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No. I still don't think so. But I would like to say to those who are upset about my Brown Tide post, I am sorry. It is over the top. I should be shot. I am a horrible person, a theocratic racio-fascio-christo bitch. I should be locked up in a jail for having my own thoughts. Some kind of gulag preferably. And for total proper punishment it should be in some armpit country like Bangledesh. Because everyone knows, *it* all starts with thought crime.



Shoelimpy™ said…
I can't believe what I have been reading. I come home and see this! I cannot believe that these people, these leftists, would be so rude to a good, honest, upstanding Christian lady.

I have read through Annie's blog and seen what has been going on on this Revolutionary Left board and I have never been so disgusted. Annie was incredibly nice and accomodating to you, she just wanted to learn and this is how you treat her? This is why she should only ever ask me questions. Look what happens when she tries to learn things on her own.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves. How could you treat anyone, especially so nice and decent a person as Annie in this way? It is despicable. I have never been a fan of anarchists, but this incident has made me despise you in a way I had not thought possible.

Anonymous said…
You really don't get it do you? Nobody is saying your not allowed your own thoughts. Actually, RevLeft would be the first to argue for free speech, and your right to say it. However, that does not mean the contents of your speech are acceptable, or your thoughts are not damaging.
Shoelimpy™ said…
Excuse me, sir, but who defines acceptable? Who are you to attack the acceptability of anyone's freedom of speech? Is your speech more free than Annie's? I mean one of you people called her a cunt. Is that acceptable behavior according to you?
Anonymous said…
Well obviously what is acceptable is according to A) the board administration B) the violation of human rights.

Like I said, nobody is disregarding her right to free speech. Of course, my right to free speech is equal to hers. In fact, because I value my right to free speech, I have the duty to protect her right to free speech as well. If I accept a right for myself, then I must include that same right to all of humanity regardless of accidental properties. However, the Right of free speech is only to extent that it does not violates somebody else's rights. In this case, the right not to be discriminated against. As a result, anybody who believes in the equal standing of all rights, should obviously protect all rights, insofar that if the content of speech is in violation of another's and can harm another, then the content of that speech, and not the speech itself should be disregarded. This is political philosophy 101.
Shoelimpy™ said…
A) The board administration, from what I have seen, have been completely in support of Annie and against the flamers such as yourself.

B) I have never known Annie once in my life to violate anyone's human rights. How can she violate human rights by being courteous on a message board?

You have respected no rights of free speech. In fact, a number of persons on your board wanted Annie banned. These were members, not moderators. You consider this to be free speech? To violate Annie's right to post even a single word on your forum because she happens to be a conservative Christian woman who wishes to post on the one board made specifically to allow people of her mindset to post?

Anarchist conceptions of freedom boggle my mind.
Anonymous said…
One. You do not know if I'm a flamer or not. Two, if the board did not have a problem with her, and was “completely” in support, she would not already be a restricted member.

Read her blog. Hate speech is a violation of human rights. Read my previously post. I explained this very well.

Nobody wanted to ban her because of A) being a women B) Conservative C) Christian

In fact, everything was fine until we discovered her blog.

I'm not going to comment on the policies of the board. However, freedom of speech, obviously nobody has. However, its the content of that speech where the problem is.

Finally. What do you think freedom for anarchist would be? Complete chaos?
Shoelimpy™ said…
Firstly I was not saying the moderators were in support of Annie, but they were in support of her right to speak her mind.

Secondly, Annie is a restricted member because of her own actions. She said herself she would post nowhere else but that single board. It is as plain as day: Annie was not restricted, she restricted herself out of the goodness of her heart.

There is nothing wrong with the content of Annie's speech. This is her blog, not the Revolutionary Left message board. She did not go to your board and then begin flaming you because of what you were saying, denying you the right of free speech in your own forum. No, she was as courteous and polite as possible, and you responded not at all in kind.

Anarchists could learn to benefit from the Golden Rule.

Who keeps order and fights chaos in Anarchy? You, Anonymous?
Shoelimpy™ said…
The fact of the matter is, Anonymous, that you were as ignorant and rude as possible to Annie, and she did nothing to deserve such treatment. Nothing at all. And yet you see nothing wrong with that, but you have a problem with Annie being completely polite and respectful and making posts on her own blog.

Hypocrisy abounds.
Jesus said…
I say you are not sane and should seek help my daughter. Please re-think your using of my name. As you do not have a clue what I ment.

Anonymous said…
Fuck this racist bitch who wants to brand my people for seeking freedom, and I am not even a leftist, just a Mexican who wants justice.

Go to hell.
Anonymous said…
No, you are lying. You clearly said: [b] The board administration, from what I have seen, have been completely in support of Annie[/b] You claimed they supported annie, but now you claim not to support annie, but her right to speak her mind. Which one is it? Your being inconsistent. Furthermore, if you read the entire thread, nobody, with the exception of me, currently now has brought up free speech.
No. Annie is a restricted member because of her support of Capitalism. That is clearly against the rules of the board. She does not have any powers whatsoever to restrict herself.
No, she was restricted. There is more to this board them meets the eye. It had nothing to do “with the goodness of her heart” Actually, how good, or not good has nothing to do with it. In fact, she was restricted, again because of her support of capitalism.

