Another Hot Drunk

I sense a theme!!!!!!


A greasy drunk?! It's either Kurt Cobain's ghost or Shoe!
AnnieAngel said…
Um, no, it's Seether and I think he's pretty hot. He could drink all he wanted, fight all he wanted, treat me like shit and I'd still let him in at 2am. ;)

And he doesn't look a think like Shoe, Shoe is a generic germanic/viking and he doesn't drink cuz he doesn't like the taste or how it makes him feel. :)

Not a Nirvana fan myself, but I like the drummer when he just plays acoustic guitar and sings his little emo songs.
LoL, Shoe looked greasy in his videos that he used to make.

It's funny how women have different preferences. I'd not let this dude in at 2AM, but then again, I'd probably let some ugly Jewish dude in. So, what do I know.
AnnieAngel said…
HAHAHAHAHA, love it. :) Shoe's a hairy scary guy.

I pretty much just like guys I know will treat me like shit. I'm funny that way.
Shai said…
He looks like a young grizzly adams.
AnnieAngel said…
Who, Shoe or Seether?

Amorous Rocker said…
I love Seether. I adore Shawn Morgan, that man is hot and has a nice voice. Yum.
AnnieAngel said…
I totally agree with everything you said! Finally a voce of reason!

Yum indeed!

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