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Jealous of Shai and Scam

I have a cool monitor though, right??? You two are SHOW OFFS!!!!!! I've written to Santa and told him that you both have ENOUGH and to send all of your presents to ME!!!So there!!!

Island Anime Princess

Wow, this is awesome, isn't it?! Doesn't it look like an anime princess? Google Earth rocks!!

So I Went To See Beowolf...




13th Warrior was better, and not just for all the hot guys in it, it was just better.

I mean, this movie was total crap. I wanted to throw my nachos at the screen, but I didn't because some of them would have fallen on the rest of the innocent suckers who like me paid to see this AWFUL movie.

I want my money back!!!!!!!!!!

I was like, well at least someone is gonna chop off the Angelina Jolie monster's head eventually, right?? Right???????

LOL. My fault for thinking people in Hollywood had even read Beowolf. And as for the writers......stay on strike, who cares, you all SUCK.

Sad Eyes

This one I call Naz, because she races all the other kitties like she's a NASCAR star. She always has the saddest look on her face, though.

Jerry, The Heart-throb

I used to watch 2ge+her all the time, Jerry of course was my favorite. He has a home improvement show now. Turns out he's hot AND he's handy.

Kitty Karry-all

I wish they could stay kittens forever.


Using a caulking gun is SUPER easy. And it's a magical substance, fills in cracks and all that and once it's painted it's invisible. I invented using a damp sponge to remove any unwanted mess and to make it pretty much unnoticeable. My mouldings look like they just grew there. :) And it was pretty much my first time using it!!

But, I guess you aren't supposed to hold a caulking gun like a rifle, which is apparently what I did. I also guess you aren't supposed to hold it as tight as you can. Which I apparently did as well. This was about three days ago. I can still hardly move!! My nerve or something is pinched or whatever.

It hurts so much, you shouldn't know. So yeah, a caulking gun defeated me. :( Also, I left it out so I can use it again when I don't hurt so much, and I stepped on the handle part this morning. It's out to get me! ;)

I saw a preview for a movie about a girl like me. I don't remember what it's called, but she kept walking into pol…

There's A Mouse Under My Desk!!

Playing with a piece of string. ;) Isn't she just gorgeous???

My Theme Song

Pretty much sums me up. Also, I'm painting over wood. I suck.

Britney's Comeback Video

Eternamente Tu Mano

There's no video, but a video would only take away from the greatest voice on earth. They did have the vid of the stupid soap opera that used the song, but I HATED that soap, stupid MEN, so I'm just posting this.Close your eyes and enjoy the goosebumps. Well, maybe not as many as you'd get from Yolanda, so here's Yolanda too. Try not to cry. :) Huh, the the best version won't let me embed it! Click it. :)

That's Trailer Park Life

Who said white boys can't rap? Oh, I forgot, he's really black. ;)

Someone Stole My Bike??

My crappy cheap crappy mountain bike! Who would want to steal it?? I didn't hear the dogs bark, I didn't hear anything! I was all like HEY! Where's my bike?? I left it right here! So I grumbled and was all sad that my bike was stolen and I almost cried but decided not to. But, I still had to go to the store, so I started walking, like a bikeless looser. Then, as I approach the store, what do I see leaning against the wall? MY BIKE! Right where I left it last night.

I was right, it is too crappy to steal!!!!

I blame the varnish fumes, they were pretty strong. I finished the floor though, so that's done. I forgot to get batteries at the store, but I'll take a pic later.

Summer's End HNT

I pretty much live in a tube top and sarong in the summer. Around the house only of course. :) But summer's almost over and I'll have to get dressed eventually and I don't want to!!! Happy HNT and a great end of summer to everyone!

The Sun Shining On My Face

Remember when I said I liked sand? I do like sand, but not up my nose and in my hair. I HATE sand in my hair. Woah, I think I'm channeling that Mask dude. Remember that poem? I'll look it up....

these things are good ice cream, cake, a ride on a Harley seeing monkeys in the trees the rain on my tongue and the sun shining on my face
these things are a drag dust in my hair holes in my shoes no money in my pocket and the sun shining on my face.
That makes me want to cry. :( So does sanding floors and basically everything else. On a happier note, I went to the dentist today for a cleaning and check-up. How screwed up I must be to consider that a happier note. Sigh.

First Real Food

Not all of them ate, but the ones that did pigged right out. :)

Long Day

I think today was the longest day ever. I decluttered everything, even the stuff in storage in the hot, stuffy attic. And I did it all one handed.

