Gangs and Deportation

For all of the people who think we should just keep letting anyone in who sneaks across the border, I just watched a show on a gang called MS13 and OH MY GOD! Evil, disgusting, horrible people, they killed a 4 month pregnant girl! They are scum. They were bragging about how if they get deported they come right back in.

You think El Salvador is so great? Yet even when they come here legally most of them end up in gangs, or were in gangs before they came and just pick up where they left off.

You want gangs running in your schools? Your streets? You think they have some God given right to come to America and start their gang crap here?

I say BULLSHIT!! Jail gang members in Romania. Pakistan. It's more humane then they deserve. Round them up and put them on an island and use them for medical/military experiments.

Build a freaking wall! End the madness!!!


Shoelimpy™ said…
I couldn't agree more, Annie.
AnnieAngel said…
Thanks for speaking up, Shoe.

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