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It Followed Me Home

This tiny kitten follwed me home and no one has claimed it. It was starving and so skinny and pathetic, what could I do?? Stupid cat.Now it thinks it lives here.

Pretty Flowers

I could totally live in a greenhouse.

Suffer The Little Children

Here's something to make you cry, this4 year old girl was given a fatal drug overdose by her parentsto keep her quiet.

"Rebecca — who had been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity and bipolar disorder, or what used to be called manic depression — died Dec. 13 of an overdose of prescribed drugs, and her parents have been arrested on murder charges, accused of intentionally overmedicating their daughter to keep her quiet and out of their hair."

What kind of SICK bastard prescribes behavior modifying drugs to a 4 YEAR OLD??? What kind of parent with a child asking for help acts like this???:

"Williams told police that the night before she died, Rebecca was pale and seemed "out of it." At one point, the little girl knocked weakly on her parents' bedroom door and softly called for her mommy, but Michael Riley opened the door a crack and yelled at her to go back to her room, Williams said."

These people should be boiled in oil. They should be shot…

I Hate Blogger Beta

I really, really do.

It sucks and it's just worse than what blogger used to be. Way worse.

What a stupid thing to do.

Google can bite me.


Blah Blah Blah

I'm bored. This guy has to be the biggest doofus ever.He sleeps in his clothes. True story.