The Two Coreys

I've always had a soft spot for Corey Feldman. I mean, he's a Goonie and Goonies are good enough for me. Same goes for Corey Haim, he was Lucas. How can you not love Lucas?????

But Corey Feldman was always my fave of the two. I hated how that mean bitch Andrea from 90210 treated him on Surreal Life. Remember her? She was the ugly/smart one at West Beverly, they cast her to make the other girls look prettier. It worked, haha. So when I found out they were making this new show, The Two Coreys, I marked it on my calendar. :)

Corey Feldman is having a hair problem, it's dyed waaay too black. Corey Haim actually looks pretty much the same as he used to, in the right lighting and from a distance. He lost a ton of weight, and that's good if he can keep it off.

The show was staged, horribly so. I don't care though, I'll still watch it every week. :) There was a touching moment, Corey Haim was all gung-ho to write a sequel for Lost Boys and Feldman had to break it to him, on camera ;), that Warner Bros was already making one and they wanted Feldman to be in it, but not Haim. Feldman said no way, not without Haim!! Haim actually did a good job with the acting like his heart was broken, not bad at all. Feldman tried to relate it to how he felt when he wasn't asked to be in the Ninja Turtle sequel. :D

Oh, and my love for Corey Feldman keeps me from remarking on his wife in any way.

I think what the show will reveal is Corey Haim's dramatic change of attitude and lifestyle and at the end of it all a new Haim will emerge, a Haim that might not be excluded from the threequel to The Lost Boys. And we'll have Corey Feldman to thank. :)

So watch the show Sunday on A&E. Or don't. But rent Goonies no matter what


Shai said…
I watched a little bit of it. I thought Feldman would have been the weird one, but it turns out Haim acts like a real crackhead. Feldman's wife seems like a real uptight bitch too. Anyway, how was your trip?
AnnieAngel said…
Haim was really screwed up for a while, he sold his teeth on Ebay!!

I didn't hunt any buffalo. :(
Shai said…
Wow, that's bad. Why didn't he just get a job or something?
AnnieAngel said…
Oh you know, being a crackhead is a full time deal.
AnnieAngel said…
And PRAISE JESUS that he managed to kick his habit.

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