Burn Your Cat Stevens Records!

I am so upset right now! I feel betrayed! I just found out that for years now Cat Stevens has been a Muslim!

It's just so wrong to me! Here is a man who wrote such peaceful wonderful songs, and now he has joined such a hate-filled religion! I am just floored. He decided to turn his back on Jesus and embrace Muslimity. Muslimity doesn't allow him to sing any of his songs or play guitar or anything like that! He can only do the call to prayers and that song just gives me the creeps.

And I heard that he was all behind that fatwa thing against that Rushdie guy. What ever happened to everyone climbing aboard the Peace Train? What happened to Tea for the Tillerman? While the sinners sin the children play??? HUH??? I guess now for Cat Steven or whatever mumbo-jumbo he is calling himself these days, the happy day will be when everyone is a Muslim and the streets run red with the blood of the non-believer. Oh Lord, how they play and play.

Here's some new Cat Stevens lyrics, written by me to reflect his new mindset, to the tune of Where Do The Children Play.

Where Do The Tourists Play?

Well I think it's fine
Hi-jacking jumbo planes
Planting bombs
On commuter trains
Strap on explosives
You're a bomb machine
Yes get what you want if you want to
Cuz you can bomb anything

I know we've come a long way
We're recruiting every day
But tell me where do the tourists play?

Well you roll on roads
That we've freshly mined
For your lorry loads
To the oil pipelines
And you're armoured up
And you think you're tough
But we just keep coming on and on
And now it seems that you can't get out

I know we've come a long way
We're recruiting every day
But tell me where do the tourists play?

Well you own the sky
Your bombers fill the air
But we'll keep control of the ground
Till there's nothing left anywhere
And we'll blow you up
And we'll make you cry
Our lives means nothing to us
We get lots of virgins when we die

I know we've come a long way
We're recruiting every day
But tell me where do the tourists play?


Yeshua said…
First, there is no such thing as "Muslimity." The religion is called Islam.

Second, Islam is not a religion of violence or hate, or at least not any more so than Christianity. The actions of a few fanatics do not reflect on the whole.

Your lyrics are islamophobic garbage that have nothing to do with the man or the religion. I suggest learning a thing or two about both.
AnnieAngel said…
I saw on tv Cat Stevens agreeing that Rushdie should be killed!

That is hate. That is violence. It was a mainstream muslim call to kill.

My lyrics are great, you can't do any better.
Anonymous said…
"That is hate. That is violence"

Aren't you the one advocating the execution of immigrants, you stupid cunt? Please die you Nazi piece of shit.
AnnieAngel said…
I think you need to read what I actually wrote. And writing it I knew it would never happen, though it seems lots of the men (and some women) I know wish it would.

Maybe I was being a bit over the top, but maybe I am sick of hearing it discussed all the time and just would like to see a solution that would make everything fine again.
Yeshua said…
Mainstream Christian conservatives (at least as much as Yusuf Islam) have also called for people to be killed. Does that make Christianity a religion of hate and violence? You have some nice double standards going and I think you need to reconcile them.

As for looking for a "solution" to immigration, its actually quite simple. Have the US stop fucking around in Latin American politics and economics. End the FTAA, NAFTA, AFTA, CAFTA and other such agreements. That might do wonders. Not that immigrants are a bad thing anyway.
AnnieAngel said…
I agree, end free trade.

And there are nutcase Christians out there. But Christianity itself does not preach hate as "Islam" does.
Yeshua said…
Nonsense. All religions have extremists, but they do not reflect the truth about the religion. Islam is not a religion of hate.
arielle said…
you christian psycho piece of shit, why does it matter what religion the man is? he wrote great music and that means nothing else. and just so you know Islam is a very peaceful religion.
arielle said…
you christian psycho piece of shit, why does it matter what religion the man is? he wrote great music and that means nothing else. and just so you know Islam is a very peaceful religion.
Anonymous said…
You've got fucking cheek calling Islam a hateful religion. You subscribe to a religion with a bloody history of Crusades, Inquisitions, witch burnings, heresy trials, American colonial intolerance, disrespect of indegenous traditions (such as American Indians), support of slavery, and oppression of women.

It goes both ways. If "Islam" (as a religion) is to blame for every act of every violent minority within the group, then so is Christianity. By that logic, the Jewish holocaust was the fault of a murderous Christian religion.
AnnieAngel said…
Do me a favor, read the Koran. There are many hateful things in it.

Islam was spread by the sword. It was quite nasty. Although they did give women the right to divorce and to have a maid and her own money. But it also let men beat them (lightly!) and marry four other women!

