Sad Eyes

This one I call Naz, because she races all the other kitties like she's a NASCAR star. She always has the saddest look on her face, though.


Shai said…
She's a cutie! I like that name. :)
Sorry I haven't been around the past couple days. I had the flu. It wasn't fun. But I feel better today! Sandtrout still has a little cough.
Adorable said…
Cutie indeed!

I want a kitten.

Annie, how can I see the text on the blog? It's very hard to see over the backdrop of flowers. I have a Mac and it might be a Mac issue. Do you have any thoughts on this?
scammy said…
I saw a cymbalta commercial and a depressed woman petting a kitty like this. It made me want to pet a kitty. Its been so long!
Shai said…
Awe.poor scammy :(
Your hubby won't let you have a kitty.
Just remember, if you have a cat that means you have a box of shit in your house.

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