I've got boxes and boxes of stuff for charity. I've collected so much stuff over the years, it's unreal. It's all pretty cool stuff too, which made it hard to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. I mean, do I actually need a double-sided, retracting, light-up, Sith light-saber?? Of course I do, it's kick-ass. I'm keeping it. :)

But it's all done and organized and all that and now I can rest/die. ;)

I Call This One Mouse

They can stand up and walk a bit now. It's a constant cuteness festival around here. I'm gonna miss this little guy. Only a few more weeks until they go to their new homes and I can't cuddle them anymore. :(

Big Brother 8

So we have this Evil Dick glamrock/oldman looser, who for the whole show has been calling Jen a bitch. Not once, not twice, but constantly and to provoke her. Sexist fuck, he should have been told by the BB peeps that "bitch" is over the line, but hey, she's just a woman, and oh my, check her reaction to it, she's unstable!! Or so fuckhead Dick screams at her, while also screaming horrible personal things at her. He sits beside her tonight as she's eating and blows smoke in her face. She asks him to stop, he refuses, blows it in her face again. She grabs for the smoke, he burns her with it on purpose, while claiming she's a nutcase who attacked him.

Men like him should be shot. No one stepped in. Dick should be kicked off.

This is it for me with Big Brother. I've been ultra loyal to this show, but I have a real aversion to loud, screaming, passive aggressive assholes who fuck with women in this way and think they are pure as the driven snow.

Spock Said That??

This is wrong, just WRONG. But it's great. :)

I Like Sand

How often it is that the angry man rages denial of what his inner self is telling him.
--"The Collected Sayings of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan

Ascension Island Circle Things

What the heck are these circle things? I can't find any information about them, just other people trying to find out what they are. Someone said they might be hydroponic farms or something, but I dunno. Google Earth freaks me out sometimes, there's tons of things in this world that I have no idea what they are. If I had a million dollars, I'd hop on a plane and take myself on a Google Earth Clarity Tour. ;) Starting with these stupid circles.

Everyone In The Pool!!!!!!!!!!

It looks like a bowl of Fruit Loops!!! You know there's more pee than water in that pool. Way more. Waaaaay more. Wave after wave of urine!!!

Fresh Picked Plums

I really need a better camera. :) Can you believe my dog ate all the plums that he could reach with his face?? He even stood on his back legs to get them. He's a freak.

Wiccanist Arrested For Drunken Chanting

"WAUKESHA. Wis. - A 42-year-old woman who describes herself as a Wiccan faces charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after neighbors complained she was disturbing them with chants around a bonfire she had built 10 feet from her home.


Neighbors called police shortly after midnight Tuesday and, after an officer arrived, he heard the woman yelling in the backyard and found her wearing headphones, a T-shirt and underwear, the captain said.
An officer tried to get her attention by shining a flashlight on her but she continued yelling her chants, Babe said.
He said Barney at one point poured lighter fluid on the fire, in which she was burning rubber car mats and a cooler. Barney refused to cooperate with police and was belligerent, and her breath smelled of alcohol, Babe added."


Chanting in her underwear and headphones. :) Hahahaha, this would be funny if it wasn't so crazy. Ok, it's still funny, I don't have to live near her. ;) But what type of …

Another Blurry Pussy Shot

This is the biggest and tuffest of all the kittens. Just check out that roar!

What A Man, What A Man, What A Man

What a mighty good man. I've been watching the reruns of Due South, mostly because it comes on the tv and I don't change the channel. Fraser is kinda hot though, oh yeah.


It's like a roof of leaves.

Blurry and Furry

This one is my favorite, even if it is a blurry little thing.

Contact Juggling


I Heart Kitties



Fuck the sanctioning body! Fuck NASCAR!!! He got spun out on a caution! A motherfucking CAUTION!!! He won. Period. And now he's the one in trouble. Fuck NASCAR.

BTW, fuck Junior too. He's got the pole up his ass today, but he'll drop out of the race when it gets too scary for him. Looser.

Pussy Galore!!!!

She had four. :) One still has the placenta attached, I'm giving her an hour before I cut it, I hope she takes care of it, I'm not good with the tying and the cutting and the not passing out. ;) But, oh the kitty joy!!!!!!!!! Update: And then there were five.

