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I Actually Complained It Was Too Hot

Because, well, it was. Or I had on too many clothes. One or the other.

Wind Power

It's fucking awesome.

Pink And Red

Are my favourite colours.Also, a little bit oforangenever hurt anyone.

Mas Flores

I love yellow roses. I dunno what the other kind is called, but they sure are pretty. The flash kinda ruined the colours, I'll take another tomorrow, maybe. :)

This is my attempt at a better picture. :)

Where The Fokowi?

Am I too hard on myself? What do you think?

*smiles, blinks*

*Sighs happily.* Even though I'm a total idiot and shouldn't have done it. I definately shouldn't ever do it again. That would be wrong for so many reasons. Exciting, but wrong. :) See that smile? That's the smile of someone who isn't listening to me. :) There's another one. :) I just can't stop!!!!:)

Happy Dude

I wish I could be as happy as the guy in the beginning of this video. Even just for a minute.

Sadly, No!

Still sucks. Did Brad ever rent his room in his shitty apartment? Did Gavin ever admit he's Brad? Did Jennifer ever get rid of those crabs she picked up in Brazil?
Who knows. Who cares.

Last One

*passes out at the keyboard, realises she's very sick, wonders how she can realise that while passed out*

*wonders if realise should have a "z" instead of an "s", decides it's not important*

*smiles, blinks*

And More!

More Seether

Because it's my blog and I love him. :P

Still Sick

I'm still sick and I can't sleep at all because when I lay down my nose clogs totally and drives me freaking bananas. Sometimes I feel better and think I'm ok but then after I start doing stuff I realise I'm not.


I went out on Saturday because I felt fine, but I wasn't fine, it was a feint. Within a feint, within a feint. You know?

*blows nose*

I mean, how is that possible? To feel fine one minute and the next minute I'm sick again. Huh? AG?? I'm looking at you. You know about this kind of stuff.

*horks politely*

Fuck. Fuck fuckidy fuck fuck. How will I know if I'm really better or not? This could go on forever!

*grumbles and feels sorry for herself cuz no one else will*

Yes, I'm whiny. So what? Yes I have a red nose, DUH! And stuff.

Grooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooan. I'm tired, I've had like 4 hours sleep since Saturday. Not good. Not good a tall.

I don't even know what I'm typing. I'm going to go cry now. And i…

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

For Shai

:) :) :)

Love you lots!

Mis Flores

I really, really, really like getting flowers. Getting two bouquets in one day?? That's a good thing. :)

I'm Sick

I'm all stuffed up and I can't stop sneezing. Sneezing is very tiring. Make it stop. Please? Someone? Anyone?

Happy HNT!

Check out my new jacket! Happy HNT Everyone!

Another Hot Drunk

I sense a theme!!!!!!

Hot Hot Hot

Gorgeous and a great singer, but when he talks you realise he's a doofus. There's always a trade off. Also, drunks are no fun. They think they are, but they're not.Sigh.