Someone Stole My Bike??

My crappy cheap crappy mountain bike! Who would want to steal it?? I didn't hear the dogs bark, I didn't hear anything! I was all like HEY! Where's my bike?? I left it right here! So I grumbled and was all sad that my bike was stolen and I almost cried but decided not to. But, I still had to go to the store, so I started walking, like a bikeless looser. Then, as I approach the store, what do I see leaning against the wall? MY BIKE! Right where I left it last night.

I was right, it is too crappy to steal!!!!

I blame the varnish fumes, they were pretty strong. I finished the floor though, so that's done. I forgot to get batteries at the store, but I'll take a pic later.


Shai said…
I've done worse. Once I thought I was locked out of my dorm room. I looked everywhere for my keys. I thought I lost them at Mr. Shai's apartment (before we were married). I went to my friends room and called him. I went back to his place and searched all over and couldn't find them. I was looking under his bed and saw them hanging around my neck where I always put them. Duh! I felt like an idiot. I thought about taking them off and throwing them under the bed to make it look like I wasn't a moron. But I confessed. Oh well.

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