Rest in Peace

I don't know what to say.

Official Proclamation

The Kingdom of Peace, as Ruled by the Princess Annie Angel, wishes to announce our support of Donald J. Trump for President of the United States of America.

-press conference to follow

US!! US!! US!! US!!

Jesus is voting for Trump. And YES Jesus votes, he votes every time a good honest person casts a vote against evil. And Hillary is evil. She is at least 3/4 lizard hybrid and I mean, she can barely hold her skin-shape for more than an hour these days before she starts to get all lumpy and melted looking. Her Husband, Bill "Bardolph" Clinton is simply stated a re-animated corpse obviously controlled by a monkey paw. Don't you think Jesus knows these things? Of course He does, He knows all. He sees all. Satan has sent his minions out against Trump, destroying the peace at his speeches, beating up his supporters and burning the God Blessed American Flag.

But having JESUS in their hearts, the Trump supporters do not raise a hand, no they do not raise a finger to those who persecute them, they turn the other cheek and still are called to take the blame by the Mammon controlled media which infects our society with division and hate like a spreading STD of intoleran…

Whatever Happened to Pinko Punko?

An Ode To Pinko
Falling from the sky
i catch one and laugh
Dry Ice I Scream!! Keep the Carrot cold
on the front seat
In the back seat, the emu Chuckles
it wasn't very funny

Happy New Year

This is a sure example that the end times are upon us. REPENT.

This is what liberalism has brought to the world. And the world weeps.

Dear Occupy People

It's getting cold outside, these park things are stupid anyway, no one will even notice you if you stay, they will be huddled and bundled up and only caring about not freezing to death as they try to make it back and forth from WORK. Hmmm. Anyway...

I have a better idea. I'm FULL of great ideas.

All of you buy cheap hundred dollar cars, don't register them, and drive them in a caravan to any city centre and just turn them off, forming gridlock.

Live in the cars. Toss the keys in the sewers. Let's see them clean up THAT mess.

Every city, all at the same time. That would be pretty awesome.

Actually, only block one side of the street, that way the city will be forced to CLOSE the other side for emergency vehicles, fire turcks, ambulances, that kinda thing.