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Dear Occupy People

It's getting cold outside, these park things are stupid anyway, no one will even notice you if you stay, they will be huddled and bundled up and only caring about not freezing to death as they try to make it back and forth from WORK. Hmmm. Anyway...

I have a better idea. I'm FULL of great ideas.

All of you buy cheap hundred dollar cars, don't register them, and drive them in a caravan to any city centre and just turn them off, forming gridlock.

Live in the cars. Toss the keys in the sewers. Let's see them clean up THAT mess.

Every city, all at the same time. That would be pretty awesome.

Actually, only block one side of the street, that way the city will be forced to CLOSE the other side for emergency vehicles, fire turcks, ambulances, that kinda thing.


It's been a while since I posted on here. I really have nothing to say to you people I guess. I see the state of sin in this world, and it doesn't effect me the way it used to. It used to upset me. It used to make me feel sad. But not anymore, if you filthy sinning pigs want to live a life that makes baby Jesus want to shoot you in the face, well, that is YOUR choice. It's not my problem. Jesus loves me, so I'm all good.

Also, the whole Libya thing.

Evil Boy Loves You


It's A No-No, And You Like it


Words Of Wisdom.

First you disturbed his rest and then you stole his soul with the camera. You are so screwed.


(i have no idea how to put this in the sidebar, or I would. best post ever.)