Hippie Loosers

I don't understand idiots who say they don't blame terrorists for wanting to cut our heads off. It's like they all think that we are so evil the terrorists have a legitamate reason to cut off our heads.

How stoopid is that? I mean, there is some lame site called Atrios or something where a bunch of total looser rejects from Pandagon hang out and call people cunts if they don't think we should all line up and turn ourselves in to Bin Laden to have our heads cut off.

I'm scared of terrorists. Maybe it's because I'm not an idiot. Maybe it's because I know that Muslims have to kill the "infidel." If they aren't fanatical extremists, they won't kill the women, but they will put us in stables because they are into that kind of thing. And I'm hot, they would for sure keep me alive to live in some harem somewhere.

I will die before having sex with a man who smells like a goat, I don't care how many pairs of Gucci shoes he buys me!!!!


Anonymous said…
annieangel: Why don't just admit that you are FOR the union of unlimited state and private power in your God's name and AGAINST limits on state and private power that allow unlimited power to exist separate and apart, in the individual and in the natural world?

You're a complete hypocrite: "The Muslims hate our freedom and run a theocracy, therefore give the Executive unlimited power." As long as it's in your God's name, you sign off. Never mind the fact that the Executive obviously, in light of recent events, cannot be trusted to act within the bounds of his power. To you, the limits on power are irrelevant, as the exercise of power doesn't intrude on your little fantasyland.

You are a fascist who would turn over all individual sovereignty to a military government, allowing whatever could be deemed to further national security to swallow our freedom. Resulting in the same thing the Muslims have: totalitarian government.

Your argument fucking sucks and folds in on itself. But I'll hand it to the Party: They did manage to make a nice two-month fake blog for you (that's generally the pattern; rarely do they exceed that until the name is ditched and the paid commenter changes identities) with appropriately dumb bitch comments.
AnnieAngel said…
"The Muslims hate our freedom and run a theocracy, therefore give the Executive unlimited power."

Link to where I said those words.

I have no idea what your last paragraph means, you use way too many big angry words for me.

Can you dumb it down?
AnnieAngel said…
I've been AnnieAngel for years. I had an LJ, but blogging seemed the way to go.

Hey! Are you one of those conspiracy people I've heard about! Cool! Tell me why you hate America!
Saturnalian said…
I like Christians.

a little bit of water, a little bit of wine, keep them in the marinade for a good 24 hours to soften them up, then onto the grille for 20 minutes per side.

Christian babyback ribs are my favorite. mmmhhhmm, yummy!
AnnieAngel said…
Wow, that was so cool and stuff! You have an unmatched wit, saturnalian! Cheers.

*rolls eyes*
Anonymous said…
Losers has one o.
Anonymous said…
Maybe you are scared of terrorists. Then you can hide under your bed, and let the grownups deal with them in some way that doesn't make thigns worse, like your heroes in BushCo.
AnnieAngel said…
What should I go fight them? I'm 5'3". They'd chop my head right off.

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