, Shoelimpy. We could have been great friends, you and I. And now you've ruined everything.
Cliff said…
Poor PF... Sounds like he's blowing it.

Annie, even though I'm a millitant Agnostic, I ma happily married, so I am pained to do much more flirting with you other than to say that PF is correct... You have have very nice legs.

Really I'm looking forward to reading more of shoelumpy's award-winning prose. With a little help, that literary genus could win an a pulitzer.

Come on shoe... Let's work on learning some new words...
AnnieAngel said…
If you ned a friend, PF, there's always Jesus.
Shoelimpy™ said…
I would never want to be friends with lowlife scum like you, pigfucker.
I wanted to be friends with your legs. But you and your Christian exclusivity simply won't allow it.

I do enjoy Shoe's postings though!

Do you think Jesus used to curse when he was alive?
Jesus doesn't like my music either.
AnnieAngel said…
He cursed a fig tree and called a woman a dog. But Shoe isn't Jesus, he's a fucking pig.
AnnieAngel said…
Jesus only likes Christian death metal, DUH. OF COURSE He doesn't like that kind of "music."
And a thief apparently. I am the Pig, and he can't have my name.

I didn't realize that Jesus cursed a fig tree. I too have done that.
Shoelimpy™ said…
I'm no thief. You're the one trying to steal my woman and have destroyed this posting that had NOTHING to do with you.
Have you ever checked this out?

They have some really good music there. Not all metal is the work of Satan you know.
Cliff said…
WOW... Shoe is taking it pretty hard! Come on shoelumpy - aren't you even to step up and defend yourself? Are you too busy looking for a fig tree to curse?

Come on man... With that cunning wit of yours, combined with your outstanding (somewhat below average) command of the English language, I'm sure you could give these peeps the toungelashing of their lives.

Let's hear some more of those cleverly place F-Words shoe.
Does Christian Metal also contain brutal styles like Thrash, Speed, Death and Black?
Yes it does! There are Christian bands in every category of heavy music, even in black metal. When it comes to black metal it is not equal to metal with satanic lyrics anymore (as it was in the beginning with bands like Venom and Bathory) but has nowadays develeoped into a specific music genre in which the bands can spread the message they like to, so there is no conflict with playing black metal for Christ. Music is also like a knife, in itself it's neutral, but depending on the motive behind it, it can be used for good or evil purposes. A doctor can use a knife to save someone's life but the same knife can also be used by a murderer to kill someone. The knife in itself is totally neutral, it's the motive behind that decides if it used for good or evil. It's the same with black metal. Depending on the motive the musicians have, it can be used to glorify good or evil, or to spread whatever message the band wants to spread.
Shoe, I am not sure I believe that this heavenly angel with the greatest legs I have ever seen is really yours. In fact, I don't think she likes you very much.

You seem to be a very abusive man, and I am afraid you will pay for that in the afterlife.
Cliff said…
Shoe... I have to say that what you're doing sounds a lot more like whining than anything else. If you don't get your head in the game pretty soon I'm going to have to take back what I said about your winning the pulitzer.
Shoelimpy™ said…
Fuck off, cliff. This has nothing to do with you.
AnnieAngel said…
I'm off to have a long hot shower.

You boys take care of the trash on this thread for me, will you?
Cliff said…
Thanks Captain Obvious. I knew you could come up with some more zingers. You make me proud shoe!

Although I think it may interest you to know that Annie's just asked me to be her boyfriend. Aparently she's pretty much done with you. You've just not been cursing enough of those fig trees.

Sorry buddy... Looks like the best man has won.
Anonymous said…
Mmmmmm. Long hot shower. That'll be my Christmas wish, to see such a fine creature taking a lovely hot shower, all soapy and sudsy and wet.

I love you.

Go wash nasty Satan dirtiness off, you dirty girl!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
annie has nice legs? Hell, I've seen barstools with better legs ... and what's more, the barstool won't follow you around after you use it.
Newsguy said…
quote: Don't like Christmas? FUCK YOU!

Don't like capitalism? FUCK YOU!

Don't like society? FUCK YOU!!! unquote

Is this an exact quote from Jesus as ascribed to one of the 12 disciples, or was it a paraphrase of what Jesus actually said in the Sermon on the Mount?
AnnieAngel said…
Actually I was paraphrasing Cheney. :P

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