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De Perros Amores

Ever since the first time I heard this song, years ago, it's been one of my favorites. It's beautiful and hauntingly powerful. People always tell me I NEED to see the movie, Amores Perros.You know, I thought the title was just a title, probably symbolic of something way over my head.Off chance I thought, hey, I wonder if youtube has a video for this song, and well, yes they do. Turns out it's not just a title. It's totally fucked up shit. I mean, I like fucked up shit, but this shit, this is too fucked up even for me. If this video has anything to do with the movie, I have to wonder why people would tell me to see it.Kinda like the asshole video clerk who told me once, you need to see this movie, it's called Trainspotting, it's AWESOME.People are totally fucked. I'm convinced.I still like the song, though.

Ganas De Vivir

Ahhh, me gusta El Mariachi.

Cheap Electrical Hazard Or Satan??

I bought this light a couple weeks ago at Ikea. Isn't it pretty??? Thing is, when I unplug it, some of the lights stay lit and that kinda freaks me out. Does anyone have any idea why this might happen? I was thinking it looks paganistical in a way and it might be cursed or possessed or maybe it's evil. I'm not sure I trust Ikea, I mean I actually used to believe Ikea was Swedish for common sense, and that's just a lie. And who is the father of lies?? Satan.

The Two Coreys

I've always had a soft spot for Corey Feldman. I mean, he's a Goonie and Goonies are good enough for me. Same goes for Corey Haim, he was Lucas. How can you not love Lucas?????

But Corey Feldman was always my fave of the two. I hated how that mean bitch Andrea from 90210 treated him on Surreal Life. Remember her? She was the ugly/smart one at West Beverly, they cast her to make the other girls look prettier. It worked, haha. So when I found out they were making this new show, The Two Coreys, I marked it on my calendar. :)

Corey Feldman is having a hair problem, it's dyed waaay too black. Corey Haim actually looks pretty much the same as he used to, in the right lighting and from a distance. He lost a ton of weight, and that's good if he can keep it off.

The show was staged, horribly so. I don't care though, I'll still watch it every week. :) There was a touching moment, Corey Haim was all gung-ho to write a sequel for Lost Boys and Feldman had to break it to him, …

Dale Earnhardt Jr SUCKS

He just SUCKS. He is the biggest WUSSY in NASCAR. Not aggressive AT ALL. He always finds a reason not to actually try to win.

I hate him. I'm glad he won't be driving for Bud next year and I hope he doesn't even get to keep number 8.

Free the 8?? Give me a break. Grow some balls, Dale.

Jeff Gordon RULZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Much Is That Kitty On The Curtains?

She's free to a good home!!! ;)
Yes, I'm sure they feel very nice against your fur, Kitty, but they're for the window. Stupid cat.
That said, she was too cute to move, so I left her alone with the curtains to be happy for a little while. I just hope she doesn't give birth on them.


What I wonder is who gets the popularity boost from such a merger?Edit: For those of you who for some reason don't know, its Rush, with Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys and the ex-chubby guy from Bare Naked Ladies. The song is Closer To The Heart, best version I've ever heard. And I mean, how cute is it the way they are all smiling at Bubbles. :) A bit weird he's always in character, but hey, he's so damned cute who cares.

Gone Fishing

And maybe buffalo hunting.

Have a great summer, everyone.


Why The Dogs Are Barking

They've been barking every night around this time, now I know why. I counted four of the little guys, they aren't even scared of me. Racoons are the coolest.

Boogie Nights vs Star Wars

Some people have entirely too much time on their hands. I'm not complaining, just sayin'. :)


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How To Be A Good Feminist Wife



What's A Liger?

I'm so jealous that he gets to play with that cat, I wanna play with that cat.Vote for Pedro!!!

Pretty Boy





Hmhph, another fucking beautiful day.