And kill the infidel where you find him is kind of hateful...ask Cat Stevens he would have killed Rushdie! Every Muslim was under orders from Allah to do so!
Yeshua said…
If you think Islam is violent, read the Bible. Remember the bit about G-d encouraging people to dash babies against stones and all that? And remember, Jesus comes with the sword, to divide and cause strife. You'll find such violence in most Western religious texts, and quite a few Eastern ones as well. Humans are violent creatures it seems, as much as we try to hide it. So your criticisms make no sense.

As for the rest, you lack a historical context. Islam was at its time one of the most progressive religions and granted women and other groups far more liberties than they had previously held, not to mention it actually laying out a plan for helping the poor instead of paying lip service. The fundamentalist strain seen today in Islam (and Christianity!) is a reaction against modernization and industrialism and goes counter to what both religions truly represent. I'd say that within the next decades they will return to their progressive roots and follow the true spirit of the religion. So save your condemnations of whole religions.
AnnieAngel said…
Do you even read my posts Yeshua? Please re-read and then tell me about women in Islam again.

KenAdams said…
Desolé mais je parle pas tres bien l'anglais...je voulais juste dire un gros "merde" a annieangel qui se permet d'offenser sans aucune connaissance la croyance d'au moins un milliard d'humain..c'est ce que ta religion t'apprend? je suis sur que non, tu n'arrive meme pas a comprendre l'essence du christianisme et tu te permets en plus de critiquer l'autre grande religion sur cette planete, tu es vraiment tres conne..j'espere que tu parles en francais..a peaceful muslim
AnnieAngel said…
Speak English or fuck off. Your comment is nothing but shit.

I hope you understand English, you dipshit.

Texas, it's bigger than France.
AnnieAngel said…
And your French sucks. It's je NE parle pas, poseur.
CcSteff said…
This has to be satire. No one can be this ignorant. Or this bad at site design.
Messalina said…
I'm positive that you are most foolish, puerile ass I've ever seen post on the internet. You should be ashamed of your un-Christian like attitude.
AnnieAngel said…
"Here's some new Cat Stevens lyrics, written by me to reflect his new mindset, to the tune of Where Do The Children Play."

OBVIOUSLY the song is satire, I state in the post that I changed the song to reflect how his new "religion" is not a religion of peace and love at all.

I mean, Islam is a religion which encourages extremists to do horrible things in the name of their god.

Are you so stupid that you thought Cat Stevens actually wrote that?? I was making a point, idiot.

My site is beautiful and you are just jealous that you don't have a smart man in your life to do things like this for you.

And to the person who called me a name, I can't wait for Judgement Day when you will be judged and sent to Hell where you belong.
Joshua said…
Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam still writes music, and just released a new album. He just felt that his rockstar life didn't glorify God/Allah. So he quit. He now runs a very reputable private school for Muslim children in London.

You should check out his new stuff -- pretty good.

And don't listen to the sensationalist hype re: Rushdie. I remember when the fatwa was issued, and most Muslims thought the fatwa was the ranting of a madman. In truth, go back and read what Yusuf Islam actually said. His comments were aimed at Muslims who compain about blasphemous law -- in essence, he was saying, "If you want sharia law, then you'll have to do it in the proper democratic way, by electing MPs who support our views, not by fatwa."

You should learn about Islam. It has its faults, but you have just shown how ignorant you really are about the subject.
Shoelimpy™ said…
Joshua, perhaps you should learn the facts before shooting off your mouth.

These are some of the relevant quotes on Rushdie made by "Yusuf Islam" made at the time:

[Rather than go to a demonstration to burn an effigy of the author Salman Rushdie] I would have hoped that it'd be the real thing.[23]

[If Rushdie turned up at my doorstep looking for help] I might ring somebody who might do more damage to him than he would like. I'd try to phone the Ayatollah Khomeini and tell him exactly where this man is.[23]

In Islam there is a line between let's say freedom and the line which is then transgressed into immorality and irresponsibility and I think as far as this writer is concerned, unfortunately, he has been irresponsible with his freedom of speech. Salman Rushdie or indeed any writer who abuses the prophet, or indeed any prophet, under Islamic law, the sentence for that is actually death. It's got to be seen as a deterrent, so that other people should not commit the same mistake again.[24]

These quotes come from Wikipedia, you can go there and check them out for yourself.

AnnieAngel said…
It had nothing to do with what Cat Stevens FELT his god wanted, it is haram, which means FORBIDDEN, in Islam to listen to music other than those call to prayer things.

You are spreding lies about the Rushdie thing, Cat Stevens was quite vocal about his SUPPORT for the fatwa.

I know more about Islam than you, that much is obvious. I suggest you actually find out about Islam, try doing a google for "kill the unbeliever," cuz that is in the Koran.
Shoelimpy™ said…


Video clips of two of the above made statements.

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