There is plenty wrong with the content of her speech. In fact, this is clear by the fact she covers this kind of thinking up when she is out in public. She says so. That clearly shows something must be wrong because if there wasn't she wouldn't cover it up in the public eye. Moreover, you have no idea who I am, and if I was, or was not in support of what she was saying. Therefore, you are clearly jumping to conclusion, and speaking out of ignorance.

If you are wondering how the political society of anarchism runs, please comes to our message board.

The treatment came from her own racist remarks. Again, you have no idea if I was rude or not to her. In fact, I was never rude to her, I was simply pointing out every contradictory statement she made. That is not rude, nor is it hypocrisy. Sh was not respectful, or polite to to the “brown sludge”, and likewise we pointed that out.
Shoelimpy™ said…
Anonymous, what is your malfunction? We are talking about free speech here, it is implied that when I say that the moderators supported Annie that they were supporting her in her right to free speech, not her views themselves. I would think this would be a given to any thinking individual. Of course it seems you are trying to catch me in an "inconsistency." Close but no cigar. Way to go, big guy!

Annie has every right to speak on that board. You do not have the right to verbally assault her. At all. You have no right to call her a christo-fascist or a theocratic bitch or a cunt. That is completely out of the line and disgusting. Period.
Shoelimpy™ said…
Fuck this racist bitch who wants to brand my people for seeking freedom, and I am not even a leftist, just a Mexican who wants justice.

Go to hell.

Annie is not a racist nor is she a bitch. How is calling a good, decent woman justice? What kind of sicko philosophy do you leftists hold on to?
Anonymous said…
I failed to recognize the correlation between supporting an individual and that individual's right to free speech. Those are clearly two different things. Moreover, again, I don't recall, with the exception of me, the mention of the right to free speech on RevLeft. You clearly stated they supported her, and then retracted that statement on her blog. Again, you are simply regurgitating what I have already said. Nobody is arguing that she ford not have a right to free speech, however people are arguing the content, or as you say, the views themselves of that speech.

Moreover, yes that is clear to any thinking person. That is why I originally said it, and you are simply repeating what I have already said. Finally, you were inconsistent. You first claimed the mods supported Annie, then retracted and said, not Annie herself, but the right to free speech. Now, you are claiming they are implied. Well the former is inconsistent and the later doesn't follow.

You are right, she does have every right to free speech. Free speech however, provided she does not violate the rights of other people's.

I never verbally assaulted her. Some members did, and they do not have that right, likewise as she does not have that right to verbally assault anybody of race, class or ethnic origins on a blog.

Well she is certainly a racist. Her blog has certainly confirmed that.

She has never shown, thus far to be good or decent. If she was, she would hardly write such statements concerning immigrants.

We do not hold on to any sick philosophy. Leftist thinking is multitude of thinking and there is no singular notion to brand ourselves with. Moreover, as your quote suggest, that individual claimed not to be a leftist, and therefore does not imply that he/she represents leftist thinking.
Shoelimpy™ said…
Annie has free speech. It is her right to hold opinions.

It is not your right to berate her, call her names such as bitch and cunt and attempt in every possible fashion to denigrate her because of her opinions. This is what I have been saying from the beginning. It is what you have been fighting from the beginning. If you wish to engage in a conversation, try actually paying attention to what is going on.
Steer Pike Pie said…
Holy shit! People flaming AnnieAngel? What the fuck? I hate Shoelimpy as much as the next guy, the fucking Bible bashing dick, but ANNIE????

Why don't all you 12 year old anarchists ask your mother's to buy you plane tickets to Cuba for Christmas (which you know you celebrate HYPOCRITES) so you can all defect and live happily ever after sharing the same razor blade and toothbrush?

I know Annie in real life and she is about the nicest kindest person you will ever meet. You assholes need to check yourselves. Any communist society run by the likes of you would be over-run in two months by bands of ex-military Christians who would kick all your commie asses the fuck out of the New United States.

And to the brave piece of shit who called her a cunt...your mother needs to be smacked upside the head for reproducing and raising a lowlife trailer park shithead like yourself.

You need to flame and ban and keep people restricted because anyone with half a brain would rip you anarcho-fascists a new asshole in five minutes on your lame fucking board.

Go play D&D and fuck off, geeks. Go and add to the pile of bricks you are saving to throw at MacDonalds to protest global warming.

Go fuck your mama's, losers, I'm sick of that skanky bitch trying to suck my dick.

