How Much Is That Kitty On The Curtains?

She's free to a good home!!! ;)

Yes, I'm sure they feel very nice against your fur, Kitty, but they're for the window. Stupid cat.

That said, she was too cute to move, so I left her alone with the curtains to be happy for a little while. I just hope she doesn't give birth on them.


Shai said…
Bob Barker retires and everyone forgets to spay and neuter their pets. ugh
AnnieAngel said…
You're just jealous of all the kitty love coming my way. :P
Shai said…
You going to keep them all? You're going to be that lady with all the cats that all the kids dare each other to touch her porch.
Take lots of pictures of their cuteness. :)
AnnieAngel said…
Crazy cat lady is the future dream, but I'll give the babies away.

I'll take lots of pics. :)

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