De Perros Amores

Ever since the first time I heard this song, years ago, it's been one of my favorites. It's beautiful and hauntingly powerful. People always tell me I NEED to see the movie, Amores Perros.You know, I thought the title was just a title, probably symbolic of something way over my head.Off chance I thought, hey, I wonder if youtube has a video for this song, and well, yes they do. Turns out it's not just a title. It's totally fucked up shit. I mean, I like fucked up shit, but this shit, this is too fucked up even for me. If this video has anything to do with the movie, I have to wonder why people would tell me to see it.Kinda like the asshole video clerk who told me once, you need to see this movie, it's called Trainspotting, it's AWESOME.People are totally fucked. I'm convinced.I still like the song, though.

Ganas De Vivir

Ahhh, me gusta El Mariachi.

Cheap Electrical Hazard Or Satan??

I bought this light a couple weeks ago at Ikea. Isn't it pretty??? Thing is, when I unplug it, some of the lights stay lit and that kinda freaks me out. Does anyone have any idea why this might happen? I was thinking it looks paganistical in a way and it might be cursed or possessed or maybe it's evil. I'm not sure I trust Ikea, I mean I actually used to believe Ikea was Swedish for common sense, and that's just a lie. And who is the father of lies?? Satan.

The Two Coreys

I've always had a soft spot for Corey Feldman. I mean, he's a Goonie and Goonies are good enough for me. Same goes for Corey Haim, he was Lucas. How can you not love Lucas?????

But Corey Feldman was always my fave of the two. I hated how that mean bitch Andrea from 90210 treated him on Surreal Life. Remember her? She was the ugly/smart one at West Beverly, they cast her to make the other girls look prettier. It worked, haha. So when I found out they were making this new show, The Two Coreys, I marked it on my calendar. :)

Corey Feldman is having a hair problem, it's dyed waaay too black. Corey Haim actually looks pretty much the same as he used to, in the right lighting and from a distance. He lost a ton of weight, and that's good if he can keep it off.

The show was staged, horribly so. I don't care though, I'll still watch it every week. :) There was a touching moment, Corey Haim was all gung-ho to write a sequel for Lost Boys and Feldman had to break it to him, …

Dale Earnhardt Jr SUCKS

He just SUCKS. He is the biggest WUSSY in NASCAR. Not aggressive AT ALL. He always finds a reason not to actually try to win.

I hate him. I'm glad he won't be driving for Bud next year and I hope he doesn't even get to keep number 8.

Free the 8?? Give me a break. Grow some balls, Dale.

Jeff Gordon RULZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Much Is That Kitty On The Curtains?

She's free to a good home!!! ;)
Yes, I'm sure they feel very nice against your fur, Kitty, but they're for the window. Stupid cat.
That said, she was too cute to move, so I left her alone with the curtains to be happy for a little while. I just hope she doesn't give birth on them.


What I wonder is who gets the popularity boost from such a merger?Edit: For those of you who for some reason don't know, its Rush, with Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys and the ex-chubby guy from Bare Naked Ladies. The song is Closer To The Heart, best version I've ever heard. And I mean, how cute is it the way they are all smiling at Bubbles. :) A bit weird he's always in character, but hey, he's so damned cute who cares.

Gone Fishing

And maybe buffalo hunting.

Have a great summer, everyone.


Why The Dogs Are Barking

They've been barking every night around this time, now I know why. I counted four of the little guys, they aren't even scared of me. Racoons are the coolest.

Boogie Nights vs Star Wars

Some people have entirely too much time on their hands. I'm not complaining, just sayin'. :)


I made a new post on Bloggingpoints if you want to take a look:

How To Be A Good Feminist Wife



What's A Liger?

I'm so jealous that he gets to play with that cat, I wanna play with that cat.Vote for Pedro!!!

Pretty Boy





Hmhph, another fucking beautiful day.



Jessie You're A Good Dog Such A Good Dog!!!

I remember when I thought guys who looked like this were hot. Sigh, I wonder what he looks like now??? Probably bald with a beer gut.Still it's a kickass song, sad though. :(

Could It Be....Satan?????

All joking aside, this kind of freaks me out! I'm going to sit somewhere else until the sun moves!

Sunshine Daydreams



Ok, so the video is creepy and weird, but oh my, he's beautiful.Why didn't anyone tell me how hot this guy is? I'm looking at Shai, Scam and Adorable. Allie even. I'm sure you all knew!!


Not quite as funny as the original, though. :D





Atrios' Best Friend Steve Says

Your mother sucks cock in hell.

steve simels Homepage 06.03.07 - 6:38 pm #

LOL, what a coward. And it goes to show why Atrios is losing popularity.

Edit: I guess according to my friend who will remain nameless Steve is a self-confident fearless Democrat and not a coward. Cuz he's a liberal.

