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How To Be A Good Feminist Wife


Shai said…
Vagithugs scare me. Their big backs and scorcery give me the creeps. :/
AnnieAngel said…

You're funny. :)
Shai said…
I'm serious, actually. ;)
Allie said…
The funny thing is, Annie, that you're living the most feminist lifestyle I know. You have your own house, do your own drywalling and floor refinishing, believe in a woman's right to choose, are unmarried and without children, and, if you live in Canada, you have UHC so you don't need to be a dependent.

Welcome to the sisterhood!
AnnieAngel said…
I don't have a vibrator.
Allie said…
Neither do I, but I don't really think that's a deal-breaker.
AnnieAngel said…
I don't think that it counts as being a feminist if I have to do all this work myself, if I could afford to hire men to do it I would. I'd make them lunch and bring them cold drinks too.
Allie said…
That just makes you a capitalist. A man would hire other men to do the work as well.

I don't think Donald Trump does his own floor sanding.
AnnieAngel said…
Donald Trump isn't a real man. Real men are sweaty things who use tools and fix stuff with their stong calloused hands and enjoy it.

I hate doing it, I suck at it and I end up putting stucco on everything.

I am an awesome stuccoer, it covers a multitue of finishing sins. :) I'll be stuccoing tomorrow, matter of fact. I hate the feel of it on my hands, hate it, I wash my hands over and over.

I had to cut my nails! It's not fair. :(
Allie said…
I don't like having long fingernails, although mine grow easily and I end up breaking them.

See, you're a self-sufficient, feminist woman who has a man because she wants him, not because she needs him.

Go on...admit it. It'll only sting for a minute.

And I prefer painting to stucco.
AnnieAngel said…
Well I will have to paint the stucco, I'm only using it because my plaster job left much to be desired, it's in a weird spot and I didn't feel like sanding it off, lazy I know but no one will be able to tell. I'll put the paint on watered down and with a sponge, I like the effect it gives on the stucco, which I will also put on with a sponge. I'm like the Karate Kid.

I don't do anything that requires power tools, they scare me, I don't want to cut my finger off. But I can plaster and paint and stucco and sand and stain and varnish. I will hire someone to scrape and paint the porch though.

Are those College Painters really college boys?? Hmmmm??? That's what I want to know. :)

And you're wrong, you have NO IDEA just how bad I need a man. ;)
Shai said…
Annie doesn't own a vibrator, therefor she NEEDS a man.

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