Sorry Annie, but this is man stuff.
Anonymous said…
Nobody is disputing that she has the right to an opinion, and the right to free speech. However, what you don't seem to understand if and only if it does not violate the rights of any one else.
I never called her any names, insulter her, or degraded her. Very few individuals did, and actually the ones who did were warned by the mods.
From the beginning you were claiming the mods defended her, then didn't defend her, but her right to free speech (even though they never claim, nor denied this) Then, you claimed nobody has the right to insult her, which I am in agreement. You don't seem to understand that. However, since nobody has the right to insult her, she likewise does not have the right to insult anybody, blog or no blog. You don't seem to understand that.
I know exactly what is going on. I'm a RevLeft member, I have witnessed and posted numerous times on her one thread. I know the in's and out's of that forum of who is being restricted or warned. Thus, I think if you want to engage in a conversation, and know what is going on, then I suggest perhaps you should listen to an individual who knows a lot more than you do.
Steer Pike Pie said…
Hey asswipe, you can go insult her in your own blog all you want, but on a board she is coming on to ask you pansies for the anarchists view of anarchy, to flame her for what she does off that board is fucking juvinile and shows you are nothing but pussies who like to pick on sweet little girls because you ain't getting any putang.

Shoelimpy™ said…
Pie, go away. Now. You have no reason to be here. I don't care what you have to say or why you want to say it. I've warned you before to stay away from Annie's blog. I've discussed the matter with Annie and that's all that needs to be said.
Anonymous said…
Its funny that PikePie calls this “man” stuff, while he acts like a child. Nevertheless, like I have said countless times, if anybody decided to read what I have been saying, and what the RevLeft community has been saying, then our actions are justified. She is a racist with no real inclination of learning, for is she did she would have at least the decency to answer the questions that has been asked of her.

Moreover, she disregards any kind of response to our questions concerning her statements, and this shows that obviously she cares nothing about learning, but she is wasting our time.
Steer Pike Pie said…
I don't know what you have discussed but it doesn't seem that Annie listens to you too much just by the fact she WENT to that anarchy board in the first place.

You're not the boss of her it seems.

Hi Annie, ignore the assholes, you're fine, no need to fret.
Simon said…
I suggest you rethink your views annie. Be more open to other views and try not to belive everthing that your church pastor/fox news tells you!
Its best that you stop arguing with these guys because they will never back down. One thing that everyone will fight to the death for their beliefs, wether here or on the front line in iraq.
I used to post on rev left and stopped because i was tired of getting shouted down. One of my friends from there actually linked me to your blog. This is a circular argument that will never be solved. Once again I say to you, wor to help, and influence those around you, not anger them with propaganda fueled views like you did here.

Be more tolerant and open minded and people will listen to and respect you!

P.S you dont have to be subserviany, your opinion is worth as much as any mans!!!

Simon (yes the one form the brown tide post) :)
Anonymous said…
You're not censored if you have nothing to say you vile bitch.
Simon said…
Got anything to say that aint a flame post?
AnnieAngel said…
Hi Simon. :)

You seem to nice to have ever posted over there, are you Christian Anarchist? I thought it sounded like a good mix of religion and society and it turns out there really are such people.

Did you know the first Christians met in homes, and women did the speaking? That was before Paul met Jesus though. Although once Paul mentions a deaconess but that just means she was treasurer or something.

I don't think that calling me names and flaming me really shows any imagination or intelligence though, so I don't care anymore what the people who act like animals say to me.

They can talk to the hand!
AnnieAngel said…
Thanks, Simon, but let them be. It shows people reading this who the true fascist scumbags are, they're anonymous. :)
Spill The Beans said…
Dear Annie,

Love you, love your blog. Glad you have the guts to say what most people secretly think but are afraid to say.

You rock.
AnnieAngel said…
I love you and you rock too! We're both pretty gutsy ladies, I think.

Wanna move to a gulag in Bangledesh with me? I've got my eye on a split level mud shack but we gotta move fast! ;)
Spill The Beans said…
Sweet, i bet it's a steal, too. ;)
AnnieAngel said…
Oh, Trouble you gusty thing you, did you know that apparently you are a racist? According to some bannockburn dude you are a racist because you like me! We are two peas in a pod and all that.

LOL! Leftist extremists are very intolerant and extremistly bigoted. :)

I love smilies, wish blogger had them. :(
Anonymous said…
Well if you didn't misrepresent my views, and instead of building up straw men arguments, and actually defend my accusations against you, perhaps I will think differently. The evidence is clear. You make a racist post. Somebody agrees with you that this should be said, the only inference that can be made is that she is a racist such as yourself. This is straight forward logic.

How am I intolerable, and how am I bigoted? You will not find one post of mine concerning racism or discrimination. Moreover, simply because I ask you questions doesn't make it intolerance. That is the problem. A term which has been deluded beyond all capacity such as “tolerance” has been used as a weapon and defense mechanism for people who hold the very views you do. I should tolerate racism? I should tolerate anti-intellectualism? I should tolerate discrimination? I should tolerate racial inequalities? You simply dig a hole deeper and deeper.
AnnieAngel said…
Blah, blah blah, blah-blah-blah, blah.

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