That Jerk With TB

...who flew anyway should be locked up in a jail, not a hospital. I just saw his interview, and no I don't know his name and I don't care to know his name, with Diane Sawyer and wow, what a piece of work that guy is.

He showed no remorse or emotion for anyone except himself. Such calculated arrogance is unreal to me. To act against your doctors orders because you FEEL like it, in order to go on vacation in Italy and then to go against doctors orders AGAIN because you FEEL like it and put so many people at risk is simply evil. You don't have to get married in Italy, you can get married in your own hometown, the whole Italy thing was VACATION.

He put how many people at risk so he could take a vacation??? And then he put even more at risk because he suddenly HAS TO BE IN DENVER OR HE'LL DIE!!!!! That is to me, the actions of a sociopath.

Now Mr. "I'm so rich I'm going to Italy to marry a blow-up doll" is acting as if he is the VICTIM. We should feel SORRY f…

Off Center Hugeness

I would probably get lost trying to find the elevator.

Maybe They Have Nice Stereos

I mean, can you imagine? No offense to anyone who may live in a place like this, I'm sure it's very poetic.

A Blast From The Past

Falwell Dies, Liberals React With Love

Shoe made a video to show how sick liberals are. Be warned, the language used by liberals is filthy and disgusting and you might puke.

Fun With Fruit

Even a pineapple looks good in Dolce and Gabbana. And it rhymes with banana!

Lawn Ness Monster

Update, the snake seems to live here. It's driving the dog nuts.

Liberal Liberal Liberal....Liberal

Shoe's newest youtube. :)


Who are you??? I dunno you, Orangecat! Look at me when I'm threatening you! I'll knock the plants over again! I'll attack the window again! Can't you hear my scary yowls?? I exist and I'll claw your eyes out! These are my humans, we don't need any more strays around here eating my food! Now SCAT!!!

Friday Pussy Blogging


What Rhymes With Bridget.....I Know!! Midget!!!

Spoiler: The midget's the baby's daddy.

A Love Story? Sadly, No!

Top Ten Reasons Why Alyssa Milano Would Never Date Bradrocket:

1. He's rampantly sexist.
2. His apartment smells like cheese feet.
3. He's unemployed.
4. He's unemployable.
5. They don't make enough IPA.
6. Women like men not boys.
7. Women like men with a sense of humor.
8. She only dates A-List bloggers.
9. Atrios knows more about baseball. He used to be a high school gym teacher, after all.
10. She doesn't want to boldly go where no woman has gone before.

I Like Sparkly Things

Because they're sparkly.

For My Kitty

Pretty Kitty

My pretty kitty passed away today. She fought so hard, I truly am amazed, but she just couldn't fight anymore. She was a very sweet kitty, she loved Shoe the best, he was her favorite human in the world. She passed away beside him, and I think she was comforted by that.I don't know what else to say. I loved her very much.

It Followed Me Home

This tiny kitten follwed me home and no one has claimed it. It was starving and so skinny and pathetic, what could I do?? Stupid cat.Now it thinks it lives here.

Pretty Flowers

I could totally live in a greenhouse.

Suffer The Little Children

Here's something to make you cry, this4 year old girl was given a fatal drug overdose by her parentsto keep her quiet.

"Rebecca — who had been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity and bipolar disorder, or what used to be called manic depression — died Dec. 13 of an overdose of prescribed drugs, and her parents have been arrested on murder charges, accused of intentionally overmedicating their daughter to keep her quiet and out of their hair."

What kind of SICK bastard prescribes behavior modifying drugs to a 4 YEAR OLD??? What kind of parent with a child asking for help acts like this???:

"Williams told police that the night before she died, Rebecca was pale and seemed "out of it." At one point, the little girl knocked weakly on her parents' bedroom door and softly called for her mommy, but Michael Riley opened the door a crack and yelled at her to go back to her room, Williams said."

These people should be boiled in oil. They should be shot…

I Hate Blogger Beta

I really, really do.

It sucks and it's just worse than what blogger used to be. Way worse.

What a stupid thing to do.

Google can bite me.


Blah Blah Blah

I'm bored. This guy has to be the biggest doofus ever.He sleeps in his clothes. True story.

Mardi Gras Pussy Blogging

HappyMardi Gras!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone got a little chocolate, a little card and a little... :)

I Am The Bread Of Life

I am the bread of life, toast ye me, though lightly, add to me butter or margarine spread, perhaps if ye feel it maketh me better, add thee some mayo. Cover me with the freshest of toppings to show your love for me, and between me place the fresh ground burger, maketh sure it be grilled to perfection. Do this often in remembrance of me.